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  1. I will begin saying that this will be a mature rated game due to subject matter involved. If you are not comfortable with heavy drug use please refrain from going any further. If your interest is peaked, read on.

    Welcome to Saint Sol, may your hopes and dreams rest in peace. This city is infested. An infestation that it has tried to fight so valiantly but in the end failed. Saint Sol was meant to be a sanctuary for the hopeless and the dream seekers. A city that protected from the dark under bellies that other cities had. Unfortunately this was a war that could never be won. Saint Sol became the market place for drug cartels to test out their new drugs and for corrupted pharmaceutical companies to cash in on the growing drug trade. Different and bizzare concations flooded the once thriving metropolis and reduced it to a ghost of it's former self. The people who has the power to save it were under the influence of the medicine kings. Saint Sol's only chance of survival is up to a private law enforcement agency that hasn't been corrupted. They call themselves the Light Brigade.

    Well basically I was thinking about a cyberpunkish or modern game where drugs are pretty much the norm. With the continuous stream of products coming into Saint Sol, most of the people are addicted to one thing or another. But of course you can't sell the same thing all the time. Different drugs came into the market, since customers gained a tolerance towards others, with unfortunate side effects. The most prominent of these new drugs is called Shoot Up. There is an array of probable side effects but the most common one is basically turning their minds against them and causing them to revert to more violent animal instincts that eventually will lead to death. A normal person will have no chance of fending off one these outbursts. And even though the Light Brigade is a suit uped drug control unit(sorry forgot what department that law enforcement is) they have a modified version of Shoot Up for worst case scenarios.

    So with all that said, would this be of interest to anyone? I am looking for sort of a film noire nuance overall. What you think?
  2. Drug infested city with a Ligth in the dark ready to strike and cleanse, consider me intrigued! On the flip side of course, can't live without the drugs ^^
    Some inquiries then; Will it be exclusively cyberpunk/modern or will it touch upon other genres as well, I'm guessing pseudo-science is read-between-the-lines, but are you otherwise aiming for a clear setting? Do you have a clearer plot in mind or are you developing it as interest is shown? And lastly what kind of artistic freedom are the RPers allowed within the story?
    Hope to see this gain more interest :)
  3. this sounds amazing!! I just a little curious about the Light Brigade
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the interest!

    Now on to answering some questions. Sorry about the initial vagueness but hopefully I can clear somethings up. The Light Brigade is a mystery even to the agents. It is a newly formed group that usually are deep under cover. So much so that even agents may have hard time recognize each other. Of course there are individuals that Work together and do drug raids. But the Light Brigade itself is Still in its infancy and well is a mystery. The usual recruitment is you finding a package where you stay most often with a letter welcoming you to the Light Brigade and giving you your first mission. The other way is being recruited by An agent. Though all agents have something in common, their hatred of drugs and What it has done to Saint Sol. Besides that, agents usually operate independtly. They are also told about safe rooms throughout the city where they can get supplies but have to make sure nobody else knows of them.

    So is the Light Brigade doing good? Or is the founder of the Light Brigade weeding out competition? The choice is up to the RPers through the game.

    Genre wise, probably will touch on other genres as well. Mainly want this to feel like a cyberpunk meets film noire. So at least a very dark feel to the game but with a chance of hope. Otherwise, probably make it adaptable to other genres. Any ideas? :)

    Freedom of roleplayers eh? Well quite a bit of freedom honestly. Mostly we will be operating on our own but having to deal with the consequences of the other players. For example; Lets say that you saved a junkie from a drug gang. Well that same junkie may have been force to take shoot up and becomes another agents nightmare. Basically we all will have a lot of freedom but at the same time we will work with what others give us. The plot essentially will be made by everyone involved. But one thing in the plot has to remained. Eventually a new drug will come to the market that is much worse than Shoot Up. As for the police and other law enforcement agencies, well there are still some people that can't be bought but not enough to have any power without help.

    I hope that answers some of the vaguness. And again, thank you guys for the interest.
  5. I am definitely up for this! My question: how advanced is the tech? Are we talking holograms and robots? Hoverboards/cars? Artificial intelligence? I'm down for whatever but I'm very interested in what you have in mind.

    My other question: is the world light or dark? I'm pretty sure it's dark by what you've said but I just want make sure. By that I mean is the setting typically gritty, black, hole in the wall - neon sign types or white, minimalist, spacious and clean types?



    I'm so excited for this~
  6. I'm assuming (and hoping) that it's more towards the first one. Typically film noire is more dark and gritty rather than dystopia-posing-as-utopia. I too am curious about technology - Midnighter, that pic of yours is giving me Blade Runner vibes...

