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  1. "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some has greatness thrust upon them" - William Shakespeare

    Background story

    "O, had i but followed the arts!"

    "Desire of having is the sin of covetousness."

    "Such as we are made of, such we be."

    "God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another."

    Once upon a time there was four kids, the lonely prince, the ruthless king, the clueless princess and the sneaky queen.
    These four kids was brought together by a series of events and a shared love.

    The lonely prince was tired of living this life, he found happiness in books and would escape to the land of stories whenever the hateful mom and the violent dad would curse each other. He found peace there, there was nothing that could hurt him and everyone loved him, he was a prince in his own land, with his own crown. Anyone that would spread hate, fear or violence would be sentenced to death. Anyone that questioned the lonely prince would be sentenced to death. And everyone HAD to love him, they HAD to, under any circumstances. One day the lonely prince met the clueless princess and a ruthless king.

    The clueless princess was a happy little girl, she had many friends and everyone loved her. Her family had a bit of a financial struggle and she got hand-me-downs from her sister, but she didn't mind. One December day the clueless princess and the ruthless king was walking home together from school when they saw some kids from their class having a snowball fight. The clueless princess quickly joined and the ruthless king followed her. After quite some time of playing the clueless princess was cornered, she backed up without looking behind her and hit someone. "Ah, i'm sorry" She said while turning around, the lonely prince sat in the snow, he had a puzzled expression as he looked up at the clueless princess. "HEY!" The ruthless king roared. "Bookworm! When you walk in to someone you apologize!" The lonely prince suddenly came back to his senses "Ah, right. Sorry." The clueless princess let out a sparkling smile. "What are you reading?" She changed the subject. ".... The Running Man.... by Stephen king" With an amazed look on her face she said "Oh by Stephen king! That must be hard!" She was easily impressed. "What's it about?"

    The ruthless king was the 'leader' wherever he went, he had disgustingly rich parents and everyone wanted to be him. He was best at everything and a pretty typical popular-guy. But as with everyone the ruthless king had his own issues too, having the background he had and coming from the family he did he's had immense pressure on him since birth. The one person that kept him sane was the sneaky queen, his childhood friend.

    The sneaky queen was much like the ruthless king born in to a prestigious family. Her entire family is actors or models, specially known for their beauty. And much like the rest of her family she started modeling and dancing at a very young age. Due to work and training she stopped coming to school, so she hasn't many friends outside a small circle of models.

    The lonely prince and the clueless princess slowly started becoming friends, the lonely prince told the princess about all his favorite books and the princess listened eagerly, he even told her about his dream to become a writer.
    The ruthless king was lost, what was he supposed to do if he lost the clueless princess to HIM, that OUTSIDER? You know what they say, if you can't beat them, join them. The ruthless king started walking home with the prince and princess, and soon the three were together as if they have known each other forever. Even though the ruthless king still detested the lonely prince.

    A year passed, the sneaky queen had joined the gang and they were like a little book club, reading and discussing together.
    The lonely prince progressively became less lonely, he started realizing how wonderful people were and slowly started forgetting about the books, his writer dream and the stories he wrote.
    The clueless princess greatly admired the lonely prince and his dream, she told herself that she wanted to become a writer too, so they could write together.
    The ruthless king found something he wasn't best at and started competing with the lonely prince in who could read the fastest.
    The sneaky queen saw the double faced acts in the group, the fact that the ruthless king acted friendly but hated the lonely prince, that the clueless princess only really had eyes on the lonely prince.
    "What a bunch of liars..." She thought.

    Everything was working fine..... until one day.

