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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Citrix, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. *Shamelessly self-advertises*

    There, now we got that out of the way we can get crunk ~ *Lil John voice * " Yyyyyyyeeeaahhh ~~ Oookkaaiii ~~ "

    Ok, in all seriousness here...'Cause that's how I roll son, totally seriousfaced!

    I'm a returning member, I think my other account on here was Talhar but I'm not sure, and instead of trying it out I decided to make a new account...
    'Cause I'm special like that. Whutwhut?

    Also, quick question: Is the chat down because I seem to be unable to log into it ~ Or did you guys put up an anti-me screen...That'd be rude...RUDE !

    Anyway....Hey everyone! Good to be back up in this hizzle ~~ RECOGNIZE ~~

    *Walks away all lame coolguylike without looking back at the explosions, 'cause cool guys dun look at explosions ~~ "

  2. Hi Citrix! Welcome back. :]

    You can't access chat yet because you're still a New Registration. We don't let accounts access chat immediately in case they're spambots or the like. Once you have enough posts to count as a New Member, you'll be able to access the Cbox again!

    We also managed to recover and merge your old account with the current one, so you should have access now anyway. :] If you have problems, let us know!
  3. Oohhh I see!Thanks, now I understand why I received PMs from months ago when logging in...Just a quickie though: I got a PM from Hackprose or whatever the name was, involving hacking the forum...Should I be scurred? o.o
  4. That was part of a mass viral marketing promotion for an RP called the Vault War by Asmodeus. I'm not sure if they still work, but I believe there are hidden links in the message. There was no hacking, no worries!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.