She's Gone~

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(Hopefully, you've heard the song. It's called She's Gone - by: G Dragon -->

"There's a weird rumor that a guy went all around to find someone."

"There's a weird rumor that a girl vanished with a scream at night a few days ago."

She's Gone~

"It's driving me insane..." he said to his reflection. Dark circles glowed under his eyes. He was ghastly pale. How could she do that to him? She'd told him she loved him. What could he possibly do though? She'd found a man that made her happy, shouldn't he be happy for her.

-No~- a soft, gentle voice said. He looked around to see who had spoken. There was no one. Just himself. -Come on, you know me- the voice said.

"Who's there?" he asked his empty house.

-It's me, in the mirror-

He looked back at the mirror, only to see that his reflection was smirking. "What?" he asked, his reflections lips didn't move.

Then it spoke
-That other man ruined everything-

He nodded.

-Kill him-

"I'm not a murderer!" he shouted.

The reflection grinned.
-You know you want to~- it said in a seductive manner. -Kill her too, it's her fault too~-

A quick explanation of how this'll be played:
There will be private investigators investigating a disappearance (and later on, a murder).
While the P.I's do that, 'He' will slowly be falling to insanity (we start the rp where he's barely kidnapping the girl) as he holds the girl, his love, in a small cell. All the while, planning the murder of the man who ruined his relationship. (Basically, there'll be two stories that'll later merge into one story i.g where they capture him)

Characters needed:

'He' AKA the crazy kidnapper.
'Her' AKA his lost love
The man that "ruined everything"
About two-three P.I's (besides me)
We may also need; concerned citizens, family members, maybe an accomplice?

Character Sheet:

Age- (19-21)
Anything else you want to add-

Questions? Concerns?