    It was Christmas eve.
    The ruthless king smiled to faces he had never seen before, his family had it's usual Christmas party, this year grander than ever! Servants everywhere, offering the usual Christmas treats. A tree bigger than probably Santa Clauses himself's covered with red and gold decorations. And the actual Santa, sitting on a throne while watching over the party, so cheesy.
    The sneaky queen was out working, she had a photo shoot to attend to. It didn't really bother her, she never really liked Christmas anyway. The only thing to like really is the gifts. What made it even worse is the family traditions, her father always dressed up as a Santa, she might have loved it as a kid but when he's here cheering for her in THAT she can't help but hate it.
    The clueless princess unwrapped presents with her family, it's been a bit financially tight lately so there was only two cheaper presents for each of them, though the clueless princess didn't mind. She liked the sweets better anyway. Everyone was happily laughing, just like the stereotypical Christmas that every family should supposedly have.
    The lonely prince sat at the kitchen table and ate cereals, his dad was supposed to have him this Christmas but he never came and picked him up, and his mother had already left for the bar. The lonely prince just finished his cereals when the phone rang, it was probably his dad. He answered the phone, a familiar, hateful voice could be heard from the other side.
    "It's all your fault! It's your fault i have to do this!"
    The Hateful mother said, and then a gun went off.

    After the incident of a crazy woman killing her husband the little town was shaken up, the ruthless king was no longer allowed to go to the public school and switched to a private one a hour away. The sneaky queen and her family moved to USA, they had been looking for a opportunity to do so anyway so this was perfect. The lonely boy himself moved to a special institution for people like him, the small amount of saneness his friends had been able to preserve was now long gone. The clueless princess cried for days when her friends left, but she eventually had to move on with her life too, although she never became quite the same.


    It's been almost 6 years since then, and the kids are about to start high school.
    Three of the four friends think they see each other in a crowd outside the school, but just cover it as a dream.
    But when a very familiar face shows himself as the year-representative a tale of old friends, old memories, betrayal and sadness starts.​
  2. Characters

    The Lonely Prince - Taken
    Being abused and unloved as a child, the lonely prince retreated in to the fictional works of books to keep himself moderately sane.
    He is kinda twisted in his way, being manipulating and controlling one second then switching to a charming prince-like personality.
    The lonely prince abandoned books the second he moved and has now no real direction in his life, no hobbies or especial likes.
    He is also incredibly smart, almost disgustingly smart. He has that all-knowing attitude about him.

    The Clueless Princess - Taken - Whisper
    The clueless princess grew up in a happy family, she had a lot of friends and she did decently in school. But she never had a dream
    until The lonely prince came alone, he was certain in his dream and his ways which the clueless princess adored deeply.
    Having the sheltered upbringing she did, her personality is a bit.... lets say clueless. Despite being beautiful and hit on all the
    time she has no idea what 'love' or 'romance' is. She thinks that by writing and pursuing that career that she'll meet
    The lonely prince again.
    [I'm gonna recommend using someone like Fuwa Aika for her looks, mainly because i like her :3 or Hibiki Ganaha is
    a good pick too.]

    The Ruthless King - Taken - Zaira
    Yes, indeed he was kind of a tool as a young boy, but he's changed! Really! The Ruthless King quieted down quite a lot
    after switching schools. He's now a very proper guy, still very two-faced, but proper. He tries his best at everything and

    is best at pretty much everything. During the time away from each other The Ruthless King deeply missed The clueless Princess
    and he's had a crush on her since they were children. He also HATES The Lonely Prince, but still greatly admires him.
    [Let's see.... Taichi Mashima was the one that inspired this role, so maybe him? I can also see Kei Agemaki from
    Otome Youkai Zakuro fitting the role.]

    The Sneaky queen - Taken - Eltom
    She's not really a typical good-looking-with-shoes-for-brains girl, she has her own mind and opinions.... thats not stupid.
    Just as her title suggest she's a very sneaky person, she'll lie to get her way and won't let people get in the way for her.
    Ever. She's many times kind of the meddler in the group, as she's kind of a neutral party, though she doesn't mind,
    she might even like it. She's been friends with The Ruthless King for a long time, and might have some special feeling
    toward him. [up to the player]
    [My suggestion for this role will be.... Fuwa Aika XD depending on if the clueless princess claimed it of course.
    or if you're one of those that like hot-headed/strong-willed characters to have a hair color to go with it i'd
    recommend Inui Sana]

