Shall You Have My Heart?

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  1. This is just a fanfiction I wrote between the actors Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, I'd love some feedback.

    Shall you have my heart?
    A Hiddlesworth Fanfiction
    Chapter One

    The year was 1706 and the Battle at Fraustadt had just begun as a young Thomas William Hiddleston made his way downstairs, his green eyes filled with signs of wonder and his amber curls springing ever so gently from his head as he greeted his mother in the kitchen "Hello mother" he said his thick English accent filling the room as he came to walk beside his mother and laid his gentle hand on her shoulder. "Do you need any help mother?" He questioned as he knew his mother worked rather hard to ensure the cleanliness of their home.

    He watched as his mother turned to face him, her white dress stained in dirt and grease as she smiled at her son. He smiled as he felt her warm hand rest against on his bony cheek "No no Thomas it's quite alright perhaps you should go outside?, I hear the soldiers are to be back and there shall be plenty of women about" Thomas let out a sigh as his mother often brought up the subject of women, he knew any normal boy his age would be married by now.

    And though he did not want to break his mother’s heart, he also didn't want to tell her that his admiration went to that of the gentlemen side. A thing unheard of in his time as they were a rather religious group of people and thus should follow. However he did not want to let anyone know his attraction for men for it was very punishable by the laws enforced by his town. And in addition to such he did not wish to just marry just because it was a required thing to do, for he noticed many people just married for money or other means. He wanted to wait for the one he truly loved before he pronounced marriage, but he knew that such a thing was impossible. Though Britain was usually opened minded they simply would not allow the love between a male and male to happen. And if there was such a relationship the couple would be sought out and put to death effective of immediately. Another thing Thomas did not find all that pleasant.

    Still he gave a smile and nodded his head "I shall Mother" he gave her a kiss on the cheek before he headed through the house and gently opened the door revealing the outside sunlight. He stood atop of his stone steps as he watched hundreds of people. Both men, women, and children running to greet the returning soldiers. Thomas took a few steps down and quickly made his way through the crowd to see the men all dressed in their red solider uniforms as they proudly marched through the crowd.

    Thomas witnessed as the many women cheered and threw their tokens of favors at the soldiers as some of them caught them and others simply walked over them. Thomas smiled admiring the rather handsome soldiers until one in particular caught his eye. His eyes scanned over the man's long blond hair that was tied back up though not in a ponytail as the others. Instead it was held against the back of his head by some almost rubber band looking tie and his eyes were bright blue.

    Thomas looked closer and took in the man's other features. From his perfect skin to his sparkling teeth and his outfit was not like the others, instead of wearing red this man wore a bashe coloured uniform but he still walked amongst the fellow soldiers. Thomas felt his cheeks begin to flush a light pink as the man passed by him and blue met green as he saw the man drop his jaw for a short moment.

    Thomas looked away briefly and turned his attention around him to see if there was anyone else that could of caught the man's attention. He was surrounded by screaming and cheering woman but when he looked back at the solider he saw his eyes were still on him and a smile was now plastered across his face as he winked at him. An action that caused shivers to go down his spine as he watched the man continue to march along.

    Thomas could feel his heart beat in chest as he placed his hand gently over it and felt a strange tingle go through him that he could not describe. He heard the cheering go down as the soldiers disappeared. Thomas however continued to stare in the direction that particular solider went, biting his lip as he felt another strange urge go through him.

    He simply had to find out whom that man was. His name, his story, everything. And with that Thomas felt himself smile with happiness, his cheeks still red as he turned around to see the women and children going back to their business. He took a deep breath, still feeling the heat from his rosey cheeks as he practically ran home. Feeling the wind against his face he couldn't help but smile and practically threw open the front door of his home to hear a squeak coming from his sister.

    He paused, slightly embarrassed by his actions as he turned and looked in her direction. He did not know she was to be visiting them "Thomas" he heard his sister call as she approached him, her long copper hair falling to her shoulders and resting against the white fabric of her dress as she eyed him with curiosity "Are you okay? Is there something troubling you dear Thomas?" She asked her brother as he stood there with a questionable expression before he shook his head "Nothing at all dear sister but I must say I have developed affection for someone"

    He watched his sister's eyes light up at the thought of Thomas actually having affection for someone and instantly grasped his hands "Oh dear brother that is wonderful, come you must tell me all about them!" He heard his sister exclaim with a smile as she led him towards the kitchen and was relieved to see that his mother nor his father were around.

