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  1. Hello and welcome!

    Well! Finally got up the gumption to make one of these. I'm new here, so it took longer than it probably should have. Anyway, on to the good stuff! Sort of.

    A bit about me & my requirements (open)
    Okay! So first of all, you can call me Kay or Shade - I'm fine with whichever. I'm nearing 23 now, and I've been roleplaying for 10 years or so. Granted, I can't say I've been roleplaying well for that long. Aside from roleplaying, I usually spend most of my time playing videogames or drawing.

    I'm really shy and somewhat prone to having social anxiety even over the internet, so it might take me a little while to loosen up in OOC chat. That's something I encourage, 'cause getting to know my partners makes it a little more fun.

    I put Intermediate for the expectations simply because that's my baseline. I can go from that to Adept, although I might be a little rusty. I can guarantee 2-3 paragraphs a post, but you can expect me to write much more if I'm feeling inspired. I generally try matching what my partner gives me.

    As far as requirements go I'd like to think I'm pretty lenient where most of them are concerned. All I ask is that you:

    1.) Are polite! I hate that I have to include this now, but I have come across too many bratty partners for me not to. I'm a pretty nice person, so I promise to be polite as well. (To be honest I'm actually a pushover.)
    2.) Are alright with waiting up to 3 days for a post. I have a terrible memory and have days where my brain just doesn't feel like working with me well enough to get something out. If I go any longer than that and you don't hear from me, feel free to send me a reminder! I really don't like skipping out on partners.
    3.) Have a decent grasp of the English language. I'd hope you can use proper spelling and grammar, but everyone makes mistakes! I've probably made some already. Anyway, we'll be fine as long as I get what you're trying to say.
    4.) Don't mind playing a male character, which should probably be obvious since I put it in the title. I'm fine with doubling in fandoms, though! On the topic of fandom pairings, I prefer playing an OC rather than a canon. Of course, that also changes if we're doubling.
    5.) Don't mind mature and dark themes. I guess that should be kind of obvious from the content rating things, but I just wanted to reiterate that I really like putting that sort of thing in my roleplays. I'm fine with smut, violence, language, and gore. I'm sure I'll be fine with whatever you can throw at me. Seriously.

    This is something I'm trying to work on, but I'm a pretty passive roleplay partner. I might come up with an idea once in a while, but I'm generally not that great at directing the roleplay and throwing in twists.

    Alright! Now that that's over with, we can get to the REAL good stuff.

    KEY: Anything with an asterisk (*) beside it is something I really want to do. If there's more than one, you'll be making me the happiest clam if you pick it. For pairings, the role I'd like to play will be in (parentheses). Pairings and fandoms I have a plot for will be at the bottom.


    • Fate/ (knowledge limited to Fate/Zero and FSN)*​
    • Tokyo Ghoul*​
    • Marvel (MCU & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)​
    • Sword Art Online*​
    • Log Horizon*​
    • Blue Exorcist​
    • Parasyte​
    • Noragami
    • Kamigami no Asobi (or something like it)​
    • Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2​
    • TERA: Rising​
    • DOTA 2
    • The Lord of the Rings​
    • Skulduggery Pleasant​
    • Once Upon a Time​
    • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic**​
    • Something Inkheart-esque​


    • (Princess) x Invading King/Prince*​
    • Rebel x (Princess)​
    • Dragon (shapeshifter) x Dragon Slayer*​
    • Demon Warrior x (Cleric)​
    • Knight Commander x (Disguised female knight)​
    • (Mage) x Hunter*​
    • Assassins​
    • Low Fantasy/Non-Fantasy in a fictional world​
    • Demon x (Witch)​


    • Survival Situation​
    • Superhumans vs. Government​
    • Supernatural Detectives​
    • Contemporary Fantasy​
    • Virtual Reality​
    • Post-Apocalyptic​
    • Freakshow/Superhuman Circus​
    • Villain x (Heroine)​
    • (Shut-In) x New Neighbor*​
    • (Photojournalist) x Soldier/Bodyguard​
    • Scientist x (Test Subject)​
    • Shapeshifters​
    • Horror*​


    Fandoms (open)

    Eragon* (open)

    To Pass the Test: /Set before the events of the books/ Vroengard was only so large, which meant that some training had to be done elsewhere. One teacher was notorious for sending his students off into the wilderness for a final test. A pair of Riders are chosen to participate together, and must work as a team to make it through the three months they'll be away. It won't be easy, with treacherous weather and dangerous enemies to deal with. Their biggest hurdle could very well be that they aren't allowed to use magic unless the situation is dire. With all that, can the pair and their dragons make it home in one piece?

    Five Eggs: /Slight AU/ Galbatorix managed to salvage five dragon eggs, keeping them safely hidden away. After Eragon and Murtagh became Riders, the king was intent on hatching the remaining three. He found matches for two, and imprisoned the newly christened Riders to see whether they would join willingly or not. If they do, will they enjoy the destruction they bring, or will it wrack them with guilt? If they refuse, will they try escaping before he forces them to submit?