    Character sheet

    Banner: [I'm not sure how you do it here, if banner isn't a thing then you can skip it]
    Biography: [I've already given a brief background story in the story of the RP but if you want you can do it more detailed or do what they did during the six years apart]
    Personality: [Go wild, see my character explanation as a general direction rather than a goal]
    Appearance: [A picture and maybe a slight explanation if there's something that's not shown in the picture that you wanna mention]


    -First of all, be respectful to the rules of the website and each other-
    -I'm looking for people that want to post descriptive and detailed posts, i do understand that it's hard to do long paragraphs each time and i won't kill you for writing 2-3 lines one or two times, as long as it's not your usual style-
    -I can't remember the rules on cursing and 'adult-action' but we'll keep to a fairly clean environment, lets say that if things are getting hot and heavy, you can take off a shirt or two but then it's ftb, ok?-
    -I, as the creator reserve my right to reject application, or replace someone that frequently breakes the rules-
    -This is a mainly emotional driven plot as you can see, so if you wanna create events or something you're free to do so as long as it not too big-
    -I will expect frequent updates from you, don't worry, i'm not gonna make you devote your life to this, but at least one or two posts each day unless you've got somewhere to be and notifies us about it-
    -Have fun ^-^-
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  3. I really like this idea, would I be able to reserve the Clueless Princess? :)
  4. Heey, I don't have time for the CS right now, but I'd like to reserve the ruthless king if it's possible :)
  5. Hey :D For reserves: I'll keep the sign up open for a while, i'm thinking to maybe this evening or tomorrow evening, depending on how many applies by that time. So just have your app's in by then and they'll be considered.

    And for the clueless princess: I've had a few asking for it already, so you'll probably have some competition. :D
  6. Banner:
    Leonardo Di Mikealson
    The Lonely Prince

    [Hell is empty and all the devils are here]
    Show Spoiler

    Leonardo was born in to a middle-class family, no one would really suspect that anything unusual or violent was going on in that household, it was just as every other little family. His dad worked as a car-mechanic, although he always dreamed of being a great writer and an artist. Instead he pushed that dream on his first born child, Leonardo. Leonardo learned of all the great arts early in his life, he could read and write like an adult at the age of 5, people praised him and he was called as great of a genius as the man he is named after. But behind the curtains of the family with a genius child it was not so much a perfect picture, Leonardo's father started getting jealous of Leonardo's talent and became more and more violent towards Leonardo and his mom. His mom was a very weak minded person, she had a lot of things to say but very rarely dared to say them, so she resorted to drinking and hating in the shadows. The people around Leonardo, the people that had praised him saw what was going on, but now they turned their backs on him, no way were they getting in to such a messy situation.

    [Better three hours too soon then a minute too late]
    Show Spoiler
    Leonardo was slowly falling in to a hole of grief and desperation, he tried to stop his fall, thinking "I got the books, i got my stories" But then someone would go and push him down again, if it was his parents or a bully in the class didn't matter, he would always keep falling. He had this strange feeling... it's hard to explain.... but he just had this feeling that something bad would happen if he hit the bottom, and he was scared. But suddenly someone threw down a rope to him, and he grabbed on to it. The Clueless Princess was in many ways Leonardo's savior, she would listen to him talking for hours about stories he wrote or something he read, she introduced new people to him, including his old bully, The Ruthless King. He realized that there's not only demons in this world, a few angels trying to make things right can also be found.

    [The empty vessel make the loudest sound]
    Show Spoiler
    After the murder of Leonardo's father all he could feel was hatred, hatred for his mother, she killed his father! The person who had caused him so much sadness, so much pain. HE was supposed to win over him, not his MOTHER. His tormentor for so many years was just gone LIKE THAT, what's the glory in that? Was everything he had to go through because of him just meaningless? He couldn't accept that, no way, no way.... NO WAY. After this day Leonardo had no thought about books or writing, that was just a childish dream, this was reality, his mother denied him his pain, his life, his SALVATION. He no longer showed his true face, before this point he never had any thought of competition, but now he was gonna be the best, he was gonna be the smartest, the most athletic and the most popular guy, everyone was gonna notice him! And anyone that would deny him his rights would be terminated!


