Shadowrun: Shadows of Giza

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  1. So I'm looking to do content for the Shadowrun Returns PC campaign editor. For those of you who don't know it's like a RPG maker made specifically for the tabletop game system, mashed into a really easy to follow format. I have the outline of the story fleshed out as well as quite a bit of the script done in Long hand to speed along the construction process. That said, there's still holes and I feel I'd get a more robust and real feel if I ran it properly. That way I could take from the game and make a better product.

    That said, My Skype as of late doesn't seem to like voice conversations and I frankly don't have the patience to work out workable timeframes for a long distance gaming session. BUT THAT'S WHERE IWAKU COMES IN. *Cue confetti*

    Anywho, enough of the sap intro and into the story.


    Through backhand deals, corporate employee shuffles, sense of adventure or a bad hand in general, You find yourself in Cairo Egypt. A country ripped to shreds through a constantly shifting wave of ideals, fractured religious framework, clashing politics and a desperate populace hungry for a sense of purpose. Two years ago, the country was thrown into a brand of chaos as the ruling theocracy was removed from power forcibly by the people of the state. Order has been attempted through both corporate, Governmental, Gang and Militant methods but for reason or another, a unified front has yet to be established beneath the shadow of Giza. Some are drawn here from the sense of freedom found in the chaos, others for the freedom obtained in a state without labor law restrictions, others because the land is fertile with one of the most mystically rich environment on the planet. Most however, were just unfortunate.

    Without ruling framework, the city of 28 million people festers daily. Pockets of dolled up environments still exist for the person with a dollar to spend, but they are few and far between. Lack of trash collection has made it not entirely uncommon to see rubbish piles crammed into unused alley ways, in some cases towered up all the way to the brim of the multi story buildings that encase it. Violence is rampant, Law enforcement is corrupt, the economy is shot, and it's not entirely uncommon to see a body in the street on your way to the store.

    Where you come in:

    You, cheeky roleplayer person, are a corporate wageslave. You begin the story in a small subsidiary company called Morpheus Labs. You have a SIN (Social Identification Number), You do your taxes, you pay your union dues. While the state that Cairo's in isn't particularly appealing, the freedom of research your firm is able to proceed with within the environment is likely the reason the company was established here. Within that freedom, your project has flourished.

    In a nutshell, your company is focused on Information Withdrawls, Deposits, reprogramming and suggestion capable of the human and metahuman brain during REM sleep. (I won't go into detail here as this is the Interest check, but this will play a huge part in the game)

    And that pretty much covers the intro block. Basically the game will start within the confines of the daily grind, but this will only last long enough to introduce characters and get a feel for how "normal" is supposed to be. I'm banking on maybe a page and a half of this exposition tops before things go south. From there, the firm will be violently raided by forces unknown and the characters will be forced to make their escape from the compound.

    After all this the characters no longer have corporate backing. Because their passports relied on this for their visas to be accepted within the country's fractured borders, they now find themselves SINless and have to adapt accordingly. It will be here that I will advance the storyline 6 months giving the characters ample time to become more rounded as potential Shadowrunners.

    And as all cyberpunk tales of the sort go, it's all down the rabbit hole from there.

    Later the surviving members of your firm will be contacted by a familiar source which will reunite your characters to perform heists using Morpheus Lab tech to infiltrate the brains of important targets to retrieve or plant various information.

    And that's the framework of the story.

    As said, I have it mostly written so here's the kickers:

    1. This will be done with pre-constructed characters. I have molds I need filled for the flow of the story to work. That said however, these molds are very open to interpretation and you are more than open to change, alter, or tweek anything you deem would make the character more full. There are four characters which means I will only have room for 3 people to jump into the project.

    2. I lived in Egypt for a year, and spent an awful lot of time in Cairo during the riots of 2012, so expect a lot of detail into the socioeconomic chaos of that climate. Cause theeeeeeeres a bunch of it.

    3. While I will be framing this around the Tabletop game, this will be a freeform RP. Forget the dice, no one has time for that shit.

    4. Experience with shadowrun is not required, but it doesn't hurt. I'm looking to first make this a good story then make it a good shadowrun story.

    5. As this is intended to be framework construction for the Shadowrun Campain editor, your name/alias will be listed in the credits of the final products if I can ever managed to get it off the ground. That said, if it does happen to reach conclusion and you want to continue the project by helping me produce it, you'd be more than welcome on board. No pressure on that though.

    But that's it. Lemme know what you think and if I get enough interest I'll shoot up an OOC.
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  3. I was hoping you were still floating around somewhere.

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