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    He walked through the large gates of Twinsbrooke while wearing a large black cloak that concealed both his weapons and his face. Two town guards stopped in front of him and one of them spoke, "State your name and business." "Who, me?" The sixteen year old responded with a soft smirk. "Your name and business! State it now!" Instead of saying anything, the boy leaped into the air and as he did the cloak stopped covering the weapons. Before the guards could grab their own weapons, he tossed a dagger at their heads and watched as their corpses dropped to the ground.

    As he landed on the ground his hood fell down, revealing his face. The nearby citizens let out a shriek of horror as they stared at him. His smirk grew as he crouched down and ripped the knives out of the guard's skulls. "I have to say, I was expecting more from the guards that keep killers out." The boy, who was known as Shinigami, glanced to his left as more guards arrived. "Put your hands up!" "Oh, I almost forgot. How rude of me. I never said who I was and what my business is. Well, I won't say my name but I'm called Shinigami and I'm here to kill everyone."
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    A 16 year old girl with a hood and gasmask on comes out of the croud. People send unrelenting stares at her that would make a grown man cringe. Whispers emit from the croud 'whats that wierdo doing' 'hopefully shes sacrificing herself' 'no one else needs her anyways.' She keeps walking ahead fiddling with a pole in her pocket and two holsters. Her voice is muffled because of the gas mask but she lets out a low voice that has a hint of sarcasm. "Now how would you do that shinigami. First of all your wanted rating isnt that high just yet and second you have a wanted rate which means you leave survivors." She continues to fiddle with all of her hidden weapons as she smirks below her gas mask.
  3. Shinigami rose his blade to slice the neck of one of the villagers but stopped when he heard a voice. Lowering the dagger, he turned around to see who had spoken. "And who are you?" He asked not taking his eyes off her as he stabbed the blade into the stomach of one of the villagers. A few of the town's guards charged towards him but stopped when they saw the girl. They began backing away until they joined the rest of the crowd. They would rather watch to see how this turns out when get themselves killed
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    A cloaked figure crouched upon the roof of a building watched the killer approach. When he murdered the two guards she chuckled softly to herself. Murmuring under her breath she observed as the masked girl emerged from the crowd. The townsfolk gathered instead of fleeing. They are idiots. Licking her lips a bit, a light breeze filtered through her hair and hood. It fell from her head and her face was revealed. It wasn't like anyone was watching her though.

    Sighing sofly she watched as they spoke to each other. She quickly extended her legs sending herself into the air. Gracefully she fell to the ground and landed in a kneel. She lifted her hood once more and walked towards the center of the crowd. Today was going to turn out more exciting than she had thought.
  5. "See im the gas mask assassin i have only let one person go in my lifetime and it was a new born." She smirks in her gasmask and snockers a bit. "Another name they gave me..... the reaper." She looks at him straight in the eyes through her gas mask. Though he cant see her, her stare bores through him.
  6. Shinigami opened his mouth to speak but closed it when he noticed someone making their way towards the center of the crowd. He turned around to see who it was, but a hood was covering their face
  7. She smirked "now id keep eyes on the target moster. Or you might get killed." She takes out the small pole pressing a button on it. In an instant its a red and black scythe. "Now how bout chu get yourself outta here."
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    but rather than green eyes. He has one red eye and one blue eye

    The only person who was calm in this bazaar situation was a young boy about 17. He sat at his outside table, in a restaurant, eating from a bowl of noodles. A dark cloak hid his face, along with his unusual eyes. The moment he heard the shinigami announce himself he lifted up a small medallion to his mouth, mumbled a few words. Then went back to eating his noodles.

    A large rectangular case, almost as big as the boy himself, lay down by his side. The contents unknown to the world.
  9. Shinigami pulled out a few hunting knives and tossed them at the citizens. "There certainly a lot of them. This'll take a while." He said as he threw more
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