    He slightly felt nervous and tugged at the collar of his shirt. Surely he could tell his sister correct? He knew that she loved him very much and they often shared secrets between one another before, he took a seat down as he watched his sister smile with excitement and take the seat across from him. "Dear brother please tell me everything!" She said as she grabbed his hands once more and held them tightly.

    Thomas took a deep breath and stared at the hands that were wrapped around his. He bit his lip lightly and looked up at his sister, her fellow green eyes reflecting his as he straightened his pose and leaned over the table slightly "Sister before I tell you I must confess something" He watched his sister tilt her head before her smile turned to that of a frown and looked at him with concern "What is it dear brother? You know you can tell me anything" She reassured him by placing her hand gently on his cheek. He took a breath and placed his hand over hers

    "Sister I am afraid that my admiration and affection for women is not to be" He watched his sister look at him with such a questionable expression as he cleared his throat, feeling nervousness pool into his stomach "My affection goes to that of gentlemen...." He said as he looked to the side, tears threatening to spill over his eyes "I am deeply sorry if my ways of affection hurt you but please believe it was not my choice to choose what affections I am to hold" He let a small sob escape him as he heard his sister get up and make her way over to him

    "Oh Thomas" She said her voice hushed and filled with love as she wrapped her arms around her trembling brother "I need not care about who your affections go to or whom they belong to. It is what your heart desires and though I know very little understanding about gentlemen's affection towards one another. I shall never turn my back on you and my love shall never cease for you" She said as she walked to the front of him and gently wiped his eyes of their tears as he looked up at his sister "Truly sister?" He questioned as he wiped his own eyes to see her smile "Truly brother and need not worry, I shall keep your secret of affections hidden" Thomas smiled and gently kissed the back of her hand before giving her a hug "

    Thank you sister! Thank you!" He said his tears now changing to that of joy before he wiped them once more. "Will you tell me of your affection now?" His sister questioned with a giggle as she returned back to her seat and Thomas gave her a smile "It was one of the soldiers" He watched his sister's eyes widen and a smile come across her face "A soldier?" He heard her question and nodded his head "A handsome one but he was wearing a bash colored uniform instead of red and had the most brilliant blue eyes, and his hair.

    It was long and blond but it tied back with a strange rubber band" Thomas blushed remembering the man's features "He was such a handsome man and I would give just about anything to just know the gentlemen's name" He said looking dreamy as he heard his sister laugh "I believe the soldiers would be at the Pub" his sister said as she got up, patting his hand "Perhaps you could go down there and see?" His sister said with a wink as she exited the kitchen, leaving him to think. Maybe he could try his luck at the Pub.

    He quickly got up and looked at himself in the mirror, before he went to fetch a hat and gently placed it on his head partly covering his curls. He took one last look at himself in the mirror before he walked over to the front door and headed out, though he was feeling rather nervous.

    He had never done anything like this before and introductions often had him worried , especially if he was introducing himself to a handsome man. He blushed remembering the man's blue eyes and face, before he continued walking down the street. He could feel the wind against his face as he looked around at the many children playing and couldn't help but smile. He recalled he loved running errands for his mother, and the days when he sit outside and write endless poetry in his journal.

    He took a turn and continued walking down the street until he heard the familiar noise of the people and music in the Pub, he held his breath as he approached it slowly and took a moment to examine it. It was an old building, though recently refurbished and the outside replaced with bricks instead of wood. He glanced up and noticed the sign too had be redone, now a bright white color with red words that read "Ye Olde Pub" He glanced over at the windows that were now a darkened color and a candle illuminated so much of it.

    He could hear the chatter and noise grow louder as he hesitantly reached for the handle, slowly wrapping his long slender fingers around it before he took a deep breath. He slowly turned the handle and immediately the smell of alcohol and sweat hit his nose, he backed up a bit adjusting to the smell before he walked into the building. Squinting his eyes a bit, he could see the many people seated around and chatting with one another over a pint. He watched as the waitresses poured out of the kitchen with glasses filled to the brim and large trays of food.

