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  1. Hello, Iwaku!
    This thread is going to be the random ramblings of someone enrolled in a fantasy writing course. Thus, posts will be filled with short story(s) from prompts assigned on a weekly basis. I hope whenever you read them that you enjoy what you see. Also, feel free to drop any opinions/pointers or even try the prompts for yourselves.

    Prompt 1
    Unexpected POV, 250 words or less

    He had come. Come to save his beloved who had been stripped from his arms on the night of their wed. Fury burned in his eyes, and courage flowed through his veins; yet in light of these emotions, his aura was amid with fear. Violently, his hands shook; one supporting the other, as together, they brandished the lonely steel once strapped against his side. Intensely, his body trembled as he declared a challenge for my life, yet all I could manage was a veiled smile conflicted by honorable sentiment. Noble were his actions, but cursed was the destiny which had led him along the path of a hopeless cause.

    Everyone in this room was aware of the ending to this story. Yet even then, he did not falter as the sudden thrust of his blade was skillfully parried. He did not waver as his violent swings were effortlessly blocked. He did not lament when his own blade was turned against him and thrust into his aching heart which longed for reprieve.

    It was at this point that my vision began to blur. That tears began to roll down my face, and happiness began to swell in my heart. Once again, he stood before me; his usual smile bursting with the same intensity it had on that fateful night. There was so much to say, so much to rekindle. But all that truly mattered in this moment of our eternal time were the four simple words, My love, I do.
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