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  1. Hello!

    I have recently been obsessed with canon roleplays. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a one and one with me. I don't have any ideas right now unfortunately, but I would be willing to brainstorm and if you give me a bit I can think of one. I am an semi-literate to literate roleplayer. I am willing to do most things. I play better males than females but can play both.

    I am also open to any roleplay idea that you may have and have been wanting to do.

    Here are some of my possible ideas.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: MichelangeloxOC OR MichelangeloxTurtle
    Fruits Basket: KyoxOC, KyoxFruits Basket Character
    Fairy Tail: NatsuxOC, OR Natsux Fairy Tail Character
    Soul Eater: Black StarxOC OR Black StarxSoul Eater Character OR Death the KidxOC OR Death the KidxSoul Eater Character.
    Spyro: SpyroxOC, or SpyroxSpyro Character

    Some other ideas:


    I am open to other ideas as well. ​
  2. Hello~ I was just wondering if maybe we could do a black star X OC ^-^? Well that is if im the OC o.o because I don't know how to play black star sadly
  3. Sure! I'd love to do a Black StarxOC :) ​
  4. Werewolf x Human? Up for it?
  5. Yeah sure :)
  6. I'm up for a Kyo x OC. :)
  7. I would love to do a fruits basket pairing with you ^-^ (if your still looking)
  8. Yes to both of you :) ​