    But really the point of this post is to state my interest. Looks like a cool outline, and I'm liking the tone you've created. I'll be keeping tabs on this!
  7. Same here- but one can never be sure. Haha, I just changed it! But it did have that kind of feel! Now I'm having the urge to rewatch the movie.
  8. I might be able to jump in on this! Is there a possibility to rp as other sorts of factions? Perhaps a support character for the sake of that 'third party is involved' feel during a situation?
  9. Well to answer that question, I would like to say both Depending on the district you are in. The rich district is your clean light world where most of the pharmaceutical companies reside claiming they are making medicine to help cure the world and all that bullshit. While the majority of the city is what your first picture will represent. Yet there is an even a ghetto where it is desolate. There is no hope here. This is where tossed aside drug test candiates reside and junkies who no longer have the capacity to behave in polite society live.

    As far as technology goes, it is pretty advance. You have your androids peddling the next new high at street corners. You got neon holograms advertising different stores that carry designer drugs. There are laser and plasma weapons but those are only in the hands of the military and are at best still in their prototype phase. Doesn't mean you won't encountered a drug lord carrying a laser pistol though. Just hope they don't know how to use it properly.

    The roleplay will mostly take place in the neon lights area. Maybe you get into the elite district and see how well they are living. But maybe they aren't living since the pharmaceutical companies have the most power there while the cartels and gangs have the most influence everywhere else.

    Also a note on the modified Shoot Up drug agents carry. It is called E E R or Emergency Edge Reserve. You're able to keep most of your senses about you while enjoying the increase abilities that shoot up grants a user. However you have a very limited time frame to use this boost before it wreaks your body. You will have to use the detox drug it comes with before time is up.
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  10. Also yes you may play other factions or others that are not affliated with the Light Brigade. :) I will post some of the big players later. Pretty much imagine Saint Sol being run as a futuristic feudalism system but with cartels, drug gangs, and the medcine comapnies as the kings and queens. You might be rich but that kid who sells you Shoot Up is consider higher on the totem pole than you.
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  11. Booooooooop

    *whispers* you have been booped.

    I have to come back later and read a of this. ^^
  12. I have been booped! =:O Thanks for the interest guys, glad to see this is picking up some momentum interest wise. I have been thinking about incorporating something from my other role play idea into this. How would you guys feel about if we split the role play into episodes? Give it like a movie or television show kind of feel?
  13. So I read through the concept again to get a better understanding, and while I love the drug cartel theme, I don't think I can effectively play cops very well. I also don't know what a Cyber Punk character would really look like....
  14. @Mister Strange I'm cool with that. Perhaps I could send you a couple notes and ideas I had in mind, yes?
  15. @Furasian sure thing! I am always up for ideas. Feel free to send me a private message or just post them here.

    @Vio That's okay. :) If you feel like jumping in there will always be a spot available.

    Now I did promise some info on the different factions that are major players on the scene. Unfortunately I am at work at the moment so I can't fleshed them out they way I would like however I will leave you guys with some names just to tease your minds.

    First up is Jane Skeleton and her drug gang called the Skeleton Crew. They specialize in in any drug that could give you a "spiritual revival". They mostly sell their own take on bath salts. The Cartels really don't appreciate the Skeleton Crew encroaching on their turf but the members of the Skeleton crew have one distinct advantage. They're crazy as F**K!

    Now you also have the Gonzales Family Cartel that specialize in more sophisticated drugs. Their biggest seller is Shoot Up but a more refine take. Basically it is a more pure form of Shoot Up that comes in a pretty package.

    Well that is it for my teaser now. As always thank you for the interest! :)
  16. Alright time for a few more groups. Also keep in mind that the world will evolve with the players input. So you can make up your own gangs to put into the overall story. This is our grim sad world after all. With the current interest I will go ahead and post a sign up thread. Now onto the main event.

    Now the main pharmaceutical company involved is Health US and You (HUY). The other pharmaceutical companies in the drug scene must answer to HUY and pay their respects. You made a new drug to put in the market, you better get HUY permission to circulate it. Otherwise you may find that your company is failing rapidly for some odd reason. HUY has many sleeper agents employed by other pharmaceutical companies keeping tabs on them. For the most part they don't steak anything from them unless it will revolutionise their consumers habits so to say.

    The Salamanders is the new kid on the street. They were orginally drug runners for the cartels but decided to take the chance to strike out on their own. Naturally this didn't go over well with the cartels especially since they sell water down version of popular drugs at a cheap price. Their product isn't as nice but who cares about quality when you need a fix fast.

    Well that's that. But of course this only touches upon the surface of whose who. And of course the players may throw in their own creations.
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  17. I'm loving the sound of these factions. Particularly the Jane Skeleton crew - as soon as I read the excerpt some absurd yet disturbing scenarios popped into my mind... I like the idea of episodes too! It can be good to have a clear part-by-part structure in mind both for GM and players, tends to keep things from meandering to the point of stagnation.

    Also, the seed of a character idea is starting to sprout so I'm very much looking forward to the thread going up. :)

    Tried to tag you rather than quoting but I can't find ya without hunting down those fancy characters... I'm digging the flamingo even more!
  18. Remember to add the factions and crews to the OOC, so that we dont have to go between that and this thread ;)
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  19. Haha, it's fine. Yeah my name can be annoying for things like that. Thank you!! It's by artist I know and love on Tumblr. xD
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