    Magician Uprising:** After Galbatorix's fall, there was peace. Years passed without major incident, but trouble was lurking just beneath the surface. Nasuada's crackdown on magicians caused quite a stir, and many were less than pleased. Because of that, a great many of them gathered in secret where they wouldn't be bothered. Eventually, someone sparked the idea of staging a rebellion. There were a great many there, and it was revealed that some were quite accomplished at what they did. A great deal of inventing was done, and new weapons of war were developed. Experimentation was done as well, some of which was human. When they felt ready enough, they made their move. If civil arguments wouldn't change her mind, they would have to retake their freedom. Without any major aid, things quickly became dangerous. So, Nasuada sent a request for help to the Riders, hoping to stop the rebellion before it got out of hand. //Was hoping for Murtagh x (OC) here, but OC X OC is fine.//

    The Egg Thief:* /AU/ As a last resort, a young woman joins a party of thieves as they attempt to infiltrate Galbatorix's castle in order to steal a precious egg or two. As luck would have it, she was the only one to get away with the egg in tow. The king is naturally outraged when he finds out. He sends Murtagh - who hasn't yet run away - after her. He begrudgingly complies. When he finds her and the newly-hatched dragon, will he help her escape or will he bring her in? //Could also work with OC x OC.//​

    Dragon Age** (open)

    Anders x OC
    Cullen x OC
    Alistair x OC
    Iron Bull x OC

    Mage x Templar:* After a daring escape, a mage is hunted down using the phylactery she left behind. Once the templar catches up to her, he realizes that he knows her. Once he learns the reason for her escape, will he have it in him to bring her back?

    Mage x Templar: A particularly talented and withdrawn young mage has been accused of dabbling in blood magic by a slighted Apprentice. Instead of passing judgment without proof, they assign a templar to watch her on a daily basis.

    Anders x (OC):* The fighting between the templars and rebelling mages is heating up at an alarming rate, causing more chaos than either side probably wanted. However, neither seem intent on stopping any time soon. After a battle neither of them intended to be in ends, they recognize one another from their days in the Circle.

    Can't Trust a Darkspawn:* The Warden let the Architect go to continue its research, which proved to be a bad idea. Some time later, townspeople and Wardens a like begin disappearing. A group is hired and sent to investigate. After some searching, they find that the Architect actually had no active role in it. Instead, one of the darkspawn it "liberated" has begun its own experimentation. With that, it has begun creating an intelligent army with the intention of avenging its fallen brethren.

    Pirates of the Caribbean (open)

    A Golden Opportunity: As a stroke of luck would have it, a young woman cheats her way into owning a legitimate map to Atlantis. However, she has quite a few problems ahead of her - namely how to get there, seeing as though she lacks both a ship and a crew. Since she lives in Tortuga, however, she probably won't have much trouble finding one. What she doesn't anticipate is just how much trouble the map would bring with it. As it so happens, the English and the pirate she'd taken it from both want to get their hands on it.

    Fullmetal Alchemist (open)

    Reports have started coming in about towns that have seemingly been emptied overnight. Upon further investigation, it's obvious that the citizens were likely killed. However, no bodies remain in the wreckage. Unbeknownst to those trying to find answers, the mastermind behind the attacks is a rogue state alchemist. He is attempting to create an army of inhuman creatures - that he calls golems - to overthrow the government and bring down what he views as a weak and corrupt system.

    Original Plots & Pairings (open)

    (Court Mage) x Prince:
    Grand Mages are a scarce commodity, and having one dedicated to serving the Royal Family helped their image greatly. However, the mage is prone to having her nose in a book or her head in her clouds when not working, and the middle son finds that almost endearing. After a brief stretch of not getting along well - mainly due to the prince's sense of humor and his habit of visiting her on a daily basis - the two go through something that helps them get along much better.

    Rich Boy x (Maid):
    A girl working to pay the bills for her ill mother and dependent younger brother has to resort to working for the richest family she knows. Unfortunately, she also goes to school with their one and only son. //The boy could have a "darker" side at home to spice things up, or that could come from outside sources.//

    (Elf) x Demon:
    The war between the two races has gone on for centuries and hasn't accomplished much. The struggle has always been over a power source - one that the elves use for enhancing their magic and the demons require to thrive. When an injured elf who is unable to leave enemy territory is found by a demon who has grown weary of the war, be brings her back to his home in order to nurse her back to health. The noble action might just get them into a great deal of trouble.

    Deity x (Human):*
    Most of the old pantheons are largely ignored by humans these days. Some of them take it much better than others. When one of these less-than-thrilled gods is nearly driven to act on their bitterness, they are stripped of much of their power and sent to earth in order to learn to appreciate humans once more. They have no idea of what they're doing when they arrive, and in order to learn, they begin speaking to the first human they deem passable.

