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  1. "I'm not going, I don't care what you say, it won't convince me to go!"

    That right there was Becky's voice screaming at her mother, whom had happened to be trying to get her daughter to start seeing her father again.​
    Come on, Becky, it won't be as bad as last time, I promise... Do it for me?
    Becky couldn't believe her mother was seriously trying to get her to do this... She took in a deep breath and glanced over at the time, seeing as it was almost time for school, Becky turned and grabbed her bag glancing at her mother from the corner of her eyes.​
    "I'll see you later."​
    She left her home and then walked to her school, and went to see the principle of the school. She really liked him he was like a father she never had, she just hated his son.​
    Becky! How was your morning?
    "Ugh, the worst, we'll talk during lunch." She smiled and ran out of his office and to her first class.​
  2. It was the first day of school and Jake almost slept in. His dad wasn't never like his mom, who would come in the mornings to wake him up and make breakfast. The boy creep out of bed and got dressed quickly. His father was fast asleep, long nights of work to make sure they had a place to live and food. Jake didn't understand too much, but he tried.

    "Oh man.. what class was it?" he says to himself running down the hallway. No way he is going to be late on the first day. He wanted to be under the radar and avoid the teacher's watchful eye. Jake seemed to always get in trouble with them. His eyes spot the class number "107", that was it! Quickly he ran for it and burst in, "Am I late?" he announced as he made his entrance.
  3. Becky was sitting in her seat with her legs crossed when suddenly the classroom door burst open, and in came one of her none-favorite classmates, Jake. She sighed a bit and then just looked towards their teacher who gave an annoyed huff and pointed to the seat that was by Becky's. "Please take your seat, Jake." One thing that Becky hated about middle school more than her own home was that she also got assigned the seat by Jake or one of his buddies...​
    Their teacher continued on with the lesson, and Becky rolled her head to one side, giving Jake a stern look.​
    "Maybe you should try to get to class on time for once." She gave him a bitter smile then turned her attention to the chalk board. Bringing out her notes she began to write what the teacher was writing.​
    (The picture is of Becky when she is older) Ashley2.jpg
  4. He wanted to say something back to the teacher, but he better save it for later. The morning was has just started and it was too early to get nagged on. He is already known as the class clown so the whole 'going under the radar' didn't seem to work out. His attention turned to his desk neighbor, "Maybe you should try to live a little, geez." There was something about Becky that just made him want to bother her more. Before he started to think too much on that note, a paper ball hit the back of his head while the teacher was writting notes on the board.

    "J.P., man. You doing anything this weekend?" his best friend Corey whispered once Jake turned around to face the desk behind him. Jake shrugged and threw the ball back at his friend, but would miss and hit somebody else. Immediately that caused retaliation, but of course they ball went flying in the back of Becky's head. He held his mouth trying to muffle the snicker as he watched it happen. Hearing a slight disturbance, the teacher turned around with eyes already on Jake and Becky. "Something you want to share with the class Mr. Patterson?"

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  5. Becky had short tolerance for Jake, and it made her angry when he had turned to her and spoke what he said. She balled her hands up into fits, and knew better than to continue the argument, so she just ignored him. That was until the paper that was crumpled up into a ball hit her in the back of the head. She turned her attention sharply on Jake as he was trying to stifle his laugh.​
    "Oh you think that is just so darn funny, don't you? Well unlike you, Jake, I came here to learn, to get better in my life, if you don't want to learn why do you even bother to come? No one wants your here anyways."​
    She took a deep breath and turned her attention to the board again, mentally shaking with anger. Jake thought he was just soooo funny... NOT!​
  6. Jake looked at the teacher, now busted and quickly try to make something up on the spot. "Uh! Becky was just telling me a funny story about how she um.. Had to eat this worm or something because she was really hungry. You know how she is. A bit weird and yeah." He would continue on with some nonsense before the teacher would let out a sigh and give a head shake. "I don't care what she ate. Both of you will be coming after school for detention for disrupting the class. Now if you two want to keep coming back for a week, I suggest you be quiet." The teacher said with a firm tone.
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