    He inhaled the smell of the food though soon coughed as the smell of smoke entered into his lungs. He coughed once more and stepped forward a bit, glancing around he saw the familiar soldiers from his town sitting around with a few women or drinking with their fellow friends.

    He glanced around once more but he didn't see the soldier that had caught his eye earlier. He frowned slightly and walked a bit further to glance around the bar, perhaps he was seated and he hadn't noticed him? Though he got the same luck as before and frowned once more before he glanced at the bar tender and wondered if he should ask the man if he saw the solider.

    He tapped his chin in thought but ended up against it as he didn't like bothering people. He sighed once more, maybe it was just not meant to be that he was to meet the soldier. He went to turn but stopped short as he ended up colliding into someone and fell crashing to the ground as he felt something cut his cheek. He slowly reached up and wiped his face, as he pulled back to see his fingers covered in blood.

    He looked puzzled for a moment before he glanced down to see a shattered mug, his eyes widened as he was about to look up and apologize. However instead he was painfully yanked off the floor by his hair, his hat elsewhere as he yelped and tried to get out of the others grip before he noticed it was a rather big gentlemen. With a snarl across his face along with some scars, his hair was in a bloody mess as if he hadn't combed it in weeks and he noticed the man’s clothing was rather torn as well.

    He began shivering, tears threatening to form in his eyes as the man leaned down to him growling. Thomas gasped for air and turned his head the other way, as he man's breath reeked of alcohol. He let out a scream of pain as the man yanked his hair once more, hearing the noise of the bar quiet down as the man spoke "What the bloody hell do you think you are doing?!, bumping into me and causing me to drop my pint!?" Thomas shivered at the sound of the man's voice.

    It was deep and sounded rather unforgiving but there was a slight slur to it as Thomas quickly figured out the man was drunk. He let out a speak trying to pry the man's grip off of his hair before he spoke "I-I am s-so sorry S-Sir!" His voice sounding shakey and sad as he felt the continued stares of the people in the Pub and briefly wondered why none of them came to help him. He continued to shiver as he finally gave into his tears and felt them come down harshly.

    He hissed a bit as he felt the cut on his cheek begin to sting. He'd have to make sure he cleaned it later. That is if he even survived this, he sniffled as he watched the man lean down and grab a piece of the broken mug and bring it close on his face. Thomas's eyes widened in fear as he saw the sharp piece of glass near him and tried to back away but to no avail

    "P-Please S-Sir I d-didn't mean to-" he yelped again as the man pulled his head to reveal his neck "Maybe this will teach you a lesson yes?" He heard the man say just before he felt the sharp end of glass graze over his neck, causing a thin trickle of blood to start dripping down it before he heard a voice "Eh mate back offa him!" Thomas wanted to look past the man to see who was speaking but he was frozen in the rather uncomfortable position the man had put him in. But he knew one thing that whoever the voice belonged to certainly wasn't from his town.

    Their accent was that of a thick Australian one. He felt his breathing become hard as the man pulled the piece of glass away from him and turned around. Thomas could feel the blood from the cut he just received begin to soak into the collar of his shirt, no doubt creating a red stain. He took a breath as he heard the drunken man speak, their hand still firmly gripping his hair

    "Oh yeah and how is a l'ittle brat like you gonna save'em?" He heard the Australian man laugh before he responded "Some'ing like this mate" he heard the man jump off of whatever he was standing or sitting on before he was thrown down once more, hearing the drunk man let out a scream before finally releasing the grip on his hair as he instinctively went to run his sore skull before he felt someone else's hands on him. He let out another small yelp as he was roughly pulled up again.

    His eyes meeting those of bright blue, feeling his breath catch. It...It was the solider from before! Thomas couldn't help but stand in awe for a moment before the soldier spoke "You okay mate?" Thomas felt his throat go dry as he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He quickly looked to the side and flushed before he nodded his head ever so slightly and felt the soldier pat his back "Wait 'ere a second" He heard the solider say as he walked over to the drunken man that had just been assaulting him.

    "If there is one thing I cannot stand it's those who pick on others" and with that Thomas watched as the soldier gave the man a few hard kicks in the stomach. Though after the third kick Thomas jumped back and covered his eyes, he was never one for violence and as he just experienced had absolutely no fighting skills. However this man was a soldier and more than likely had the proper training to defend himself whereas Thomas did not. He heard a few yelps from the man before he heard the sound of furniture breaking and bit his lip as he heard steps coming towards him.

