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  2. Oh shit.

    You hear that?

    That's a nostalgia bomb.
  3. They all fell soon enough before Kunari. None having an actual chance against her yet struck anyway. By order of their master? It seemed more like the inability to stop. The pain that coursed through their bodies and showed on their face. The agony. The madness. The...terror.

    "Kunari...Kokuran..." The raspy deep echoing voice of one not nearly as old as her, but still ancient, echoed through the cavernous deeps. The source of the voice yet unclear. "Why has the fallen heir graced herself in my abode..."

    There was movement heard around the area. Pebbles and dragging, yet still no clear sign of where the source of the voice was. " are to busy keeping the peace for a mere visit."
  4. "I want you to stay in your little cage here. Every time you surface, disaster strikes." Kunari felt a chill just hearing his voice, she despise it so much. The snake in the grass lies and manipulated, but a demon that creates chaos is much worst. What scares her the most is that it'll infect anyone with a conscious thought, no one is immune to doubt, distrust or fear, it's not a plague that'll only bother humans but creature of all sorts.
  5. ;_________; Noooo..
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