Shit My Students Write



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Example of one of the gems on this tumblr:

My people (Mexicans) were made when the Mexicans were slaves to the French, and the French kept going wanky wanky with their slaves, and then they made Spain. And Abraham Lincoln.


PC is a old gay, who wears traditional and formal. Mac is a young gay, who looks modern and informal. On the other side, Mac is lighter than PC, because the old gay is fatter than young gay. In conclusion, APPLE used this form of comparison to show the benefits of Mac.

I don't think I've ever reached the point of exhaustion where you might start writing like this on a paper. Or the level of delirium. Almost, but not quite. more:

Before, women were multifunctioning objects around the house that could do that birth thing but now women are running corporations and writing great literature all the while still doing that birth thing.



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When I have to teach classes, it's to DoD and govvies; I get quite a few weird questions asked my way, but the side conversations are the best.

"Why are all these stoners always saying 420?"
"Sir, that's the day Bob Marly invented weed."
"Ah, carry on."

"We don't really like having our Domain Controllers on all the time- we randomly turn them off to conserve energy."

When I saw two officers smoking by a fuel store, underneath a [NO SMOKING- FLAMMABLE] sign-
"Man, how can enlisted people be so stupid?"

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This site makes me happy. owo My favorite so far:

"Within the 20th century, the ‘90s were hands down the greatest decade for a boy to be born and raised through. The pop-culture and technology was simply at its prime. We’ll start from the beginning. What do kids at the age from just being born to about six years old care about? That’s simple, breast milk; but more importantly, toys. Although the breast milk in the 90s was most likely delicious, there is no existing cryogenically frozen breast milk lab for me to prove it. However, I sure as hell can sell you on how awesome the toys were."


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I think this might be my favorite
[h=1]Post-race America[/h]Racism only exists in the eyes of the ignorant. Don’t people realize that Ghandi Mohandas put an end to rascism in America in the early part of the 18th century? Obviously not since professors keep qouting him. I don’t mean to sound holier than thou, but sometimes i think I have a better handle on the cultural constructions of the modern world.