    "Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind"
    Show Spoiler
    Leonardo has always been a bit reserved and cold, but because of past events it's become far worse. He will reject any help people offers and he hates being on teams, which mirrors on his social life. He's constantly surrounded by people but he would call none of them actual friends, and he likes that, he doesn't want to care about people, and he sure as hell don't want people caring about him. In his mind all the angels have gone back to heaven and he's surrounded by demons, demons with ulterior motives, he has them, why wouldn't they be the same?

    "'Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall"
    Leonardo never cared about love, it's just not in his personality. He doesn't care about individuals, only a larger scale of people interest him.

    "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool"
    Show Spoiler
    There's no glory in being a genius for Leonardo, all it means is that you're smart enough to know that you don't actually know anything at all. Although that doesn't mean he's not gonna use it, beside the obvious stuff like being able to learn faster so you can study better and you can count faster in maths it got a few other perks. For example: Leonardo excels at pattern recognition and memorization, which, in time, adds to your debating skill. In short: He's a bitch to debate with and he's really annoying with his all-knowing-attitude.

    "Listen to many; speak to a few"
    Quiet is probably not the right word, he always has something to say, but he's more of a listener, he enjoys having discussions and see other people's way of thinking.

    "False face must hide what the false heart doth know"
    Show Spoiler
    This is a trait of Leonard's that makes him a bit hard to explain. The face he shows is all the perfect sides of himself and some made up parts. He appears outgoing and smart, very elegant and prince-like in his behavior. Although this facade of his is balancing on a very thin thread, whenever he's slightly pushed and falls he respond with either aggression or reservation, mostly the prior. He manages this by being like a real prince, you might talk to him a bit, and you might be allowed to be in his entourage, but you're NOT his friend. He's a bit of a dictator, really.

    "I must be cruel, only to be kind"
    Show Spoiler
    This is kind of a side effect from the double-faceness. Leonardo's craziness shows in two very distinct ways, first, his extreme sense of 'justice' or 'what's right'. He often creates his own rules and expects a) everyone to follow them, and b) that everyone will see how great they are. This sense of retribution came from, as so many other things, his fathers murder, that he was denied his revenge, that he couldn't deliver justice. Though many might see 'justice' as being something good, that someone who carries it out is a ally of light, but that's not necessarily the case, like the old question, would you punish a kid if you see them stealing bread and they say it's for their starving family? In Leonardo's case it's undoubtedly "Yes".
    The second way is his complete lack of sensitivity towards humans as individuals but are so very reliant on being recognized and loved by people, or more accurately, humanity. He see's himself as someone that's worth worshiping, like a angel surrounded by lowly humans. Yeah... he's greatness mad.

    William Shakespeare quotes and plays
    Scar [From the lion king]

    Too pushy people
    Too smart people
    People who got it all

    I haven't really decided yet, but either:

    Show Spoiler


    [A bit toned down but you get the picture]
    Show Spoiler
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  7. [​IMG]



    After her friends left her life began to fall apart more and more, crumbling to pieces. Her mother died from sickness, her sister went into a coma from the shock of her mothers death, and her father disappeared, leaving Myra to care for herself and her younger brother Jamie. The girl was saddened but locked her sadness away in her heart and wore a happy carefree smile upon her face hiding her true feelings from others. She looked for a job and found a good paying one after searching for several weeks, as a singer in a bar. She never thought her voice was good but apparently it was good enough. The girl also continued writing, hoping, praying that one day her worries would all just disappear and she can go back to living a happy life with her friends and family. Anything else shall be revealed...


