Shattered Lands

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  1. Artunicka walked amongst the Black Forest. He knew the war was coming, the old texts said only one realm would survive. " what do you see?" He asked the old seer days ago. " even our sight is blind to the end, the void covers all." He remembered this as he walked through the Forest. What would he do? His people practiced evil and dark arts they worked as a society. There was not murder or zthief amongst them, but these other realms were an abomination to his people. They were all enemies who did not see things as the lands of death did. The forest was dead and the trees wilted over, they were never alive as the trees of the Earth lands were, but appeared as those do dead. The lands were covered with a light ash that fell as rain might in the Water lands. The black earth took in the ash and the trees fed off it. If tightly packed and ground, the ash was their main liquid. There were whole ash falls on crumbled mountains. He breathed in the scent of sulfer, and continued walking.

    Casting his eyes the sky here was always black with a moon the shined black. If a person from any other land were to venture here they would have a hard time just seeing, but his people were born for it. The marshes were the final resting place when someone died. He heard other lands buried in the earth or sea, burned in fires. If this were true he did not know. Here the marshes were great puts of depth unknown. Their green murky waters swallowed everything. In the distance he saw what looked like human servents tossing something in. The humans here were gray skinned and bald none lived after 25 and they were all slaves. They did not mind however they did as told and were not mistreated. His people resembled at least the humans as walking corpses just without the rot and wounds or smell.

    what was unique about them was they didn't have blood but a shiny dark substance in their bodies kept them alive. They didn't age after 25 . He marveled as he exited the Forest, into the small town where all manner or dark creature resided. His castle lay just beyond. But he had to make a stop at the library, most books were so old they talked of a peaceful world before the event. He had been researching the old books for hints of a lost library in his lands that might give him a key in the coming war. There were only 4 books left. The library was the second largest structure next to the Dark Stone that was his castle. It had structures of the blackest arts below ground, some which he found before they became popular knowledge. He made his way there as the ash fell.
  2. Blaise was looking over the glowing land, which was glowing very brightly today, brighter then it had been since the queens death. Most people had though that the death of the queen would completely destroy the Fire land, which it almost did. Until the new Lord came the Fire Land was a mess, the lava began to cool and the volcanoes became inactive, a lot of people noticed that their powers became increasingly weak and some peoples powers stopped working, it was like the land was giving up without the queen, it was dying with her. This was until Blaise came and took things over. Things began to slowly go back to normal again, the lava turning back to its boiling hot melting self, people began to become strong again, however the volcanoes were still inactive. Blaise was still trying to figure out how to get the volcanoes to work again, she new that without their protection the land was very vulnerable.

    Blaise had been working on the volcanoes for some time now, she had spent nearly a month reading through ancient books and scrolls trying to figure out what energy created the volcanoes to become active and so far she hadn't had any luck. Aggravated and disappointed Blaise stood up from the soft chair she had been sitting in before and turned for the door. She needed to clear her mind and just think, and when times like this came the best thing for her to do was take a walk. She grabbed a cloak and threw it on, it was a orange and red fiery cloak that covered most of her face in case she ran into any trouble. She was now in a hurry and began to nearly run out of the castle and into the streets and paths that formed across the bubbling lava. She made her way out of the main town and took a turn towards a path that looked very unused.


    Jez has been walking for hours now. She wasn't exactly heading to any place in particular, but she was looking for anyone else that was like her. She was an outcast, she didn't want to live in her own land, and she wasn't welcome in any other lands so she lived in the wastelands. She hated it here, mainly because it was lonely and she hardly ever ran across anyone else. The waste land was pretty much a bare empty land, it was made of grass and hills, but there weren't very many tress, at least not in the parts that she had been. She looked down at her left arm to see if it would tell her anything, and surprisingly this time it actually did. On her arm a wild spread of lines formed creating what appearing to be a map leading somewhere. Jez excitedly began to follow the map the best she could, the detailed on the map were very poor for some reason and made it difficult to know exactly where to go.

    Jez followed the lines for some time, aboout 4 hours, until she came to a path. She found herself facing two large mountains that connected through a valley. Well this looks like fun. She thought to herself sarcastically looking at the large, terrifying mountains that laid before her. She took a step onto the trail and noticed something strange, under her foot she felt the ground began to become very warm, it almost felt like her foot was on fire. She took another step and instead of warmth her foot met and icy cold feeling. She continued walking, the ground under her feet changing temperature constantly as she moved along quickly. Soon after she began to walk the land began to slope upwards and it became difficult for her to walk. Jez was confused about where her tattoos were trying to lead her, but they had never let her down before so she continued until she got so tired that she had to take a break.


