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    It was a dark and eerie night, illuminated solely by the distorted light of the year's first eclipse. A heavy mist that blinded the eyes and hindered the senses rolled along the landscape of the hidden valley of Ishanari. Here, was where the lines of reality blurred, connecting the human and spirit worlds together.

    Within the mist traveled a young half-demon girl who went by the name of Ayame. It'd been quite a while since she'd last traveled to the human world. She only hoped her human friends were alright. How long had she been away?

    She smiled at the thought of how they'd react at her sudden appearance. How should she surprise them? They wouldn't have forgotten about her... Right?

    Ayame was forced out of her thoughts as she felt a pull from one of the tendrils of mist that had wrapped around her arm. In this place, a loss of concentration and stray thoughts could lead to death. She again focused on getting through the mist, and it released her as she continued to move forward.

    Soon she could make out the shadowy figures of other demons and half-demons wading through the mist. She held her hands out, "Akabara." A sword with a blood red blade forming in her grasp like a mirage. She held the sword close to herself, but ready to be used if one of the figures should attack or turn out to be a foe.

    Before long, the mist thinned until she found herself standing at the edge of a small forest, the night air suddenly clear under the light of the eclipse. Glancing around she sensed no present danger. "Release." The sword disappeared in the same mirage like fashion in which it had materialized.
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  2. Shino was a demon living in the human world. In wasn't rare for demons to wander in the the human world, but he to stay in it wasn't what most chose to do. There wasn't really a motive and no malicious intent that Shino had for staying. He was distrustful of them, yet he stayed nonetheless.

    It was currently night when he walked around the isolated and silent forest that was illuminated by the first year's eclipse. It was the forest he often frequented since he found it to be peaceful and quiet. A place where the boisterous humans would less likely go.

    He then looked up at the eclipse as the thought of returning to his own world surfaced to his mind. Nearly frowning at the thought of it, because he knew very well that he could never go back. Shaking the thought away, he looked away from the eclipse and continues deeper into the forest. As he was walking deep in thought, his senses heightened when he noticed a faint fog at the edge of the forest. He wasn't too far away, so he put his guard up as he approached the location cautiously. A human? Why would they be at the very edge of the forest at a time like this? He thought to himself as he approached the area where he saw the fog.

    As he got near the edge of the forest he heard someone say "release," a distance away.

    When he got close enough to see who it was clearly, he stayed a few inches back as he saw a girl. He just looked at her silently, wondering what she was doing in the forest at night. The thought of her being a demon never crossing his mind.

    He didn't say anything, though he was in plain sight. He didn't bother hiding either. He just stood in his spot in silence, thoughts running through his head.
  3. Now out of the fog and sensing no danger, Ayame stretched her arms above her head, which was followed by the act of taking in a deep breath of the clean forest air. However, as she inhaled and the scents of the forest touched her nose, another scent mingled with it, alarming her. Quickly, she snapped her head to the side to see a figure simply standing there and staring at her. She was confused for a moment. It was obvious by scent alone that he was a demon, but she didn't sense any aggression or malice coming from him as he watched her.

    She stared back at him for a moment, her violet eyes glowing under the distorted light of the eclipse. She reached a hand behind her back, tugging at the end of a long black braid that fell just above her tailbone as she contemplated on what to do. Was this a trick? Was she looking at a talented enemy, or was what she observed true?

    After a moment, she decided to hesitantly approach the demon. After all, if he wasn't an enemy, he could probably point her in the right direction. She was a half demon with a knack for getting lost, after all. Not all places were like the mist where you only had to concentrate on getting through it as you walked.

    "Um..." She started, not sure how quite to go about this, "You... You don't happen to know where the Kaleo village is, do you?" She was still a bit tense, ready to either shift to her half form, or summon Akabara again.
  4. Shino snapped out of his thoughts when the girl with the violet eyes spoke up. He analyzed her with his golden eyes, watching her hand reach behind her back. He was unsure of what she was doing, but when he thought about it a bit more, he noticed her scent. It was light like a half demons scent. Which was probably why he didn't notice earlier on before he approached. If he knew, he probably wouldn't have came near her.

    As he was contemplating in his head as to whether he should say something, he nodded his head and ran his hand through his black hair. "It's in the opposite direction from here." He answered briefly, watching her with caution. "It's not that far."

    Shino wasn't one to speak his mind, he always had thoughts running through his head, but never to speak it aloud. His mind was conflicting, so he always spoke with whatever came up in his mind first, though he restrained from doing so because he had learned that it was blunt, and blunt made humans emotional and defensive.