    Myra is still quite childish and naive when she's not working, the girl attempts to be mature while working but fails causing no one to ever take her seriously. Although she has a lot going on with her life she remains sweet and cheerful. And over the years she's become a bit more straightforward with stating her opinions.


    +Her brother
    +Books and stories
    +Happy Endings

    -Being alone
    -people who talk about her behind her back


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  8. Awesome whisper :D
    and hibiki really is a good fit XD oh and right, i noticed in most rp's here they don't use appearance suggestions or something like that, but basically it's just to get a picture for how the author/gm see's the character, so it's not a have to in case you have someone else in mind, but just a basic template. just thought i should explain that for someone that might be wondering :D

    And you saw what i wrote above right? i'll wait until the end of today/tomorrow to accept anyone.

    Anyway, gotta go. Bye bye.​
  9. It's fine, I waz thinking about using hibiki anyway but I didn't know her name until u posted in the suggestions yesterday and I searched it up. And yes I did see wht u posted, so I'll be patient (^v^)

    Bye bye for now!
  10. Banner: [I'm not sure how you do it here, if banner isn't a thing then you can skip it]
    Robyn Smulders
    The Sneaky Queen

    As explained, Robyn grew up in a rich family full with models and actors, even a dancer could be found here and there. Robyn's family was especially known for their beauty rather than their talent and she was not an exception, even in her early years you could see that she would grow up in to becoming a real beauty. Not that it's hard to when you have parents like she has. Robyn started modeling already in her baby-stage, she was in countless mom-magazines and diaper-adds, she was even in a movie once! Robyn slowly grew to becoming the wonderchild of the Smulders family and rumors of a very talented and beautiful little girl was spreading across the industry.
    Robyn herself didn't mind the attention, or not having that many friends, she really liked her job in fact and she knew what she gave up when she decided to continue pursuing it. So when The Ruthless King introduced her to his friends she didn't breath a sigh of relief and she didn't think too much of it, but they grew on her, slowly and surely.
    When The Lonely Prince's father was killed Robyn knew it was the beginning of the end, she knew her own and The Ruthless King's parents so well that she knew they would never stay in a place where a murder happened so close, she even knew that her parents already had started planning their move. And soon enough, Robyn sat on a plane, heading for her new home in LA.
    She liked LA, really! Like, what's not to like? But she started missing her friends more than she thought she would and her life consisted of pretty much just work, but unlike before she felt that something was missing.


    The best word to describe Robyn would probably be 'unreachable'. Not that she tries, it just automatically becomes that way, she's beautiful and from a rich family, what else could you expect? If you somehow manages to reach her she's incredibly witty and a humorous person, very sarcastic, a side very few has seen.
    Another good word would be 'stubborn', because she are, she's strong willed and has usually made up a good, rational opinion on the subject beforehand. It's not like she's just dumb and makes up opinions about stuff she's never heard of before. That's why she won't just abandon them because someone says so. Which brings me to the next point: She's very intellectual, smart or genius is not the right word, but rather wise. She can sound like an old man when talking sometimes because it sounds like she has lived through a war and a storm or something, which makes her a great people reader, she can understand how people feel or what they really mean very easily.
    Robyn's biggest weakness is probably how blurred the lines are in her life, she can't see where it goes, she can't see what's right and wrong in her pursue of being rich and famous, she'll take her clothes off and it'll be shameless, because everyone knows that's how you get famous. She'll lie to get her way, no matter the situation. And she's just desperately trying to find how she's meant to feel.

    Really all kinds of music

    Being bored

    Show Spoiler

    (You have your Fuwa Aika character now bellet! You happy now?! XD)​
  11. Indeed I'm very happy :3
    here's your banner: a bit big now that i look at it, i'll fix that later :P

    For appliants: Elly can do either the ruthless king or the sneaky queen so if you wanted the sneaky queen part you can still apply for it.
  12. Alright! :D Whisper got the role as The Clueless Princess, and Eltom will play The Sneaky queen.

