Shattered Glass

October Knight

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Shattered ~ Glass

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Poems by October Knight

Shattered by life
Shattered since birth
I'm living this hell
Born with a curse
In to it left standing
The strong will survive
Haunted by madness
My fears are alive
Broken with hatred
Seduced by the pain
Subject to demons
Who laugh in the rain

Alone as I am
Left standing because
The glass has been shattered
From hammers above

Here are a few older ones, I'll try to post in this thread everyday.

Near sight, far mind

It seemed like a dream
So vague so black
As i recall that day
Lay awake in agony
A life was painted gray

I though you left
I knew you did
But i just didn't care
Poisoned deep inside my chest
I left a letter there

Into the house
consumed in black
Read the gentle note
Of death i wished upon your life
Crying as i wrote

Understand, i am insane
It was never me with you
I tell you now
I hate your guts
And forever it is true

With heavy steps
And cut off breaths
I left in dead of night
To a place
That consumes my soul

My Road no end in sight

Sorrow for you

Regrets we never lived with
two lost, the cost so great
Living for the moments
We wrote, and joked, of fate

With poisoned bodies able
The two of us just laughed
Of those we left unstable
In night the thunder crashed

I understand now
The torment you grasped
While all the while
I was gripping the glass

Dying best friends
I remember the day
Lost in the storm
You just slipped away

As a man I admit
I'm forever sad
This life I throw away
Is for the one you never had

The Valley of Roses

The Valley of roses
With reds gentle kiss
The Valley of flower, surrounded by mist
The Vast empty hearts
Of the lonely and used
The hungry, the weak, the lost and abused

The Valley of Roses
The dust on the road
Foot steps imprint
As Lies, they are sold.
If truth should not conquer
When lonely hearts break
The Valley of Roses
Rose, Like its namesake.

Pain in my chest
The Valley, a mess
A tightness in my heart
Breaking red pain
I'm wasting away
The Valley of Roses
Will bring a new day.

To the numb masses
I feel your pain
Broken hearts wander
Red Roses in rain
Moist empty lips
In the Valley they sit
The Valley of Roses
Heart broken Imprint.

Waking moments: Dream feelings
Oct, 9, 9:37 pm

Certainly something is wrong.
I can't recall the facts
Moments of truth are lost on a whim
My memory's rotten and black.

Something just isn't right
I'm sure of it now, as I breath.
Something is twisted
I was born gifted
Wanting and trying to leave.

Something is in the wrong place
A moment, forgotten in time
Endlessly, longingly
Hopelessly, drawing me
Bringing me back
I'm in line.

Something isn't quite right
Certainly something is wrong
My minds in a storm
Raining, but warm
Killing me and playing this song

" My faith is weak, but burning
I cannot go on
My eyes bright and yearning
Something is wrong."

Interrupted mid-verse
It's speaking to me
Avoiding my life as I watch
Haunted by truth
Pixels of youth
Avoiding my life
At all costs

Wow. I am seriously impressed. Sorrow for you, Valley of Roses, Waking moments, and Shattered Glass... all of them took my breath away! You truly have a gift. :D
Night & Day

Forbidden with the twilight sits a moon of solid gray
The beauty of the lunar light that hides during the day

A gentle Sign of sharp moonlight, cracks dawn just like a whip
And glowing Strips of crimson light the day from base to tip

It is so bright i cannot look, but cannot look away
Ending of another turn, another flawless day

I cannot live my life like this enchanted by the light
So i give in, my midnight sin, The moon it shines so bright

Black and Green

Of all the roads that lie ahead
i see just black and green
Surrounded by the midnights mist
The moon a sacred queen

The colors dance and shade the light
this quite black abyss
of all the things i miss the most
The darkness and the mist

In times it shades
In times in lies
In times of darkness
Swallowed pride
In times of torment
Gifts by chance
In times of greed, The shadows dance

So there i stand alone
Illuminated by the light
Black and green enveloping
The silent moon lit night

Empty Life Dream

Forever distant

Forever Detached

Forever Engulfed in a moon light Romance

Forever enchanted

Forever amazed

Forever compelled to part with the day

Forever So lonely

Forever so clean

Forever I'm chained to this empty life dream

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Life missed

Pain is whats real

Oh, God help me please
Grant me forgiveness, I'm down on my knees
Pray as i might i find no relief
Surrounded by pain and haunted by grief
Why can't i forgive
Why can't i forget
Why Cant i let go of the time that was spent
Time that was lost
that has faded to past
So here,wasted years
I'm living at last


I Used up my time
I used up my pride
I used up the feelings i once had inside
I used up to much
I used up you too
I used up the love
I never loved you

Snowed in

The fleeting sea of endless white
The darkened side of snow
The blankets,cold, froze long ago
The bravest men won't go

The void onsets that dull the heart
Frozen blood they pump
Trees of green frozen clean
now a hollowed stump

So beneath the massacre
foot prints are erased
The endless blight
All painted white
To die is an escape.