    He shivered a bit as he felt warm hands resting on his shoulders, and slowly uncovered his eyes to stare into the man's blue ones again. Thomas stared at him a bit before he felt the same tingle go through him again "You alright mate?" He heard the man ask him once again as he cleared his throat finding his voice "Y-Yes S-Sir, t-thank you for saving me" he said as the man smiled down at him and the Pub went back to chatting. "It's no trouble really mate, it's unfair to treat someone so unjust" Thomas nodded his head in agreement as he turned to look the man over. He was still wearing the same bash uniform as before but his hair was down and reached to his shoulders.

    He felt his cheeks flush again, this man was handsome indeed. "Eh mate?" He heard the other question him, as he snapped out of his daydreaming and faced him "Yes Sir?" He took a step back as he earned a laugh from the other man "Don't gotta call me Sir mate, my names Chris. Chris Hemsworth" he heard the man state as he extended his hand out to him to shake. Thomas cleared his throat and allowed his fingers to wrap ever so gently around the others feeling another shiver go down his spine "M-My name is Thomas Hiddleston" he told the other man rather shyly as he felt him lay his hand on his shoulder once more

    "Do you go by Tom mate?" Chris asked him as he led him over to the bar and invited him to take a seat. Tom hesitantly sat down and eyed Chris as he took the seat next to him "I suppose sometimes mother calls me that" Tom said shyly as he glanced away, hearing Chris give another laugh before he slapped his back in a friendly manner "Do you drink Tom?" He questioned the other eyeing him as Tom's cheeks flushed once more "N-Not that often" he said rather shyly as he looked back at Chris who seemed to be thinking.

    Tom looked down a moment thinking he might of said something to offend him when he heard him speak to the bar tender "Give me a pint mate" Tom lifted his head back up to see Chris smiling at him before he placed his hand on his knee, causing a shiver to run through Tom before he looked him in the eye "We can share right Tom?" Tom let his jaw drop in slight awe before he slowly nodded his head, he had never shared a drink with another man before and thought it odd, however Chris seemed polite and he did save his life.

    The least he could do to thank him was do what he wanted and share the drink, however Tom paused in thought. He didn't normally drink and he didn't recall the last time he let a drop of alcohol touch his lips "Umm..." Tom said in a rather shy voice getting the attention of Chris "I don't normally drink though, so please forgive me if I act inappropriately after I take a sip" He expected the other man to laugh and mock him however instead he saw Chris smile and pat his shoulder

    "That's alright Tom, I'll make sure you don't drink too much" he said with a laugh as the bar tender came back with the drink and Chris happily took it drinking down at least half of it. He could often hold his alcohol and would often drink more than one, unless he was in the company of someone. He finished off a little more before licking his lips and handing the pint to Tom who carefully wrapped his fingers around it and stared at it with a blank expression.

    He could feel Chris's eyes on him as he hesitantly brought the glass to his lips, 'Maybe just a sip won't hurt' Tom thought as he tilted his head back but ended up choking on the drink instead. He briefly forgot about the cut on his neck, and it began to sting rather badly when he tilted his head back. He covered the sore cut as he coughed trying to clear his throat when he felt the other's hands on his "Tom?" He heard Chris question him as he felt the glass being pulled out of his hand as he finally cleared his throat

    "I...umm" Tom began slightly embarrassed before he felt hands removing his covered wound, and blushed slightly as he felt Chris's finger trace over his cut "You need to get that cleaned up mate, come on" He watched as Chris got up and turned to look at him, while he bit his lip hesitantly still embarrassed that he caused such a scene in front of the other man. "Tom?" He heard Chris question as he watched him extend his hand out.

    Tom stared at it a few moments before he slowly brought his arm out and gently wrapped his fingers around the other's hand. He had never held a gentlemen's hand before and began flushing his cheeks once more. Chris's hand felt soft, warm and simply perfect against his. However Tom quickly came back to his senses and got off the bench and walked out with Chris. He could see the stares from the other's as he walked along side Chris, still holding his hand tightly.