    I talked to a person about The Ruthless King, but if she doesn't post her app until tomorrow morning i will make a add and/or ask a friend, so hopefully we can start then.

    Also if you could maybe share what timezone ya'll are in and when you're usually online i'll give you 50 points :D
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  13. Ay ay captain! I'm in gmt +1, central European time. I'll make time to be on as much as i can/want but mostly on the evenings and lunch.
  14. Hey! I'm working on my CS for the Ruthless King right now :) And my time zone is gmt -3, I'm pretty active on the evenings.
  15. [​IMG]
    Demian Blair
    The Ruthless King

    He have always been seen as the boy who has it all. And he loves to play that part. But, of course, being the third child of a wealthy family also has its dark side. His parents can't care less about what he wants to be or what he enjoys doing, they just want him to be perfect. To look perfect, act perfect, be a perfect student and a perfect football player, just as his two big brothers were. And, of course, Demian wouldn't stand the idea of being the useless son, so he just decided that he would be the best in everything, not caring if he needed to hurt people in the way. That's how he became the most popular guy and most annoying bully at school. And the effort he made to climb to the top would probably had made him lose his mind if it wouldn't be for the friendship that the sneaky queen had given him.
    Meeting the clueless princess changed him a lot. He realised that he could care even more for a person that what he cared about being popular, and she showed him a very different life where he didn't need to be that rude. He found herself doing anything for her, even becoming friends of the tedious smart and antisocial boy that the lonely prince was. And, changing schools and being away from her, almost killed him.
    That was why he spent the 6 years they were apart pretending. Pretending to be the boy that has it all. He focused on trying to keep his spot as the best in everything and not showing the constant feeling of emptiness inside him. It wasn't just for losing his childhood crush and his best friend, but his new superficial life was nothing to him. He never had true friends as the ones he used to have; he probably even rather be around the lonely prince instead of those false schoolmates who just wanted a bit of his popularity. Those were probably the worst 6 years of his life, where nothing really mattered to him, but kept being impulsed by his parents wishes. Anyways, he tried to be the person that the clueless princess would want him to be and became a more proper guy.

    He is extremely competitive. Trying to be the best in everything for his whole life made him to be automatically wanting to compete and test his abilities. He will hate you if you are better in any aspect, and will do his best to defeat you. He will do his best to even win arguments or things that he has no interest on.
    He doesn't know when to give up. It doesn't matter if it is to get a girl or to be better than someone, he is really stubborn and will be unstopable if he really wants something.
    He doesn't care about most people, but will show as he does. There are very few people in the world that are important to Demian, but he is not a bully anymore and acts as a nice person and a proper guy. He is usually polite, but will take out his true self if he's angry or just exhausted of pretending. His childhood crush, the clueless princess, is the main reason of this change in his life.
    He will be the nicest person in the world if it is convenient. He's very two-faced. He may hate you in the inside, but will act as if you are his best friends if it is somehow convenient.
    There are very few occasions where he will not be pretending. The few people who are important to him will be the only ones to see the real nice guy that he is, and not the one that he pretends to be. He may even open up to them.
    He has a strong personality. Due to his tough parents, he developed a special personality that makes him a leader anywhere he goes. He is a strong guy and knows well how to lead people, and maybe even to manipulate them a little.
    - Reading (probably a thing that he got from the clueless princess)
    - Competitions
    - Anything that will make him disconnect for a while, such as listening to music.
    - Chocolate

    - The lonely prince.
    - People who are with him for convenience. (Even though he would do the same thing)


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  16. Zaira - accepted :D

    Now with this about the timezones, you zaira and whisper seems to be on most when i'm asleep Xd, now I've been sick this past week so I've gone to bed earlier than i usually do, but shall i say i start it when three of us are on and available today and don't get too far from the first 'phase' so the fourth will have a chance to catch up?

    I'll check the thread pretty frequently so if you're ready just throw me a 'Im ready!' and i'll text eltom and tell him to get on.
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