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Dia Thames

The Beast lingers just beneath the surface~
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Dark Subject Matter, Post Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Romance, Fantasy (usually Urban fantasy, but I've done high fantasy before too), Horror
Vincent has been searching for centuries, but yet…the demon was no closer to finding her. He just felt further and further away from his angel; his salvation. If there was any hope for a creature such as himself…born of hellfire. He sighed heavily as his eyes fell open. Vincent just stared into the darkness of the hotel room. The shades were drawn so no sunlight would peek in. He didn't like it nor was in the mood for it. The demon just laid there for awhile before sitting up and reaching over, pulling on his shirt. Vincent got to his feet, buttoning his shirt as he slowly walked over to the long mirror. His shaggy but at the same time short, deep auburn hair was a mess from his disturbed on and off sleeping. The demon's eyes were a glowing blood red. They reflected, haunting but beautiful in the mirror. Exhaustion was clear in his eyes, and it reflected how he felt.

Vincent was exhausted….mentally, physically, emotionally. She had weighed on his mind from the moment they had parted ways from each others presence. It had been two centuries since then and he missed her more then he would admit to anyone; no one could understand the strain it put on his heart day after day. Vincent fixed his hair and pulled out his contact lenses from their case in his pocket. He watched as his eyes turned a deep brown. Today he was going to pull a stunt to grab peoples attention; the media's attention. If she was reincarnated in this city…then it would grab her attention too; or at least he hoped it would.

He rubbed at the tattoo around his neck as he grabbed his cell phone, walking out the door. The sun blinded him as the demon locked the door and went down into the lobby. People looked at him, knowing him as a prominent business owner. He had been in this town for quite sometime establishing himself a place here in this city. Vincent owned a law firm on the other side of town. Just recently as he began to devise this plan, he sold his apartment and stayed in this hotel. Now he was ready, ready to disappear and move onto the next town.

Just like he had done and would continue to do for years, until he searched every city and village on planet Earth. Vincent was going find her…no matter what. He walked out the doors and turned, heading towards the tallest building in town, McCoy law firm, his own law firm. It would make an excellent place for him to put on the show for the rest of the city to watch. Once there he was greeted by the secretary and several others as he took the elevator to the top floor, the roof, the 35th floor. He stepped out, a soft breeze whipping around him. The elevator dinged, shutting, leaving him to do what he came here to do. It worked out because there were two people from his immediate case team here, talking somewhere they could get some privacy. He didn't blame them, though very nice looking inside it could be stuffy and a bit noisy. Currently they were trying to settle a huge, bitter, divorce.

"Hendricksen…smith. Good morning." he greeted them, a fake smile forming across his lips.

Abigail Smith, a woman smiled brightly, her grin portraying her flirty side to him. She waved to him as his business partner from a merge, Andrew Hendrickson a guy in his early to mid thirties waved him over. Abigail eyed him, talking to him.

"So boss…how are ya? Doin' okay this morning?"

He sighed and looked off in the distance.

"Same as ever…"

"Vinc-Boss…" She began. " You can't let that girl stand in your way…make you depressed like this. I hate to see such a thiveing person go to barely functional…"

From what they knew, a couple of weeks ago his "girlfriend" left him from another person. Little did they know the real reason, the real story behind it.

"It is easier said then done…" he said, sauntering over to the edge, looking down at the pavement below.

"Especilly when the edge of the building is starting to look more and more appealing, day by day…"
Their eyes widened. Hendricksen, jaw dropped.

'W-What are you talking about Vincent…? That is…crazy talk."

He shook his head and looked down again, thinking. This drop would no doubt hurt, but certainly not kill him. It would look it but in fact he would live. To top it all off, as a well known community figure, everyone would figure it out…everyone would know him.

"I'm going to do it Hendricksen…I want to…I'm going to…jump."
I had just come out of a little bistro and I heard a bit of commotion down the block- and anything these days caught my attention. I walked down the block towards it and glanced up, sheilding my eyes against the glare of the sun. What was going on? I thought to myself and shook my head. Maybe I shouldn't get involved... I continued to think. I sighed and glanced up one more time at the top of the building.
"What in the world was going on up there?" I whispered to myself and sheilded my eyes again.