    He wondered if they knew his secret sometimes, though until earlier today his sister had been the only one he confessed it to. He took a deep breath and focused his attention to the floor feeling the slight tingle in his gut as he continued to walk out the front door with Chris. Tom squinted his eyes, trying to get them adjusted to the sunlight outside.

    He didn't realize the Pub was that dark, than again he didn't spot Chris until the man saved his life. He let Chris led him down the street, slightly embarrassed at the many stares they got before he felt himself being pulling into a store. Tom felt Chris let go his hand and walk up to the counter as he looked around. There were bottles and herbs everywhere.

    Tom walked closer and could inhale the sweet scent of the herbs as he eyed the jars. Examining the label he quickly found out they were in the local pharmacy. Tom titled his head in wonder as he Chris give thanks to the pharmacist before he patted his shoulder once again "C'mon mate" Chris said as he led Tom out the store, his arm still over his shoulder "Where do you live?" Chris asked him as the wind blew around his long blond hair causing Tom to blush slightly at the sight before he answered "Just a few blocks away but it's quite alright I can walk myself home" he watched as Chris gave him a look before he realized that might of sounded rude and quickly corrected himself

    "It's just that you've already saved my life and shown much kindness to me and I wish to return the favor" He said his voice trailing off and sounding shy before he saw Chris smile and pat his shoulder a couple times "Do not worry about that Tom, I was glad to save your life but if you truly want to return the favor" Chris said as he looked back and forth between the houses wondering which one Tom lived in before he continued speaking

    "I'll think of something" Tom nodded shyly as they continued to walk down the street together until he saw the familiar house he had spent his whole life in and looked over at Chris "My house right over there" Tom said rather shyly as he pointed at it, having Chris follow his finger towards the small little house with a tiny garden in front of it

    "Alright let's go shall we?" He heard Chris say as he grabbed Tom's wrist and pulled him over to his house as he stopped in front of the door. Tom tilted his head in question as Chris lightly combed through his hair with his fingers causing Tom to blush once more. He hoped his father was busy studying since he had been giving Tom a rather hard time lately. Ever since his sister got married, he had begun to usher Tom to do the same and explained that if he didn't soon he would bring concern to the family. Tom simply nodded and stayed silent when his father confronted him about the matter because he could not tell him the truth.

    Tom quickly came back to reality when he heard Chris gently knock on his front door and could hear the sounds of his mother quickly coming to the door "Hello?" She said as she opened the door to see her son standing next to the soldier and gave a look of concern "Is something wrong?" He saw her eyes look over him and stop at his neck and quickly ran over to him "Sweetheart what happened?!" She cried examining the cuts he had received from that drunken man at the Pub. He bit his lip and took a breath, he didn't want to tell his mother what happened.

    He usually didn't get into trouble , much less get in fights. He glanced over at Chris who than put his hand over Tom's shoulder "I'm afraid your son was attacked by a drunken bluke from the Pub. I witnessed the man inflect unjust actions onto your son until I stepped in. I just wanted to ensure his wellbeing" Chris finished off by giving his mother a slight bow before he raised himself back up. Tom looked over at his mother who seemed to be flushed as well and held her hand to her chest "Well thank you Sir for saving my son. But you do not wear our coloured uniform, may I ask where you are from?" She said as she led them both into the house.

    He heard Chris give a laugh as he lightly bumped shoulders with Tom. Tom flushed at Chris's actions before they entered into the kitchen and his mom put on the kettle "Please take a seat Sir..?" His mother said in a questioning manner as Chris took a seat and motioned for Tom to do the same thing "You can just call me Chris ma'am I'm actually from Australia but got mixed up a bit when all the soldiers were being called home and I ended up coming here instead" His mother had just finished putting on the kettle and lit the fire to heat it before she turned to face Chris. Tom shyly took the seat next to him as he heard his mother speak "Oh dear" Tom noticed the concern that carried in his mother's voice before she continued speaking "You must miss your family terribly" Tom glanced over at Chris who nodded

    "I was due to be engaged before I heard of the war and I cannot resist the call of danger. So I signed up and got drafted. However I recently heard news that my soon to be is now married to another" Tom frowned a bit, both because the man clearly had an attraction to woman which caused a small tug at his heart. But more so because the man's heart probably belonged to that woman.

