Shogun Gakuen, a group art RP [STUDENT OPEN ENROLLMENT]

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    I haven't put link on the button yet and for that I would like to apologize *bow*

    Student open enrollment~! accepting student from around the world~!





    There was once a man who dreamt to unify all Japan to its peaceful state from war, but the attempt was a failure as he only conquered a third of Japan. That man goes by the name of Nobunaga Oda, a brutal warlord who wrote his name through the Japanese’s history. Eventually his successor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, continued his ambition and succeeded in unifying Japan.

    Shogun Gakuen, is an elite school located in Tokyo, Japan that’s famous of its mysterious way of teaching. Students who graduate from the academy have turned into someone that excels in their field. Nobody outside the school figured how they would be able to effectively teach the students and make them grow as the end result.

    Shogun Gakuen’s virtue and teaching philosophy were all based on the famous warlord Nobunaga Oda, a person who almost succeeded to unify all Japan. Students in this school must join “Shogun’s Ambition” time, where the student learns the way to survive in society and win through battles. The “Shogun’s Ambition” time itself cover 85% of the school time.

    The Principal has set this unique subject as to what modern kids preferred these days and that’s through a virtual game-like world. Students will be given a special phone that have “Shogun Gakuen” app on it as soon as they get enrolled into the academy. Inside the app contains things of what you usually see in video games; a status screen, inventory, and gacha.

    With that, the whole school will be covered with virtual forcefield as soon as it's "Shogun Ambition" timewhich enable the whole school look different from the inside. The interior of the school would have much freedom to walk into as the scale would be upped by 200:1 than it's normally do and time will be slower in the virtual field, It'll be ten minutes in virtual field time for every a minute in a real life which mean "Shogun's ambition" will have 80 hours worth of time.

    Detail Feature Of Shogun Gakuen app

    Status Screen
    The status screen consist of variety of info about the owner, from their name, job, Zenies, and skill point. All students will be given 10 skill point to distribute and a base job to choose from; warrior, archer and thief. Secondary job can be unlocked later on during certain stages.

    It’s the list of items that you’ve gathered also act as virtual bag so that there wouldn’t be any theft unless the item itself is outside of the inventory screen.

    A mysterious shop, which contains random stuff, the shop, refreshes itself everyday to give a huge wide variety of items. The result can range from weapon to accessories.

    Contact List
    Just like in a MMORPG game Contact list shows students that has been added to your friend list. You can send PM team speak to them once you've added to you contact list. The contact list is also function to add people to group but unlike your usual MMORPG, there'll be no experience share at all. The clan tab in Contact list also shows

    Each item has it’s own value, rank, and rarity. The higher these three values are, the more precious it is. Value show how much the item’s worth, Rank and rarity showed how rare the item is. Rank range from rank Common from being lowest and SSS Rare the highest.


    Primary Jobs

    Is a strength based job that greatly depend on it’s high strength that makes up for it’s weak defense. The student can be promoted to Samurai, Calvary, Berserker, or Knight as soon as they reached to level 30.

    A long range attacker with low mobility that excel on dexterity. The student can be promoted to Marksman, Hunter, Beastmaster, or Gunman as they reached to level 30.

    An fragile agile attacker with the privilege to have cloaking as special skill. The student can be promoted to Ninja, Nightstalker, Assasin, or Spy as they reached to level 30.

    Intermediate job, which can only be unlocked after a student, reach level 30, they will be rebirth into level one Mage. The mage unnecessarily stronger than the base job but it had more firepower and survivability. The student can be promoted to Mage knight, Sorcerer, Strategist, or as White mage they reached to level 30.

    Secondary Job
    Secondary job is a side job for student to explore, so far the school only given Chef, Farmer, Blacksmith, Alchemist as a secondary job.

    When a student reaches level 30, they can talk to a teacher to promote their job. Once a student promote their desire job, they will be reincarnated to level 1.

    Changing base job
    Student can change their job through, getting it from Gacha or from special event.

    Oda corp 2015

    Welcome, Student
    You are now Online

    Registered Student:

    Registered Clan:

    Banned Student:

    Recent Event:


    Top 5 Wealth:

    Top 5 Level:

    Top 5 Clan:

    Top 5 Overall ability:


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  2. Im definently interested in this.
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  3. thanks for the interest~ this RP is still WIP since we're still finishing things up~ hope you can patiently wait till it's done *bows*
  4. Yes i can wait.
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