This is beautiful, Octy!, I love the rhyming scheme that you use, and I love Night & Day, and Black & Green is wonderful! You have a gift, babe.
Awake I stay

As you sleep i stand on guard
Watching as you rest
Devils live in darkest eyes
Claiming those that test

Angles guarding over thee
I pray they will at least
I've made a deal with that man
No angels left for me

My darkest side stays up till dawn
Eyes open never sleep
When i close my eyes to rest
They'll come for you and me

There in the distance i see them
Climbing in the sky
Ripping through reality
Red eyes piercing as they dive

I stand alone
I wait for them
I shake but I will fight
I stand on guard
I stand for you
Into the dead of night

Until the endless dues are paid
My life is just a ghost
Guarding angels as they sleep
Sainted, while i roast

I feel no pain to come
Though i know it will
I am the man in black
I await the night to kill.

Sainted Protection
Given the sign
Though mine is black and red
Demons haunt me while i breath
Ill watch out, rest your head

I am The Sinner
I am the cursed
My eyes see only black
They come at night
They come to kill
I know that they'll be back

As you sleep i stay awake
Watching in the sky
And with all I love
I'll care for you
Until the day i die
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That.... That is a BMF poem. Seriously.
The ones

Blown out minds
I helped create
Lonely souls
Possessed by hate

They beg and crawl
And yell and cry
Like souls hung up
In hell to dry

I see them there
In my darkest dream
I see them there
And hear them scream

"Why did you leave us,
Why did you flee,
Why didn't you help us"
They cry out to me

I already did
What can't be undone
to save those lost
Ill sacrifice one

When I am Alone
I remember
The ones
That I left to die
that day in the sun

I cannot forget
My body's a cage
Harboring guilt
sadness and rage

So it is said
To all those forgot
I am trapped by my sins
and deserved what i got

Pressing Depression

I have no friends
I have no life
My past is painted gray

Evil as i am i was
Redemption for i pray

Fight so hard for every step
in this swamp called life
tension stress sets hard and thick
I cut it with my life

Numb to what you call true love
I gave up on that truth
grains of sand laugh as they fall
My slipping wasted youth

forever i will live in fear
Of life, in lies it rests

Forever I will remain impure
A darkened soulless mess.

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Seasonal bliss

Live throughout the summer days
that slowly burn to reddish hue
as i watch the daylight fade
Green and reds to black and blue
softly crunching leaves afoot
that mark my path in fall
or Autumn's kaleidoscope of change
seasons art for one and all
But seeing through the nature kiss
Cold nights and early dawn
A fine layer white, is pouring mist
I cry in Winters call


Hot chocolate with a Little cream.
Light snow falls from the sky.
The Brightness of a Yuletide Dream
caught in a child's eye.

Fires burn in blackened stoves
Oak and fresh green mint
Essence choose are fruit and clove
and ginger, just a hint.

Inspiring, this season brings
Love to one and all.
Letting all the hatred go
To answer winter's call.

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I love this and call out for more!
Wellness leaves (Sick feelings)

Iron grip embedded
Sharp pain in my chest
Inflicting me with torment
Robbing me of rest

Under nest of sorrow
Wicked as it implants
Thorns of twisted vision
Filled with 'no' and 'can't'

No rest on the horizon
Blackened, burnt and bruised
Careless, hurt and tortured
Weak with fear, abused

Close my eyes another day
This night is sharp like glass
Sleep with you, awaiting
I'm in an iron cast
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Closing of the steel gates
The barking dogs at dawn
Ivied walls , green, covered tall
No need to carry on

The smell of sulfur

Cemented in
Oh, how those beasts do bite.

Rows of dead

don't rest your head
Another sleepless night

With cold stone pillars standing

In November's early frost
The sulfured souls demanding
Life, but it was lost.

The taste of ash

Inside my chest
An uphill fight is won

A lonely soul

is laid to rest
Searching for his son

Eroded, black and blistered

Walking through the cold
The young don't seem to understand
But neither do the old.

A hope today

Is pressed away
Resurfaces at dawn

The empty Crypt

Cracked and bent
It's occupant is gone

Names fade away with age

But memory, not lost.
Centuries ago, it seems
To die with winter's frost

Stone as gray

To charcoal
Why does the sulfur burn?

A longing heart,

It's awful.

We all will get our turn.
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Hollowed Escape

Chances taken all in vain
Through the cloud is always rain
Through the dark is always sight
Through the dusk is always night

In my dreams the shadows Dance

Eyes wide shut,seen just by chance
In the darkest dream is Black
Where the deepest pain is at

Although a light may shine within

Mornings light is cast by sin
Redemption lost i cant repent
my morals shot and broke and bent

so through all this i must find peace

Inside my chest a dormant beast
Hollowed be mine soul at last
Death is here, my life is past

Dark Sun

Enchanted by the blackened sun
With endless rays of night
beckoning, in silence brings
A troubled mind to sight
Although sometimes I feel adrift
I know I'll never stray
Forever known
when truth be told
I hate the light of day

Untitled #1

Crushing dawn at twilight
A chilling wind blows past
Haunted voices calling
Grip the shattered glass

Bringing back the torture
One thousand years of pain
At last the past comes calling
Feeding on the sane

Mismatched fate so brutal
Understand me clear
Left, unheard in torment
That broken, shattered mirror

A statue, one left standing
Carved into the night
Another wasted evening
Another wasted life
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What I loved most about reading these poems, was the fact that I was lying beside you as I read them. Your poetry kicks ass.