Shark Week!

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  1. It's that time of year again! Time to fear the water of the ocean, and hope like hell you're never on a sinking ship in the middle of one. Anyone else watching?
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  2. Nope. If last year is of any indication, 70% of the shows are going to be telling us megalodon is still alive, is what sunk the Titanic, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and helped the aliens build the pyramids.
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  3. In Australia, shark week is every week. We don't leave because we can't get past the sharks.
    Send help.
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  4. I love Shark Week, they have some great shows on during it
  5. I'd be more scared of Vending Machines if I were you.
  6. To be truthful, I expected this to be an entirely different kind of Shark Week.

    But sharks are awesome! Just wish they would cover more sharks than the great white and stuff like that. They're evolutionary marvels (at least according to my nerd half), and they look menacing as hell.
  7. They need a goddamn bear week.
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  8. Does @Jorick really need any more publicity?
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  9. If they don't show this I'm out.
  10. It's never shark week for me. I must be lucky.

    Oh, wrong kind of shark week. nvm.
  11. Well, we do have to warn the public about him somehow.
  12. This thread can get....bloody.
  13. Yes. My ego shall never be sated, give me more attention.
    I concur. It makes the hunt more of a challenge when they're aware of the danger.
  14. NO! Omfg!!! NOOOOOO! That movie is the bane of my existence! My youngest daughter considers that theatrical pile of shit the best movie ever made......

    I started watching it last night, but I kind of gave up watching it last night when all I saw was great whites. Ended up watching the entire first season of Last Week Tonight that's left on OnDemand.
  15. [​IMG]

    A police sketch from one of the few survivors of Jorick.
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  16. A bark?

    Bear + shark

  17. Wasn't sure of this was about sharks or Koori's period.

    I'm normally into Shark Week. The shows, not the menses.
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