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totallynotaDannyPhantomfan Hiya I'm The Data Phantom~ Be free to call me a variation of those three little words<3 Despite my choice in name and icon, I'm actually twenty-one years old with about six years of rping under my belt! (Or so I THINK it's been six years... maybe a bit under...) Anyway! Not much to say about me XD I'm an anime nerd and love some Nick and CN shows (as well as ABC WB Kids, and FOX Kids).

Most notably Danny Phantom, almost any 90's cartoon/anime, and some others I can't remember from the late LATE 80's. I'm also a Power Rangers and TMNT fan since I was born and used to totally be able to pull off some stunts back as a kid. (Now I'd crack my skull open). Alright enough of my ranting I'll hopefully see you guys on the boards~

The Data Phantom <3


*Hides his dungeons and dragons RP*

Hi I'm Vay, RP support and viewer of cartoons (when they're on tv here, this country sucks entertainment wise) dexter's lab and that ilk being among my favorite. Dannys also good being a cartoon that actually has character development as well as My Dad The Rock Star (METALHEAD ALERT!) being waaaay up on the list.

So Phantom, I bid you an Official Staff Welcome and invite you to make yourself at home.
Yes I am a total Nerd :D Thank you for the welcome Vay ^^ I'm sure I'll find time for this site, I have for my other five or six sites!
Welcome to the site Data Phantom!

I like some old school cartoons and anime as well, although I don't watch them as much as I used to.

That sucks D: But atleast you can watch tv... /has no tv in her room. Anyway nice to meet you October Knight =D
ZOMG, you speak a similar lingo as I do. Welcome my fellow rememberer of nostalgic stuffu.

I'm Rory, the evil Stasi admin the nicest admin like ever. Enjoy your time here.

Now what sort of RPs/plot babies do you like?
I saw you in the CBOX. I thought you were a boy. I'm very sorry, I'm just awful at these things...


Welcome to Iwaku.
Hey Data. C: I'll be your friendly DnD-Nerd Buddy.
With Vay.
And TNT.
Holy cow, someone else who still likes cartoons! You remember Robot Jones? Or maybe the XJ9? 2 Stupid Dogs?

Uh, anyway, hey I'm Xindaris, welcome to the place and all that.
Blarg.. 2 stupid dogs, that takes me back.

Prefered dexter's though. Animaniacs here my heroes ;___;.

Anyway back on topic!

Thanks for showing interest in mt RP! We'll help you get set up and you'll be slaying gobos in no time.
Oh snap, how great, you like all the stuff Diana likes! It's like you're preggers with a baby, and that baby is you, inside the grown body =)



No, but eh, but yeah, welcome to Iwaku. Hope you enjoy your stay =)
*Troll mask shatters on the floor.*


*In deep smit.*
@Rory- Hello! It's good to know there are some people who still like the good ol' days XD Hm... Well I like All types of Fantasy, Cyber Punk, and Sci-fi (Major Mass Effect fan). I'm not a fan of historical or anything pertaining to real life events. Does that help? Thanks for the welcome oh amazing Admin! XDD

@The Butterfly- It's alright XD You're one of the first to mistaken me as one but hey! There's a first for everything XD And it's fine- I'm terrible at remembering names XDD Thanks for the welcome!

@Basil- BASIL~ (And Vay and TNT!) Hey~ Thanks for the welcome ^^

@Xindaris- I remember those shows! My life as a Teenage Robot was awesome XD I wasn't a fan of some shows though mostly Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, and basically anything that was too "adult" for me to watch. By adult I mean gross humor and such. I grew up on Freakazoid, Animaniacs , and Pinky and the Brain though <3 /rambles. Thanks for the welcome!

@Vay- Yes! Animaniacs<3333 I enjoyed Dexter's lab until like the last two seasons when the art style changed. Gobos? What are Gobos? o.o I think I'll find out soon enough XD Thanks for the welcome!

@Torsty- B-But I like grown up shows too D: /LOVES NCIS, Law & Order series, and some other older shows. Thanks for the welcome though XD

@Tegan- D: You might want to get a new mask... or a refund D: Thanks for the welcome!
Hi there!
I used to watch Danny Phantom... I think they stopped making them o_o;
Anyway, hello and welcome to the site! I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!