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    Shadowrunners are the elite criminals of the Sixth World. When conflicts arise that cannot be solved by legal means, the corporations, governments, wealthy individuals, and even organized crime will subcontract their dirty work to deniable specialists.
    We work as mercenaries, kidnappers, assassins, and much more for the people who higher us, most of them being anonymous sources going underneath the alias, Mister Johnson. Now with another Mister Johnson offering a job we can't refuse, he promises it will change how we will live our life forever, but reward doesn't come without danger.
    We band together from various backgrounds and professions, from ex-military to freelancing hackers, even slum shamans.

    Incase you're not familiar with the Shadowrun world, it's Cyperpunk and Fantasy mixed into one. The traditional fantasy races (Elves, Dwarves, Orks, and Trolls) are living in our world, and magic and cybernetics clash. Mages are just as common as cyborgs, but you can't have both. The more cybernetics you have, the less effective you are with magic.
    For more info:
    Shadowrun Wiki

    For a quick run down if you still don't understand the premise of this RP, we are a group of freelancers, mercs, etc hired by an unknown person, company, organization to preform a mission for cash. Heavy Fantasy and Futuristic elements, and will be played as a story not as a traditional tabletop game.​
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  2. This sounds fun.
  3. Oooooohhhh... this looks reeeeeeally cool!!!^-^!!! Cuz slum shaman sounds like something the Boo Girlie could play yayuh!!

    But kay so like the usual questions:

    Post freq, post level req, dice/stats? oh and do you have to have played the video game before too?
  4. <--- i call corporate mercenary cyborg street samurai
  5. Awesome! Love the interest already!

    @Boo Girlie BoomBoom I was thinking around Casual level, atleast post once a day if its your turn, 2+ paragraphs.
    Im sorta conflicted however if we should do dice rolls. I have bad experience with roleplays using dice rolls over the internet, most people either get bored or dislike it in general. Personally I enjoy trusting all of us to not be too OP and roleplay reasonably well to tell a fun story.

    @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @Razilin @LoveandHate91
    What does everyone here think, dice rolls or no dice rolls?
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  6. i've never played the tabletop or the video game, so i'd go no rolls
  7. I prefer dice rolls for these types of games so that way someone just cant dodge everything and then try to auto hit you.
  8. Yeah~yeah, Boo is one of those bored and dislikers. Like wut? I dun gets it. Really. Honestly, I won't join if it does dice rolls and stats :/

    ~~>Ed. It.<~~

    Nevermind. Actually I'mma withdraw interest. At least once a day sounds like this is gunna move faster than that which is toooooooo fast for me.

    Thanks ya and good luck on your RP okay?Kay?^^

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  9. I never did the tabletop, only the video game.

    But even if this were a system I knew well like D&D 3.5 I'd be suggesting no rolls.
    Tabletop's dice rolls are designed as such because they expect there to be real time reactions to keep the flow going.

    Forum RP's lack that completely which almost always means (with very, very few exceptions) the forum RP is slowed to a withering crawl and then dies.
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  10. Couldn't agree more @Gwazi Magnum
    Working on the Ooc now, decided to do no dice rolls
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  11. Interested
  12. just let us know when its done!
  13. Shadowrun's pretty fun, so I'm certainly interested. Never actually played the tabletop, but i have various terrible ideas. Mostly of the heavy 'ware variety.
  14. I love the Shadowrun games. Currently thinking of getting Hongkong later this year. Never play the table top games though. Regardless, you have my interest.
  15. I'd love to join. I'm semi-experienced in Shadowrun (played both game and tabletop) but no expert. If this is going to leave out dice rolls and focus on story, then I'm all in!
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  16. H01, chummer.

    Fixer said you were lookin' for runners. Lookin' to earn some nuyen. Job still on the taible, Mr. Johnson?

    Translation: You still looking for people?
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