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    A hand slammed down on the ringing alarm clock beside a large bed in a modern, elegantly plain room, shutting off the annoying noise eminating from the small box. Takashi Muraki sits up in his bed and sighs, running a hand through his long medium brown hair. Another day of teaching was ahead. Another day of being in a class room with high schoolers. And this time, it'd be in a whole new school.

    The young man had recently transferred from one school to this one. And sadly, summer had just ended. So without wasting any more time, he steps out of bed and heads into his bathroom. The young teacher was about 5'10", lean and fit but no where near one of those over done muscle monkies. His green eyes could make any woman swoon and he had the perfectly lightly tanned skin.

    Honestly, he didn't have to work at all if he didn't want to. His family was rich and he had all the money in the world at his disposal. But that wasn't the way the man wanted to live his life. He'd rather go out and live a normal life, working, enjoying and hating moments he'd go through. That was what to live really was. Experiencing the good and the bad and working through it.

    He walks out of the bathroom after a quick shower and brushing his teeth. Stopping in front of his closet, he dresses himself in plain black slacks and a white button up shirt, pulling it on before tying a black tie around his neck. He'd tied his hair back in a loose, lowly tied ponytail and slid on some thin framed glasses.

    After a hurried breakfast and swift retreat from his home, the ride to his new school was uneventful. He walks through the deserted morning halls, sliding open the door to his new classroom and moving over to his new desk. Everything around him was new and soon, the students would be arriving. One more new thing to deal with. He sighs, pushing his glasses up slightly on the bridge of his nose as he sets his desk with his simple things before sitting down in his chair, crossing his legs.

    He'd often been called a pretty boy or a girl in disguise due to his long hair and elegant features. But in reality, he looked more like nobility then anything. It didn't matter though, he'd always earn his students respect quite quickly. It wasn't hard. He was the type that got respect if he wanted it, when he wanted it. He sits in wait for the first few students to arrive.
  2. "No way!"

    Yeah, John says he has girly features, but is still pretty adorable... What do you think Luna? do you think our new Teacher is gonna be the shit, or do you think he's gonna be like all the other losers in the school?

    "I don't know, Claire. But I'm willing to find out haha. Do you, John, and I all have that class together?"

    Yeah, it's going to be the best year... EVER! Anyways, see you at school Luna.

    Beep. Luna hung up her phone and smiled. Her and her two best friends Claire and John would have this year together. It was their year to own the school instead of the prissy bitch named Krissy. She gritted her teeth together at the simple thought of Krissy but shook her head. She was in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body frame. She dipped her head down,a nnd began to towel dry her hair until it's rich brown locks were glistening and pretty lose to dry. She got up and out of her room, walking to her bed she slipped on the school uniform and sighed...

    "Mom always gets my clothes too big for me."

    The outfit was a size too big hiding her curves and smooth skin. "Oh well. Not like I was gonna let anyone see anyways." She grabbed her backpack, and started to walk to her school. She glanced at Claire and John when she saw them in the halls and grinned. "Johnn! Claireee!" They ran into each other in a large group hug.

    "Let's walk to class together," John giggled. They grabbed each others hand, and walked into their class. "Hey, Luna go introduce us..."

    Luna let go of their hands and walked to the teacher.

    "Welcome! I am Luna, and that is Claire and John. We'll most likely be the best students in this class." She smiled, and then turned around walking to her friends when they all sat down, and waited.
  3. Despite the fact his features could be mistaken sometimes as girlish, the brunette teacher was definitely, unmistakably handsome. Takashi blinks looking up from a book slightly as the girl walks over and introduces herself and her friends. The thought vaguely crossed his mind of how pretty she was. But as a teacher, such thinking wasn't allowed, and with good reason.

    "I'm glad to see someone's enthusiastic," he chuckles before they sit down. Indeed, that was always good to know at least one person had work ethic. He'd been worried this new class would be a bunch of dead beats, and they mostly likely would but these three would brighten things up for him perhaps. And this Luna... She seemed interesting enough.
  4. As Luna sat in her desk they waited for the other classmates to enter the room, and finally they did. John looked at Luna and saw her eyes glued onto their new teacher. He reached over and lightly nudged her arm, trying to get her attention which also worked. She turned her head slowly to look at him.​
    "What's up?"​
    "It's dangerous to look at your teacher like that, Luna..." His voice held a hint of a warning, which made Luna's cheeks burst out red, and she turned her head back towards their teacher, listening to the lesson, she rolled her eyes. She wasn't looking at him any different then she looked at John, her gay best friend. John turned his head to Claire and he gestured towards Luna, and she gasped.​
    "Luna! You have the look!"​
    Luna was getting annoyed with her friends so she started to ignore them and just pay attention.​

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  5. Takashi hadn't noticed anything off about the class, not really. Although his attention was oddly drawn to the girl that introduced herself as Luna. He frowns slightly before putting on a smile, pushing his glasses up slightly as the bell rings. Standing up, he walks to the black board.

    "Hello, I'm your new lit teacher. My name's Takashi Muraki, but you can just call me Mr. Muraki," he begins as he writes, back to the class, his name onto the board in neat, elegant handwriting. He turns and smiles at them, "Today we'll be learning about Shakespeare. I know most of you don't think that'll be very exciting but I'll do my best to keep it entertaining and not dull like most classes."

    It wasn't his fault that his eyes keep wanting to drift to Luna, not at all...right?

    (Sorry it's been over 100 degrees around here and my brains been melting so I'm slowly working on replying to my back log of rps DX I hope you aren't angry.)
  6. Luna was smiling the whole time that their new teacher was talking. It was interesting, how easily he got all of their attention. Especially Luna's attention, but she didn't raise her hand or anything, she sort of just stayed a bit silent. Watching as the lesson grew on more and more, tilting her head a bit. John and Claire watched Luna carefully, but then their attention was aught to the lesson being taught.​
  7. The class period passed rather swiftly and Mr. Muraki smiled, turning a little as the bell rings. "Well, class is over. I hope it was more entertaining than your upcoming ones. There IS a paper that I regret having to ask all of you to do, but it only has to be 2 typed pages on a certain period or the entirety of Shakespear's life. If anyone needs help or needs to talk to me, I'll be more then willing to stay after school or over lunch," the man says with a cheerful voice, setting a book he'd been using onto a small stack of its partners.
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