    " A half demon," he spoke quietly, more to himself than to her. Shrugging the thought away he looked up at the eclipse and back down again. "If you were going to attack, can you not make it so obvious?" He asked directly as he looked at her hand. "It's not like i'm going to do anything to you anyway," he mumbled.
  5. "Damn... How did i talk myself into this again? Maybe meeting a demon is not such a good idea after all..." He muttered to himself as he strolled on a dirt road leading to the forest. For years had Tony has been interested in the phenomenon that takes place in this forest during an eclipse and finally had he the chance to witness the phenomenon himself. According to his studies the walls of different dimensions were especially weak in this area and those walls are often broken during an eclipse allowing demons and other beings slip into this realm.

    He starts quickening his pace as he hears some talk in his vicinity. His hand fumbling for the hilt of his knife attached to his belt as he quickly heads towards the noise. Even if he is only a human and fully aware of the fact that he wouldn't have a chance against a demon he always carries a small knife with him for his protection. As he arrives at the location of two people he stops dead in his tracks. His green eyes widen as he stares at the the people. He swallows nervously as he feels the tense atmosphere surrounding him. As his grip tightens on the handle of the knife he finally decides to speak up, keeping his eyes fixed at his company "H-hello. I hope that i'm not disturbing you or anything..."
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  6. For a small beast such as himself, Alution was actually doing quite well crossing the border of worlds. He was small for his species, gryphons typically being large and ferocious creatures. He was small, without much in the way of raw power. His predatory gaze remained focused ahead as he flew threw the thick mist that threatened to tear him from the sky with one lapse in concentration. His wing beats strong and silent as his midnight black wings cut through the air, the gryphon didn't look back to where he came. It sounded like his pursuers had given up the chase. The mist was beginning to clear, and his sharp blue eyes took in this human world warily. What dangers could lay in this new territory? Would he-
    A screech of pain escaped the winged creature as the last tendrils of mist lashed out at him, catching him in the wing and leaving a decent sized gash as he finally got into clear air. He dove down and landed, knowing better than to push his injured wing too far.
    The beast's gaze was sharp as he took a few silent, tentative steps forward. The scents of both demon and human were strong here. It would be best to avoid them for now, though if they picked up the scent of blood coming from his wing... He shuddered slightly, predicting a very bad outcome.
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  7. A tad startled, Ayame blinked, "I-I wasn't going to..." Okay, so she was going to attack, but only if he attacked first... Her face flushed with embarrassment. Was she that obvious? She relaxed her posture, still weary, but clasped her hands behind her back, ignoring it when he said half demon. "Than-" before she could finish, another voice spoke. A very nervous sounding voice, at that.

    "Disturbing? No..." She looked towards the voice, "I was just asking for direc..." again, she didn't finish speaking, instead going slightly wide eyed at the new figure. "You... Why... What are you doing here? It's dangerous!" Why was a normal human here? What if he'd accidentally gotten caught in the mist or run into a bad demon? She didn't rush towards the man, as was her impulse, because she noticed he was gripping onto a knife.

    Raising an eyebrow at the man, she crossed her arms under her chest. If he was planning on defending himself with that... She sighed, shaking her head. He probably wouldn't be able to kill even one of the weaker demons with that. She smiles back at the demon, giving a quick and small bow, "Thanks for your help!" before hurrying towards the human, but staying out of his reach.

    "You didn't happened to have come from Kaleo village, did you?" she inquired, trying to be pleasant. If he was she could head there with him, both not ending up getting lost again and getting him away from here. However, her back tensed again as a faint scent of blood hit her nose.
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  8. Shino watched the girl as she began to get nervous, but turned away from her when he heard a human approach their direction. The human was holding a knife and he asked if he was disturbing them, which made Shino look at the human boy with a strange look. He then looked back at the half demon when she thanked him for the directions and ran to the human. At the moment, he was baffled by her actions and wondered why she was getting so close to a human. He was sure that based on speaking to her, that she had no intention of harming them, yet he was still confused. For now, he guessed she was trying to use him to get to where she needed to go.

    But... Something was strange about the human. Logically thinking about it, Shino knew very well that humans rarely entered the forest. He knew especially well since he was one of the demons that lived in the human world and frequented visiting several locations of the forests. Spacing off yet again in his thoughts, Shino snapped out of it when he smelt a whiff of blood pass through the air, making him scrunch his nose and narrowed his eyes. It wasn't human for sure. He knew the moment the blood reached his nose that it differed from how humans smelled. Not only that, he heard a screech in the distance that was unlike a humans.

