ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST She Sings From The Woods (Recruiting 1-2)

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Crescent Grief
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"Those mountains, those mountains! That's where she came from! She flees, to and fro', plucking us like greedy chickens! She sings her songs, plays her tunes, so that we, us pathetic and searching for blessings, may succumb to her sweet promises.. She comes from the mountains, from the woods."
Nightly do the cold airs wake the mist from the ground, and with it the magical whispers, foreboding terrible fates for they who wander through those lands. The territory has remained within its drawn-off borders, but never has it retreated either. A dark magic haunts the world that your eyes will be fed these words from, a magic truly wrong and disdained by all sane and normal. The world is small, and quiet, and man holds a firm, but small, foot on the steps of survival. And so here is where our paraphrasing shall begin.

There hail three castles, which circle around the dreaded mountains and their pines, like vultures among cubs. For man's greed has always existed, no matter the holyman nor the nonbeliever. But what often vultures see not, are the wolves, waiting in the dark, for the bird foolish enough to take the prize. There have been many attempts to invade those lands, climb the highest rock to steak their flag, and all have failed mightily. But this time, this story sheds light on when the darkness pokes back, when too many branches have snapped, and too many streams drank from, and it wishes to take back.

From the three kingdoms have united a small party of just and righteous warriors, confident in their abilities as well as their attention from above to venture through the woods. However, their reason is far from greed. A witch, described in hundreds of appearances and actions, has frequented the outskirts of her home, luring in both poor and merry men to their impending doom. Let us not forget the cannibals which inhabit the mountains either, nor the Twins.

I digress, my mind knows too much.

The party is small, but hardy. For the armies that have marched through those first woods have proven numbers are not the answer to winning a fight against all wrong and bitter.

Fighting alongside is a Knight of the First Pillar, holy and mighty, with the strength of the Lord within him. His life has abided by the code and the holy word, and his sword swings true and his shield blocks rightly.

Aiding him from afar lays a hunter, keen and calm. However, the wood is so dense that even his elven ears hear not the sounds of nature. Only ever whispers, calling out his true name which no one knows, for fair reasons. His bow and dagger are seasoned with years of success, and his heart knows trust and loyalty. Indeed a fair unit to the fight.

Travelling with these two is a mighty man, great in mass, with the strength of five men. His axes are stained with the blood of many who have wronged him, but in his cold, undying eyes lies a seemingly bright, yet thin, line of good and evil. And for his vision will he be needed. For the stars have been rumored to have reached down and plucked unwary travelers from the ground, right into the sky.

And so, as this trio would venture, there will always be the happening that we may run into a friend along the hunt. Even greater is the risk of losing one.

But the question will always remain, no matter how many times this story is told...

...Who are you?


Patience, and communication, above all.

2-3 paragraphs at least per post

One's own character creation (I answer all questions)

An attitude savory in comparison to those easily agitated or downright annoying

And lastly, yet never least, cooperation. This is a story, yes, but you walk through my woods, which means that you know not of what is happening, only what your character would do in such situations.'


I hope to hear from someone soon.
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Oh my god, I absolutely love this! Is it still available as I would love to try this out with you!


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Is this still open ?