Shenmue III

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Anyone here excited for the upcoming Shenmue III? Seeing as how it's the most funded video game in Kickstarter history and how Dreamcast sales have skyrocketed since its announcement at E3, it's pretty safe to say that the hype is real. This probably might not happen but it would be pretty cool if SEGA released HD remakes of the first two games as well just to catch people up on the series.
Oh man....memories. I loved Shenmue on Dreamcast. They should do a remake, I would definitely buy it. I'm excited to hear about another chapter in the series.
My friend literally cried over all this XD Shenmue is big in his life.

Personally, I never played a Shenmue game. I have a dreamcast but those Shenmue games are kinda risky and expensive (Allot of the copies are broken last I heard) So I REALLY hope that Sega releases HD versions before/around when Shenmue 3 is released.

Regardless though, I'm one of the backers for Shenmue 3 ^^ The hundred dollar package so I'll get mah name in the credits, the special backer edition, international phone card (in game item) and the trial version. At first I was gonna do the PC version though now I'm wondering if I should get the PS4 version. I got a few years to decide so yeah (I almost didn't make the hundred, had to sell a few things I didn't really wanna sell but can get later ^^)
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