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    Here is where we work to fulfill Banner, Avatar, and Signature Requests as well as random non-role-play requests of Iwaku’s Members! Shop keeps, it is not enforced, but encouraged for you to browse through the requests to find ones that you are willing to try. Those requesting, it is also encouraged that you browse through the shops for a style you prefer. Please, try to be patient with our artists and give them the time they need to fill your requests and our artisans will try their best to get to your requests. Some tips to remember when Shop keeping and Requesting in this sub-forum;

    - Artists, Try to look for requests you can fulfill. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

    - Requesting parties, try to look for Shop Keepers that suit your style and art preference. Be patient for someone to answer your request.

    - Banners, Avatars, and Signature requests will be archived after 3 months of no activity. All you have to do to keep your request thread open is by making sure you respond to posts or post yourself to let the mods know you are still waiting for your request to be fulfilled.

    - Keeping your request threads active can yield you multiple results from different members. If you want a thread retrieved from the archives, Please Contact Iwaku's Museum Curator Fijoli for assistance.

    - If you are looking to request original character portraits, Please head over to Iwaku’s Character Portrait Studio to open a portrait request and browse through our many artists that are offering paid and even free commissions!

    Iwaku is Not accountable for any kind transaction of currency or the trading of goods/art/services between its members.
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  2. Hello and how are you?, If you don't mind I just need to find a thread/form in which artist wouldn't mind creating an image for me basted on one I already have; also if its not to much to ask I would like it free of charge.

    Is that possible?
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