Shepherds of Darkness: The Struggle

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  1. Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Rules & Requirements
    3. Warning & Disclaimer
    4. Character Creation & Limits
    5. Character Template/Profile
    6. Plot & World
    7. Extra Information


    Shepherds of Darkness is a action-militaristic sci-fi-horror-adventure role play that is heavily leaned towards character progression, centering around a group of people from all corners of the world who work under the founder and leader of a secret corporation that looks into paranormal events and situations.

    Rules & Requirements
    1. No god-modding.
    2. No power-gaming.
    3. No deliberate disruption of role play.
    4. There is a posting order, stick to it as best as possible.
    5. Opinions are allowed, final decision is mine.
    6. Sexual role play is to be done in private and on your own time.
    7. No raging, racist, or sexist remarks are allowed outside of role play.
    8. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    9. Players are expected to be able to post at least two (2) paragraphs.
    10. Players are expected to be literate, know punctuation, capitalization, and creative.
    11. Players must be at least 18 years old.
    12. Patience.
    13. An Open Mind.
    14. Friendly.
    15. Somewhat Mature.

    Warning & Disclaimer
    • Drug/Alcohol Use.
    • Cursing, Swearing & Foul Language.
    • Mild Sexual Themes
    • Violence, Blood & Gore.
    • Possible Illegal Content.
    Character Creation & Limits

    When creating a character for this role play, there are a set limit and requirements to be met in order for the character to take part in the role play.

    A character must be 100% human when it is first introduced to the role play, any changes in this humanity might change during the role play itself, whether it be mutation, possession or other factors.
    Pros & Cons
    The best and worst sides of a character truly defines the character and the world which the character resides in. Each character is to be expected to have at least one good, and bad side to their physical state, and psychological state.
    Every character will have a total of six (6) traits that will help them throughout the story. When first creating a character, they will be given two (2) traits, leaving the remaining four (4) to be empty in order for the character to learn or develop new ones through the story.
    A character must have a history that will directly benefit the corporation they will be joining in the role play, this could be anything from military training all the way to religious/occult training, and even hobbies.
    A character must be between the age 25 and 50, no one-shot-wonder teens with super powers or hyper-intelligent elders with unlimited knowledge.

    Character Template/Profile

    Currently Serving:
    Psychological Pros/Cons:
    Physical Pros/Cons:
    Religion (Optinal):
    Paranormal Experience (Optional):
    Traits (6 Allowed):
    - Required
    - Required
    - Open
    - Open
    - Open
    - Open
    Picture (Optional):

    Plot & World

    Shepherds of Darknesse follows the lives of the operatives that join the ranks of LPIC, the accomplishments, efforts and sacrifices they have made in order to make Earth a safe place for the oblivious population that lives upon it.

    The operatives will mark their spot in LPIC under the supervision of the founder of LPIC, Mr. Lente.

    The world is split into 3 major powers and 1 general population.

    USA/US (United States of America)

    EEC (Euro-East Coalition. Europe, Russia, Middle East.)

    RoA (Republic of Australia)

    Free States (The rest of the world)

    Extra Information

    I know this role play is anything but close to real life, but try and be as realistic as possible when it comes to combat and characters. I don't want to see a brand new member of LPIC lift and throw a tank or read others minds, or do blade dances with four katanas at once.

    Also, death is a true factor in this role play, your character can and will die if they make too many fatal mistakes, and death is almost always permanent, so don't go raging when one of your characters die, no matter how heroic it was.

    Yes, you are allowed to create as many characters as you like, but you are only allowed to use one at a time for each given mission that is in progress.

    A good tip is when in the middle of character creation, leave room for your character to develop. Get the basics down and allow the role play, missions, along with the choices your character makes form itself into a truly unique character.

    Do not post until the role play is Open for posts.

    Character sheets should be done in a place where it is easily changed and modified, as you'll be adding and changing information as your character accomplishes missions and gains more experience and new gear.

  2. So I noticed your thread wasn't getting getting much action, which is a shame, because I thought it looked really cool. Do you suppose you could make an exception to the 18+ rule? I'd really like to join this roleplay.
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