    Hew listened quietly as he walked through the lighted up forest that went through a certain area of the Land Of Light. He closed his eyes and breathed in the clean air, letting it clear his brain and thoughts. He felt completely calm and peaceful in the beautiful forest. This was what he thought of as home, not some huge city or where he grew up. The Light dancing around the trees made him feel like everything was wonderful and beautiful, like the war was nothing more then some horrible dream. Sooner or later he would have to face reality though. He would have to realize the horrible truth about life. Hew hated the war. He thought that if everyone could live in peace then the world would be better off. He didn't understand why the lands had to fight, and he probably never would...But that was just Hew, most everyone else thought that war was the only way to survive.

    Hew turned around to face reality. He began walking back towards the giant city in which his house was. He couldn't stay in the forest forever, so he decided to head back before he thought that the idea of staying was possible. His people needed him, thats what he knew for sure. He hated the war, but he hated the idea of his people dying even more, he loved peace, but he loved his land even more. He wasn't stupid, he knew what was going on and what would happen, but that didn't mean he couldn't hate it. He finally reached the city and began to walk through the streets towards his house, his mind was full of many thoughts that almost clouded his brain and overwhelmed him.
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  3. The library was a black and twisted place. Many books needed approval to read, some were too powerful and their texts could drive a person insane. Others held arts so dark, if you were not skilled enough you might end up sacrificing what existence you held dear. The shelves were lined with tomes, covered in dust. His boots clicked off the grey marble floor as he went to the lower levels. A few wizards were down there and all acknowledged him with a nod. A turn of a key let him into a chamber only a few had access to. These books asked a price for their knowledge. He pricked his finger and placed it in one of the four books he had yet to read. The dark substance vanished and the time opened with a groan. There were few words but this image of a skeleton with a flute stood out he was unsure about what to make of this was it a creature, or a statue? The texts said nothing

    He repeated the ritual on the other books. That was the only image in all four books the text were the same but something was off there were slight differences in the pictures. He spread out all four next to each other. The Dark King, as some called him studied the works. He could see clearly now the differences. Moon, a in the distance, a statue and an eclipse. What to make of this was unknown but he suspected that at least the tree might still be standing.The event that came before shall come again laying blackness and void to all but one. The one who proves worthy shall dominate and erase from reality the unworthy. that text was under all four pictures.