    While Ayame was still by the human, Shino swiftly left silently without a trace to follow where the scent of the blood came from. He searched the forest looking, and stopped when he felt that where he was, the smell of blood was strongest. Staying where he was, he looked up at the sky and smelt the air, taking in the scent of everything around him as he breathed in deeply and back out.
  9. "I...Err...." he took a step back as he heard the sudden inquiry of the girl in front him. He stares at her with his bright green eyes, trying to analyze her to the best of his ability. After a moment of studying her demeanor, he finally comes to the conclusion that she doesn't seem to have intent of killing him but he doesn't let his guard down, knowing that demons are often very deceptive by nature. His grip on the handle of his knife loosens, still not letting go of it completely. He sighs and shakes his head, trying to get rid of his nervousness before speaking up with a slightly more confident tone "...I... have been interested in this phenomenon for a long time now. In this phenomenon and demons that is. I wanted to see if this forest is as special as i'm told."

    He takes another step back as she moves towards him, since he has quite often taught that he should never fully trust demons. He had heard stories on his travels about many fierce demons who wouldn't hesitate to kill a human if given a chance to do so. He snaps out of his thought as he hears the girl ask about the village a small distance away. "Yes.... I'm staying in the inn of that village. Why do you ask?" He asked with his nervousness from earlier entirely gone. For the entire time he had been focusing on the girl, not paying attention to the man who had apparently without him even noticing.
  10. Alution heard something approaching and didn't waste any time hiding in the thick brush. He remained silent, his heart hammering in his chest as a demon came upon the scene. His talons silently unsheathed as he prepared to be discovered. That demon could smell him, and he could smell that demon... It would only be a matter of time until the black feathered beast was discovered.
  11. Shino slowly walk around quietly and stopped near a thick bush. He stood silently without a word and approached it. Whatever creature it was, he knew that it must have been injured. Hence the blood. It's injured... I wonder what happened? Will it make it? No, it's only a minor injury. The blood would have been easier to smell if the injury was fatal. Getting lost in his thoughts again, he shook his head and focused on what was currently happening. "I know you're there. There's no point in hiding if i'm gonna find you anyway," Shino said to the thick bush as he bent down to move the leaves and reveal a small black gryphon, with blood dripping from it's wings.

    Although Shino analyzed it with a blank face, his expression softened when saw how vulnerable the gryphon was. Keeping a few inches away, he didn't get any closer to the gryphon knowing that he was probably seen as a threat and just gave it a gently smile. "I won't hurt you," he spoke to it softly.

    Shino may have been a demon, but he wasn't heartless like what most people think. He had lived in the human world for years and was told that he couldn't go back. So he more or less gained feelings of that of a human. Though it didn't change the fact that he was still a demon, and because of that, he still had to keep blank face to keep from other demons roaming around from knowing what he was thinking and looking down on him.
  12. Alution narrowed his eyes and took a defensive stance as the demon approached. His wings were fanned out to make himself look bigger and a hiss escaped him. A demon couldn't be trusted, even if it displayed itself as peaceful.
    Giving his wings a strong flap, the gryphon jumped over the demon's head into the more open space. He padded around the demon in a semicircle, sharp claws clicking against the earth, practically daring the demon to try and attack. If he didn't, then maybe he could be trusted.
  13. Shino took a step back when the demon hissed and was slightly surprised when it jumped over his head into a more open space. Shrugging to himself, he figured that he wouldn't be trusted so easily. Even a half demon was cautious of him, but then again, demons all had to be cautious of each other. No one knows when or who would turn their backs on each other. They were liars and sly people that tricked others. He understood why, after all, he was kicked out of his world for the very same exact reason. Trusting.

    He turned around to face the gryphon, not showing any signs pf approaching or harming it and just kept the smile on his face. Though his expression was easily masked and hard to read for most, his eyes showed a hint of sadness. "I understand, it's hard to trust demons isn't it?" Shino said to the gryphon. "It's fine, I don't trust my kind either," he finished as he regained his blank facial expression. That wound is bothering me. Shino thought to himself as he looked at the injury on the gryphon's wing. But I can't do anything to help if it won't let me near. I guess I could just let it decide what it wants. He thought as he stood still and calm.
  14. Ayame turned her head to look towards where the scent of blood was coming from, and noticed that the demon's presence was no longer there. When had he left? Was he that much stronger than her that she couldn't even sense his departure? Suddenly, she felt grateful she hadn't had to fight him. She could usually hold her own, and she was relatively strong for a half demon, but something told her with him, that wouldn't have been the case. Her face went slightly pale before she turned back to the human in front of her with a smile.