    His glanced down as he heard the conversation between his mother and Chris continue "Oh my, you must of been stuck ill upon hearing such news" Tom felt as if he should excuse himself before he heard Chris give a chuckle "Not by much ma'am. My family arranged the marriage without my consent" Tom's head slowly came back up as he widened his eyes. So Chris's family tried to force marriage upon him? He bit his lip remembering his parents and how they constantly pushed him to get married. Maybe they would ease up a bit upon hearing Chris's story?

    Tom must of been deep in thought for he didn't notice Chris's eyes on him until his mother lightly brushed his shoulder "Thomas are you being rude" His head turned to look at his mother as he heard Chris give another laugh "I-I'm sorry" Tom shyly said as he felt his cheeks flush again, he didn't realize he had been daydreaming. "It's quite alright dear, what is preoccupying your thoughts so very much?" He heard his mother ask as the kettle finally whistled "I umm I suppose I am still in shock from what happened mother" he confessed though not telling the whole truth. He was more preoccupied with the thoughts of Chris and wondering if the man was supposed to head back home, in that instance Tom would miss him rather greatly though he barely even knew him

    Once again Tom became consumed in his thoughts and hadn't noticed Chris had gotten up until he felt his hands on his neck and jumped "Whoa there Tom it's just me" He heard Chris say with another laugh as he looked over Tom's cut "That looks pretty nasty, we best get that cleaned up" Tom slightly nodded his head in agreement as he turned to see his mother had just began to serve the tea, and felt Chris tug on his arm "Come on mate we won't be long" He assured Tom as he finally stood and looked to his mother once more "Umm mother I'm going to clean my wounds now..." He said the words sounding foreign on his tongue before he saw his mother smile at him

    "Alright love, tea and crumpets will be out when you're done" Tom nodded his head as he felt Chris tug his shoulder and allowed him to led him back to the front door as Chris turned around to face him "Where's your room Tom?" He was slightly thrown of by Chris's question, why would they go to his room? Usually the lue was where one would clean wounds. Tom briefly recalled all the times as a child he would get scrapped up and how his mother would tend to each boo boo as he liked to call them and give it a kiss afterwards.

    He slightly blushed at the thought of Chris kissing his boo boo's when he saw a hand waving in front of his face "Do you often day dream Tom?" He heard Chris ask as he gave a chuckle and Tom flushed more with embarrassment "Umm...Not normally but increasingly today it seems" he scratched the back of head before redirecting the conversation and gesturing up the stairs

    "My room is the first one to the left" he looked over at Chris who seemed to be smiling before he put his arm around him and started pushing him towards the stairs. Tom was slightly surprised at observing how strong Chris was, he wasn't even pushing him all that hard but Tom still fell forward. Maybe he gotten strong because of the army training?

    Tom quickly and carefully began stepping up the stairs, hearing the echos of Chris's steps behind him as he fought the urge to look back at the handsome man. Tom hesitantly hopped up the last step and walked calmly to his room, thankful that he was always one to be neat and tidy. He wrapped his fingers around the handle as he watched Chris finish hopping up the stairs, his hair lay in blond strands across his face before he brought his hand up and gently pushed them behind his ear.

    Tom quickly averted his eyes and gently opened his bedroom door as stepped inside. It wasn't much just a small room with white walls, his bed lay in the corner next to his bookshelf and on the wall opposite sat his desk which had more books as well as a owl feather and pen. Tom often studied in his room as a child and sometimes late at night when he couldn't sleep he would stay up writing poetry, journal entries or his dreams. He watched as Chris entered his room looking around as Tom became slightly worried.

    He hoped the other man would like his quarters but then again he wasn't from around here. Perhaps they had a different style in Australia? However Tom's thoughts were revealed as he saw Chris smile and look towards him "Feels just like home" he said with a laugh as went to reach for something in his pocket. Tom tilted his head in question when he saw Chris bring out a little jar that looked like some strange red goo, but Chris must of seem his questionable face and explained what it was "This is just a mixture of some healing plants and herbs, I'm sure it'll fix those nasty cuts right up" Tom could smell the scent of the jar as Chris popped it open.

