Shall we meet?

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  1. My name, as we will keep it simple, is SilentScreamer. You may call me whatever, I do not care.~~
    If you ever have any interesting ideas and you'd like to put into action and aren't afraid of some details, I do just about everything. But please, keep it interesting or I'll cry. :c
  2. Greetings the silent shadow, for we shall be one. I may be a medicine cat, yet I belong to Shadowclan, and we shall understand each other. Greetings to this community, and let me be the first to extend this hand of welcome to you.
  3. Oh, why thank you.~ It's a pleasure to meet you both, I believe.(?)
    I do hope we can get to know each other. If there's anything you feel like starting, do not be afraid to open your mind about it.
  4. I started one. I can't figure out how to advertise lol
  5. Oh? What's it about?
  6. Er a demon pulling a small town in Ireland into liminal space time and running amok and then teenagers trying to free themselves. A little survival horror fantasy. Also a bit self indulgent :D
  7. Hmm. Sounds rather interesting.
  8. Er, I'll link you, if you'd like. I did not come here to actually advertise, though, so I feel bad.
  9. Lol. It's alright, sir/madame.~
  10. Madame would be good

    Or Maestro...

    That one just makes me happy
  11. Welcome, SilentScreamer! Enjoy Iwaku!

    And remember: the potassium is always intensifying.

  12. Radioactive banana?
  13. Banana? o.o
    Ah, I will be sure to remember this. Yes, indeed.
    -Holds her bananas close, whimpering.-
  14. Shall we meet? I think we shall! 8D Welcome to the community Silent Screamer! I like to be an oxymoron too.
  15. Haha, it's a pleasure to meet you all. My, you are quite the fancy one, aren't you~?
  16. So you are up for rps huh ?
    Welcome :D
    If you crave interesting youll be part of some stories ^^
  17. Indeed I am. I have nothing better to do in my free time.
  18. Then be prepared for the stories I spin forth ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.