    "so it's true." He said to himself. " the event shall return, my people must survive " he placed the books back on the shelf and exited the chamber. When he reached the main level he headed to guards. " no one is to enter the Chamber of madness with out my authority." The two guards, who looked like black lizards in red armor, nodded their heads and tapped their chest in salute, before hurrying off to carry out his orders. He watched them go and them returned to the world outside.
  4. Anarchy held her bow tight, walking along the edge of a path. She didn't walk on it, as that left footprints and that was the last thing she wanted, for the Akeev's would hunt her down. "Hello?" she called. She'd heard there were others here, but she'd never seen anyone in all her years wandering in the Wastelands. Anarchy sighed.
  5. Jez had sat down to rest when she heard someone. "Hello!?" She called back hopeful to find someone. She stood up and began to walk into the direction but as she walked she didn't hear or see anything. Jex stopped and stood there for a few seconds, wondering if she was going crazy and hearing things now. She turned around and started heading back towards where she had been resting, all hope seemed to have disappeared within half a second.
  6. "Hey!" Anarchy replied as a voice responded. She took two quick steps before sprinting towards the voice. "Hey!" she called as a figure appeared way in the distance.
  7. Jez stopped in her tracks as she heard someone calling hey in the distance again. She turned around and nearly started running back down the trail. She didn't have very good eyesight, but she could see the outline of someone far away down the trail. Jez soon ran out of breath and had to slow down to a walk as she continued down the path, a lot closer to the girl who was also running towards her. Jez couldn't tell where this girl came from, but she was out here and she was a person to talk to so she really didn't care at this point.
  8. Anarchy slid to a stop beside the girl. "Hi." She said, her voice not excited, but not upset either. Kinda monotone. "I'm Anarchy. You are?" She held her bow loosely by her side, but she still held it tightly. She had no reason to drop her guard because she found someone new.
  9. "Hello! I'm Jez." Jez said noticing the girl's grip on her bow. She didn't want the girl to take her as a threat, but then again she didn't know this girl either so maybe she should be keeping her guard up too. She could see her tattoos shifting around on her arm through the corner of her eye, but she kept her focus on the girl instead. Her sword was strapped to her back, but if she needed it then it would be within her hands in seconds.
  10. "Nice to meet you Jez. What brings you here?" Anarchy was tempted to say 'her lands', but technically they were not her's, she just lived there and knew most aspects of the land. Stop getting off focus.. She scolded herself silently.
  11. Marosianya was restless. Carrying the powers of the land as she did in her blood, she could sense the unease of her people. There was tension in the world. A nameless threat that could not be escaped. She had always hated and feared the Dark lands, but for the first time in long memory she sensed it was more than that now. Walking out onto a balcony of her castle she gazed down upon the city. Sundast was the capital, and the brightest city of the land. It cheered her a little to see the bustle under the lights of power that seemingly hung about the castle spires and provided the sparks that lit this part of the world. But doubtless unrest would grow with the menace from the darker lands. All lands were darker than this. Even the fires from the ancient volcanoes could not rival the glow that her lifesblood shared. Marosianya closed her eyes for a moment and the wind in the forest echoed the sigh that escaped her lips.
  12. "I was originally born into the Land of Light, but I decided to leave the Land of Light because I was treated...Differently. I lived in the Dark Lands for a little while but now because of the wars I've come here." Jez said honestly hoping she hadn't said anything wrong, "What about you?" She asked curiously, wondering where the girl came from.
  13. Anarchy nodded. "I'm opposite. Started in the Dark Lands, but I didn't like it, so I went to the Land of Light, but they kicked me out. Said I wasn't right there. Since I belong neither, I stayed here." She said. "It's nice to find someone out here."
  14. "Yea I've been searching since I've gotten here to find someone, but you're the first person I've come across...I'm kind of new here though so I haven't been searching very long." Jez said. She found it interesting that this girl was the exact opposite of her, but she was still another person and so far she seemed alright. "How long have you been here?" She asked wondering if the girl could help her understand what dangers were in the land.


    Blaise wandered up the path and towards the steep top of the volcano. She could feel her energy and power growing as she got closer and closer to the top and she became away of her fiery hair becoming crazier and more wild and ablaze. She finally reached the top, it was very hot, but she was used to the heat of fire and lava since she had lived right next to it her whole life. She peeked over the edge and noticed a layer of cooled down lava crusted over the top of the volcano. "Of course, why hadn't I come up here before..." She said to herself. She closed her eyes and tried to focus all of her energy on the volcano.

    Before she could even open her eyes she nearly fell back as hot air blasted up from the volcano and dark smoke began to rise. She couldn't help but smile and peek into the volcano to see boiling lava rising up to the top. The volcanoes never affected the Fire Land, this was because the fire land pretty much floated on top of the lava and the inhabitants lungs had evolved so that the dark grey smoke didn't harm them.
  15. "Very long. No idea exactly how long, but long enough." She started to say something else, but a piercing screech filled the air. She grabbed the girl's wrist and pulled her towards a nearby cave, only taking a few steps before pointing. "In there, now." She said sternly, turning and raising her bow, notching an arrow and looking around.
  16. Jez was taken by surprise when the girl grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the cave. Her sword nearly flew into her hands as she stood ready for whatever it was that had made the horrible screaming sound. She noticed her tattoos going crazy as they calculated the different possibilities and outcomes for the situation. She tightened her grip on her sword when another piercing scream echoed through the mountain. She waited quietly and curiously as she wondered what the creature might be that was making the horrible noise.
  17. Anarchy backed towards the cave, standing at the entrance and aiming the bow at a white creature that dived from the sky. It dodged the flying arrow and curved up. "It's trying to taunt me.." She mumbled to herself, shooting another arrow at the diving creature.
  18. Jez stared at the creature as it came closer and closer, dodging Anarchy's arrows. She let go of her sword and it stopped just a few inches below her hand in mid air. The sword flew out into the open, but it stopped a few feet in front of the creature. "Its too far away." She said as she tried to stretch her power, but the creature had backed away from the sword even farther now.
  19. Anarchy let the creature dive, waiting until it was a few feet away before letting an arrow loose. The arrow slid across its back and it fell, the grey blood soaking into the ground from the ripped wing.
  20. Jez watched relieved as the creature began to fall from the sky. The images on her arm quit moving as they decided on on future. "What was that thing?" She asked wondering what other dangerous creatures lived in the wastelands.
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