~Sharpens her claws..~ Oh hello there..

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  1. So this is where we introduce ourselves..

    ~sits in a chair swirling a glass of wine and eyeing the crowd~

    What is it you crave to know?...~smirks~

    I am not a new role player, and have been role playing for quite a long time, even have an account on another site. I like dangerous and thrilling partners though I can write just about everything from Smut to non Smut.

    To give you an idea: Horror/Romance/Action/Fantasy/ etc..~sips her wine~ (want to know more just ask me in a message)

    I often write para to multi-para if the role play interests me and as long as my partner gives me something to work with in their responses. Details are also a big thing for me, so please don't hold back if you are very detailed in your writing.

    ~finishes her wine and gets up from her chair~

    If your interested in setting something up, then send me a message and we can go from there..oh don't worry I don't bite...(did that sound convincing?) ~smirks~

    Til we meet again....

  2. My beautiful friend,

    -smirks and nibbles your neck-

    It's so wonderful to see you again. I'm thinking of a roleplay, I think you perhaps know the one I have in mind.

    Lets set it up sexy girl. ;) x
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  3. I just may know my sexy little vixen kitty ~smirks~

    Ah ah ah...nibble me and I bite..~winks~

    I did tell you I would find you and I have my darling girl. ;)
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  4. -purrs softly in your ear-

    yes you did, Oh I do love it when we play.
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