    "You're a strange one," she tilted her head as if confused, "You mean you actually wanted to meet a demon? Hmm..." She shrugged before putting both hands behind her head. "Well, to each his own I suppose, though, since you're staying at Kaleo village, why don't we head back now. Yes?" Hopefully he'd just agree, but she wasn't sure he would. She'd never met a human who actually wanted to be around a demon before, so was interested in how he would respond.
  15. Alution studied the demon carefully, still not entirely trusting him. But, as a sign of peace, the gryphon lowered his wings and folded them neatly against his sides. He stopped his pacing and sat down. The gryphon cocked his head curiously as he looked over the demon. Just who was this demon?
  16. Tony's mind raced as he thought about suggestion of the demon girl in front of him. He started pacing back and forth while rubbing his temples with his fingers. Should he really trust her this easily? She doesn't seem dangerous and he was adept in reading people, even if he said it himself. But in this case there was a demon in front of him. He had gotten in trouble countless times before thanks to his curiosity and this time didn't seem to be any different. He sighed and turned towards the demon with a smile on his face. He simply can't let go of this situation, considering how long he had traveled to experience the phenomenon. The mist that surrounded the area at times like these, that is. Also the demon girl seemed like interesting company and he could use a bodyguard of some sorts on his way back to the village. The area was quite dangerous after all.

    "Yea... I get that a lot. About being odd that is. I have always been drawn by things that are out of the ordinary in this world. And i guess i could use some company on my way back. My name is Tony by the way." He stretched out his hand towards her, releasing his grip on the knife. "Pleased to meet you."
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  17. Knowing that she'd won him over, Ayame gave a bright smile, taking his hand excitedly, "It's nice to meet you, Tony! I'm Ayame. I'm a half demon, so take it from me. Humans are a lot more interesting and fun to be around." Now she could finally see her friends she'd left back in Kaleo village. Sure, she felt a little bad for using this guy as her own personal guide, but what can a directionally challenged hal demon girl do? Plus she wanted to get out of here before anything bad happened. The scent of blood was never a good thing when demons were around. "Come on!" and she ran a few steps, but then froze looking back at him and rubbing the back of her head with a nervous laugh. "U-um... W-which way is the village, again?"
  18. When the gryphon stopped pacing and sat down with it's wings folded inwards, Shino took it as a sign that it was alright for him to approach it. When he walked up to it, closer than at the beginning of their encounter, he kneeled down to the gryphon's height and hesitantly put his hand on the gryphon to pat it gently. "It might be hard to believe, but I'm not like those other demons," he spoke quietly as he ran his hand through the gryphon's black fur. He then gave it a smile and looked at the wings that were folded in. "Do you mind if I take a look at your wing?" Shino asked while gesturing to the injury.
  19. Tony bursts into laughter as he watches Ayame trying run deeper in the forest. "You really have a bad sense of direction, don't you? The village is this way" He turns around and starts walking in the opposite direction. Now he realized that the girl is completely harmless if he didn't manage to piss her off. That could be a difficult task for him, considering how tactless he often is. "A half demon, you say? Never heard about those before. Care to tell me about yourself a bit? Is there something special in that village or why do you seem to be so eager to go there?" He blushes lightly after realizing how inquisitive he is and how he it isn't his place to ask about such things. But how else would he know her motives? She obviously had one, considering how she had been focusing finding her way to that place. Of course this place was dangerous for anybody but still there had to be another reason.
  20. A furious blush made it's way to Ayame's cheeks as he laughed and pointed out that the village was exactly in the opposite direction from where she'd been headed. It made it worse that that demon had already told her which direction it was in. "I-I-It's n-not funny..." she mumbled, though mostly to herself. And quietly started to follow him. then he started to fire off questions. She found that she was actually quite offended by how he so flippantly referred to half demons as "those" as if they were just another strange type of animal or something... At least that's how it came across to her, whether or not he intended it.

    Ayame crossed her arms, looking away from him and puffing her cheeks a bit as she followed after him. "My mom was a human, and my dad was a demon. And, yes, there is something special in the village. All of my human friends should be there..." Her voice sounded a little annoyed, but she tried to offset it with a sigh.