Shadowrun, the Sixth World

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After your meeting with Dulahan in the Matrix chatroom Pariah, each of you received a heavily encrypted message on your comm, as well as the password to open the message that was delivered by hand, written on paper.

[DASH=blue]Greetings, my fellow Pariahs. That you are now reading this message means that not only have you put forth the effort to meet with me, but have also agreed to join our group. I feel that it is time we meet face to face for the first time. This meeting will take place in the club known as Shangri-la, located in Downtown Indianapolis, on the Circle, on the 6th of June of this year. Show up around 11 PM, but no later than midnight. Simply show this message to one of the bouncers and they will direct you further. Oh, and no need to wait in line to enter the Gates of Heaven. Simply walk up to one and they will lend you their assistance. And don't worry, the valet will be free for those of you who have their own transportation.

Your friend, Dulahan[/DASH]

It has been weeks for some of you since you met the man known as Dulahan and now it is finally time to put a face to the name. As you drive up to the valet on the Circle, you finally realize that the towering monolith that's been dominating the skyline since you entered Indianapolis is in fact the very club you seek. It towers into the clouds, it's facings seemingly made of stone, and carved in detailed depictions of various heavens. Those of you who are in-the-know of the nightlife have heard rumors about Shangri-la. Some say that it is soon to dethrone Dante and his Inferno as the premier club in the UCAS. Others that it can grant you your every earthly wish. Others still lay claim that its owners are honest-to-goodness angels. All that you know for certain, though, is that this place will mark the beginning of a new story for you, a story that ends in more credits than even the most long-lived and spendthrift elf couldn't hope to spend in a lifetime.
Thick leather boots, toughened denim pants, glowing blue clip-on tie hanging over a bright red shocker tshirt, dark red armored jacket, the fiber optic strands of his hair glowing punk rocker green, bright at the base and darker at the tips you could say the elf known as Lachtna was overdressed for a trip upstairs in the building he lived in, but in the club known as Sangri-la nothing was overdressed.

"Heeeeey." he called out skirting the crowded dance floor as the music pounded all around him the augmented reality on his implanted com alerting his to an acquaintance. "Glad you could make it Alicia, looking good, I'll tell my brother you're here." he flashed a smile before moving on, tonight, like most night the hacker had other things on his mind, but it wasn't code or security mainframes this time, it was a meeting.

He grabbed a lime green drink fro a passing tray and swallowed it in one gulp as he weaved through the crowd his lithe elven form slipping through the throng like a minnow before he placed the glass on an empty table and mounted the stairs leading up to the more exclusive parts of the club. He could have taken the elevator strait up there but it was more fun this way. The bouncer at the top of the stairs didn't even scowl as he reached the rope, complete professional, the orc's ran-like head still did tilt down at him.

"Didn't think I'd see your hexed face up here Lachtna." he said recognizing the elf "Well my bro groked this deal so you know... so." he grabbed the message in his AR display and slid it over to the orc's comlink and the bouncer nodded gesturing to another employee to man the rope and turning away from Lachtna leading the way to the meeting. "[Thats right, good bullet-stopper.]" he said in his native Sperethiel with a grin. "You'd think he'd tell me where it was before tonight but hey, I have a firewall for a reason."
People waiting in line to get into Shangri-la were irritated when a slightly scruffy man not dressed for a party scene was admitted before everyone else while they were dressed in bright colors and all kinds of glowing accessories. Sampson tilted his hat with a mocking smirk to the line and made his way inside. This wasn't really his scene bu he briefly ordered a drink and downed it. It was a little before the meeting so Sampson tried to have a conversation with a girl who was covered with bright multicolored luminescent paint instead of clothing. He explained to her how glow in the dark chemicals were first discovered and how different compounds for glowing substances had different molecular methods of glowing. Surprisingly enough she stuck around for twenty minutes, Sam didn't give any credit to the drinks he bought her. "Ah well" Sampson pulled up the time on his commlink "time to go anyway." He left a couple creds on the bar and started walking away. " Hey!" Sam turned around with a brief start and his eyes fell on the bartender who tapped the credsticks with his finger and said "This ain't enough." Ah "Sorry" Sam offered the large bartender an apologetic smile and quickly put another credstick on the bar and the bartender swept it all up.

Sam looked around until he saw an elevator guarded by two burly guys and scooted his way between partyers until he was standing before the guards. He greeted them with a friendly smile. One of them grunted at him "Oh yeah, just a second." He searched through his database on his comlink until he found the message to prove he had a good reason for going downstairs. With another grunt one of the guards hit the elevators call button and stepped inside with him, hitting another button. Ding. Down they went and when the elevator doors opened again Sam stepped out to go meet the meeters at the meeting with the bouncer leading the way. Sam adjusted his long heavy coat more comfortably around his shoulders and smoothed his hair under his dark hat in preparation.