    It smelled like lavender and honey and got stronger as Chris walked up to him "You might want to sit down Tom" He heard Chris warn as he quickly looked behind him and sat on his bed watching as Chris dipped his fingers into the goo. "Tilt your head back" Tom looked at him for a moment before he slowly tilted his head back, feeling just a bit nervous as he heard Chris take a few steps towards him "This will sting a bit" he warned again as he began rubbing the goo down Tom's neck earning a gasp from him. He had expected the goo to be warm from sitting in Chris's pocket but in fact it was rather cold and it burned.

    Tom clenched his teeth and let out a small hiss as Chris continued to run the goo into his wound leaving his whole neck feeling like it was on fire. "Hold on a second" He heard Chris say as he paused in his actions though Tom couldn't see what he was doing, he was still preoccupied with the stinging pain before he felt something soft again his skin wiping the substance off though it still burned a little.

    Once he thought Chris was done wiping his neck he slowly moved his head to see the fabric Chris had used to wipe his neck and found out it was it was part of his uniform. He stared at it for a couple seconds before he looked at him "It's my uniform cloth" he heard Chris explain "Usually they're supposed to be used to clean guns with but I thought it was such a waste of fabric to be doing that"

    He heard Chris chuckle but Tom was just left in question "So you used it to clean my neck?" Tom didn't understand, either way the cloth was being used to clean something but he saw Chris raise his eyebrows as if it were a strange question to ask. Well actually Tom had never asked a question like that, perhaps it was strange? Or maybe he just didn't quite understand the reason behind it? Once again Tom was lost in thought before he felt the same stinging pain on his cheek and involuntarily shot his head back

    "Whoa Tom, stand still!" He heard Chris say as he placed his fingers under his jaw and gently pulled his head towards him. Tom could feel his cheeks flush as Chris continued to hold his jaw in place though the heat from his face caused the burning to become worse. He slightly whined and felt his eyes begin to water before Chris once again wiped his wound. "There we go, it should heal just fine now but" he saw Chris's eyes travel down his neck and rest on his bloody shirt collar "You might want to change into a different set of clothes Tom" he said as he gestured to the blood stain that had soaked through his white shirt.

    Tom having him completely forgotten about that stain held it between his fingers and peered at it. It was a rather big stain and an eyesore. He bit his lip and looked back at Chris. Surely he couldn't change in front of the man, but at the same time he didn't want to leave him either. Tom slowly stood up and hesitantly made his way over to his clothing shelf. He mostly wore white, brown or black so needless to say he was searching through those colors until he found another white shirt and held it closely as he turned to Chris

    "Umm I hope I am not being rude but I ahh need to change...?" Tom trailed off fearing that what he just said did not make any sense but he glanced up at Chris who seemed to have an amused smile on his face "Alright mate, I'll leave you to change" He heard him say with yet another chuckle before he walked towards the door but stopped briefly to turn around "You know in the army you got to change in front of everyone, no time to waste as our General says" and with that bit of information Tom's cheeks set on fire once more.

    Luckily Chris was no longer in the room, and though he wasn't one for inappropriate thoughts. He couldn't help but picture the man shirtless, and found that made him even more handsome. Tom hissed a bit when he felt the stinging from the newly treated cut on his cheek and took a deep breath to calm down. He hadn't realized his heart was beating fast until he shredded himself of his upper clothing to feel the chill in the room.

    He quickly picked up the extra shirt and threw it on. Straightening out the collar and sleeves before he put his normal brown vest over it and checked over himself. He hoped he didn't look like a mess, as he ran his hand through his curls and slowly walked back over to his door. He took a breath before he opened it and stepped out into the hallway but was puzzled when he didn't see Chris.

    He looked back and forth thinking perhaps he already went downstairs before he felt a hand on his shoulder and let out a squeak. "Whoa" He heard a voice behind him say as he turned around to face the man he had just been looking for "Didn't mean to scare you Tom" Tom himself was busy catching his breath, hearing his own heartbeat in his ears. He didn't exactly favor being scared.

    He felt Chris rub his shoulder "You okay?" Tom nodded his head, his breathing finally coming back to normal as he looked up "I just...I'm afraid I don't like being scared or surprised" He explained as he saw Chris smile "I'll make sure to surprise you less than" Tom slightly pouted as Chris handed him the cloth that he used to clean his wounds "Keep it" He heard Chris say as he passed him once more bumping shoulders, leaving Tom standing there for a moment as he ran his thumb over the fabric and slowly smiled. Maybe Chris admired him as well.
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