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  1. Apparently my husband is into things I didn't know about, and decided to announce that he (We in other words) were going to start watching the series tonight. I was skeptical since it's an MTV thing, but so far it hasn't been too bad.

    Anyone else read the series? I am curious of it's worth getting attached to. I have a huge 'to read' list as it is, but I wouldn't mind a few more if they're good.
  2. I've read them but a long time ago. The only ones that stand out in memory is the first one The Sword of Shannara, which I really enjoyed. I can't remember the others as much. I was actually like 12 when I read them all and I really admired the writing.

    That and The Belgariad by David Eddings is some good fantasy.
  3. Haven't read it, but I heard it's good.

    But it's MTV, with teen heart-throb heroes. I feel it's going to become an abortion.
  4. @Seiji

    No doubt about it. I'd be very surprised if the show is able to convey the same tone as the books. Like I said, I definitely admired that guy's writing. He's just got this gift of making things profound with just a few words. Like a less needlessly verbose Tolkien.
  5. Surprisingly it's really good. Granted it's the first episode, but from what my husband says they're sticking pretty close to the story, and there's no pointless sex scenes. (Knock on wood!) The setting is absolutely gorgeous and while there is plenty of eye candy, the acting is decent.
  6. I've read quite a few of the books and I have been interested in the series kinda. Only time will tell if I can find enjoyment in it or if I'll be a curmudgeony nerd.
  7. I only heard about this because of a radio advertisement.

    The only thing I could tell you about it is radio is a really awful way to promote a TV show.
  8. ...

    Hold up what the hell? The thread shows 'books' and so I assume you mean Terry Brooks novels, and now you're tlaking about WATCHING a series!?
  9. There is a TV series that debuted today Hunter. I downloaded the first two episodes just now. I am gonna get me some snacks and watch it. The books are stellar. I hope the series make them justice.
  10. I want to read the books because....I'm weird like that. However, I didn't want to read them based solely off my first impression of the show. From what I've figured out the show starts off with the second book of the original series. I'd prefer not to do what I did with GoT and start watching the series before getting into the books. (Still have yet to read them. I keep postponing it.)

    Looking at the trailer for the entire series last night, I'd definitely be interested in reading them. However, the series is not the same as the books, which is why I asked if they were worth a read. I'm not asking my hubby because even if they were trash, he'd tell me I should read it, because he's an ass like that and wants us to have something in common other than our children. (I'm kidding, but I can't trust his opinion. We have completely different tastes in everything!)
  11. Ok. Watched the first two eps (The double start ep is always a winner in my book)

    1. Holy crap this is a MTV production allright. The clothes and people are so pretty/hot/letmebang'em.
    2. Effects are generally on point.
    3. Designs are pretty good, albeit I am not sold on the trolls. I imagined them more... troll like when I read the books.
    4. Dat Shapshifter. From "would bang" to "Oh god help me its terrifying" in 1.50
    5. Practical effects are ON POINT. The vistas are great (NZ, the land of fantasy movie shooting). The CGI is decent to good.
    6. Suprisingly good acting. Even Manu, whom I love, is bringing his A-Game.

    This series will tide me over nicely.
  12. The acting was surprising. I was expecting some vapid, Kristin Stewart twit for Amberele when I first saw her.

    The only thing that worries me is the fact that in the preview for future episodes it looks as if Wil and Amberele develop into a thing, which is all well and good. However, it would ruin the shows potential if they don't keep it simple (And classy in some way!)

    This is MTV we're talking about. They're a bit clueless when it comes to class.
  13. They did however, put enormous amount of money into this project. I am thinking they outsourced a whole lot of writing staff.







  15. Haha. Oh wow. That is spot fucking on. Well done.

  16. ... I spent the better part of the premiere thinking I was looking at Shea Ohmsford when it was Wil the whole time. But then, I only read through half of Sword of Shannara in high school, never finished that shit since.
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  17. Haven't checked out the show yet, but the Shannara books are worth a read if you're into fantasy stuff in general. Not the greatest fantasy series out there, but it's got a lot of cool things going on.
  18. Much less confused :)
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