Shadow of the Colossus; To Defy A God

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  1. So I've had this idea for a very long time, but barely have any plot for it other than the fact that it takes place in an AU. A world in which people worship the Colossi and only have a healthy fear for them. The Colossi fought, battling for blood, and to be dominant. This was called "The Split". Now years later, the Colossi have a pecking order (Mr. Popo likes this) and their towns are secluded from each other.

    Now the Cult of Malus vanish off the face of the earth. At the six month 'Moon Meeting' which the elders of the towns meet. They were not their. Now as it has been investigated they have no traces left on the earth. Now it's up to our characters to figure out what is going on, nad maybe unearth some secrets as well....

    One thing I do have set up is the towns, and their traits, which are featured below. Each organized into the group they fit into (PECKING ORDER) after the Split.


    "I almost feel for these people, with their Colossi forever deemed unworthy..."

    • VALUS:[The Apostles] Maybe the weakest of all the Colossi it's no surprise that the Apostles of Valus ended up in this group, In truth the people in this town are friendly and considerate. There's not much that can anger them, with this friendly nature comes naivety though, and they are easily fooled just on the presence that they believe everyone does good.

      HYDRUS:[The Patron] The Patron of Hydrus are not fully understood by many and they almost fit into the Reticent group, had it not been for their flaw. The Patron of Hydrus are very charismatic and can sway people with only a couple of words, but with this being said they are very lost. They spend too much time in their minds, lost in their own world. This is why they have consequences in reality.

      BASARAN:[The Clan] Basaran's followers, known as the clan are probably, or actually without a doubt are the most stubborn players on the field. Like their Colossus they are solid minded and refuse to be shaken. With this comes the power of determination, which maybe doesn't make up for their stubbornness, though it does make them faithful followers of their Colossus even after being shamed.

      PELAGIA:[The Adherent] Adherents of Pelgia are probably the most graceful people you'll ever meet, very passionate and just flat out mystical. When their words come into your ears it's like a Siren's call. With this being said they are over empathetic and this causes them to take mercy on people without really thinking it through. Their mercy in the Split caused them to lose what power they had.


    "They keep to themselves, making people have the instinct to be cautious..."

    • MALUS:[The Cult] Malus was without a doubt the strongest Colossus on the field, though he and his followers chose to remove themselves from battle. They have power, power unknown to you and me, though with this power comes a fatal reserved nature. No one knows if they can trust them or not, because they don't speak with the outside world... ever.

      PHALANX:[The Devotees] These people are so calm it's unnerving, they don't react and keep their solid poker faces from reacting to stimuli.They are good in panicked situations, though often times are very apathetic. It's like the ability to care about themselves or other people would just take too much effort from them. Even though their calm nature comes in handy, they're just flat out terrifying.

      GAIUS:[The Faction] Gaius' faction are maybe some of the most wonderful people to be around. Aloof and light-hearted they are comforting and just flat out teddy bears. Though this comes with their flaw of being lazy, too lazy to act on feelings or emotions, they can feel but they don't understand the meaning of action. Which was why Gaius and his followers weren't in the war: too much effort.

      PHAEDRA:[The Advocates] The Advocates of Phaedra are very nature driven, and are one with the world around them. They are like a delicate flower, easily broken and very emotional. They can cry over nothing, and get very over attached to an object or person. They are probably the most gentle of them all and their fear of war caused them to withdraw from the Split.


    "The winners, they might have won the battle, but what about the war...?"

    • AVION:[The Creed] They are the leaders the ones who are brave and daring, and at the same time loyal enough to focus the needs of the people above themselves. Though with this being said they are a very arrogant people, thinking of themselves highly and wanting nothing to do with anyone outside of their Creed. They won because of their power to unite three of the strongest Colossi under their banner.

      ARGUS:[The Following] The Following are geniuses, not in the way that the Disciples of Kuromori are, but more in a logical and brilliant sense. To them the power of the mind outweighs blunt power (which they still have in tons) the second most powerful group they are outstanding warriors. But with this comes one of the most fatal sins which is to lose their humanity. Much like Phalanx's Devotees only they feel... they just choose to ignore...

      BARBA:[The Sectary] The Sectary of Barba are maybe one of the most rugged people around. They're feral, and in many ways don't understand the ways that humans should act, making them incredibly rude and vulgar. With this being said they are very brave people, willing to go to the end of the world just to make sure that their loved ones are safe.

      QUADRATUS:[The Convert] Hedonistic to the maximum, the Convert cares nothing more than it's own pleasure. They are very selfish and will do nothing if it does not benefit them. They want everything, and are quite uncontrollable with their actions. With that being said they are dynamic and very good with
      holding in insults and vulgar responses. Respectful and courteous, though very self motivated.


    "They rebelled, and now serve their time in the ashes; but they will be reborn..."

    • CELOSIA:[The Order] Ruthless and calculating they are nothing shy of demonic at heart. They along with their sister the Brotherhood of Cenobia defied the peace and caused the Split. They are very bitter and will do nothing for others. Unlike their sister town they are very cautious and brilliant at scheming. They will not charge head first into war without cause.

      CENOBIA:[The Brotherhood] The Brotherhood are the most bloody groups as they have far less caution than the Order. They are aggressive and maniacal doing whatever they can to see blood spill. With this comes an unnatural strength that gives them leverage over others. Brutal and unwilling to have peace they lust for war... for destruction.

      KUROMORI:[The Disciples]They are tied with the Following for the most intelligence. Only other than logical brilliance they are masterminds of the dark arts, like vanishing shadows they can devise and map out plans to destroy and conquer. Their downfall is that it's incredibly difficult to trust them as they are kleptomaniacs and are very good at faking a alliance and then stabbing them in the back. They are one of the most hated groups.

      DIRGE:[The Heretics] Sarcasm is a Heretic's main language, cynical and mistrusting they are a hard bunch to get on your side. Much like their Colossus they are venomous and snake-like. They use words more than sheer power though and this might be a bonus downfall. Though they might be the only group in the rebellion with a heart. They are compassionate towards their own, and are a loving people to those they trust... which of course is very few.
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