    Incubus x (Human):*
    Unlike the majority of his kind, this incubus takes physical form during the day. He likes to pick his targets after some interaction and observation. He decides to enroll in college for a laugh and an easier time finding sources of nutrition, but also finds something he did not expect. He feels strangely drawn to a young woman in one of his classes, but can't explain why. She also finds him interesting, more for the mysterious vibe he gives off than his looks. After they start talking and get to know one another a little better, he finds himself returning to her slumbering mind time and time again to feed. However, he's also around to witness just what that's been doing to her. Will he ever tell her his feelings, or that he's the one who has been making near-nightly visits for the last month? And what will they do when someone (or something) shows up that's a serious danger to the both of them? //Definitely an 18+ one.//

    (Angel) x Demon:
    In the eternal war between darkness and light, there are precious few instances of either side showing compassion to the other. Of course, that is all thanks to their inability to set aside the hate they harbor for their enemy. Somehow, it still manages to happen. When a benevolent angel happens upon a wounded demon in an area deemed neutral ground, she treats his injuries regardless of who or what he is. This opens the door to an unusual - and potentially tragic - relationship.

    Vampire x (Slayer):*
    A powerful family of vampires has settled into the city, effectively breaking the uneasy truce between the humans and vampires. After their killing and indiscriminate turning continues for a while longer, the slayers in the area decide to do something about it. Before they can, however, help arrives from an unexpected source. A different group of vampires band together with the organization in order to get the problem under control. One of these vampires takes a relatively inexperienced slayer under his wing when it's plain that she needs help with more than just her training.

    Demon x (Medium):*
    Channeling the dead relatives of people she didn't know was starting to get very old. So, the young medium decides to try out something new and looks up how to summon a spirit. In her excitement, she makes a horrible mistake. Instead of calling forth a benevolent being, she opens a gate to a much less friendly realm. Before she can close it, at least one demon gets free. He decides that he likes what he sees and decides to stick around. If having a clingy demon around wasn't bad enough, they soon realize that something bigger and badder managed to get through too. After a harrowing run-in with the being, they realize it could mean trouble for the both of them.

    The world has gone dry. Crops fail, and once again, people fall on hard times. There is one group, however, that flourishes under these conditions. The Alchemists have created their own source of wealth through their ability to successfully transmute gold. Along with that, they have also sustained large farms outside of their famous city, allowing those within to be well fed. Unfortunately, the prices for getting those goods is very high. Most try and eke out a living by themselves, or go against the Alchemist's laws and deal with smugglers and rebels in order to make life more comfortable.

    Post-Apocalyptic Superhumans:*
    The Human Genome Virus; a mysterious byproduct of genetic engineering that spread like wildfire through every country of the world, and no one knew how to stop it. Some died, while most were mutated into horrible beings devoid of the humanity they once possessed. The rest, well, some were immune to this virus and remained exactly the same. Others...were changed forever. They had been the sick ones, the ones who had almost ended up like the beasts but managed to pull through. Their genetic makeup was altered, allowing for them to gain abilities - powers like you would see in a comic book. However, those powers also came with a price. As they gained their abilities, they also lost something. Some lost their sight, some lost their hearing. Some lost their compassion or their fear. Some even lost the ability to think for themselves. Others were cursed in different ways. They maybe grew scales, or their hair fell out. Whatever happened to them, they were completely different than the person they once were.
    And now, they were the protectors of the remaining humans. They are tasked with defending cities and those within from the threat of the mutated monsters lurking outside the gates. There are some who act of their own accord, of course, but they are few in number.

    (Allied Rebel) x Axis Soldier: During a mission, a small group of rebels stay behind to cover the rest of the "soldiers" as they retreat. They are captured in short order, and taken in as prisoners of war.

    Medieval Fantasy:
    Once, the land of Emberlund had been ruled by a cruel woman, who was frequently referred to as the Demon Queen. After many years of failed rebellions, a pair of assassins finally succeeded in taking her down. Time passed, and there was an agreement for a Council of Kings to rule the land. The Council was a greatly needed change for Emberlund. The land began to prosper, and many forgot the hard time under the queen's rule. Unrest began brewing once more, caused by the razing of the countryside by a man and the shadowy creatures he seemed to command. He left some alive to inform the Council that the 'Demon Queen's Knight' would have his revenge. As with many evil beings, he was able to gather quite a following; enough to make him a threat. The Council began piecing together a team of skilled mercenaries in order to get in close and combat this man, hopefully ending the conflict for good.

    Venus' Floating Cities:
    After its construction, a selection of scientists are sent to live in the hovering cities built in a pocket of atmosphere similar to Earth's own that sits above the dangerous sulfuric acid clouds. They were initially there to study the planet, but soon realize that they ought to be studying the life forms they find. Then, they come to find that there's something within the deadly clouds that's much deadlier than the acid could hope to be.

    But It's Not Real Violence:
    A couple sign up to take a trip to a haunted house, only this one is different. Inside, you get to live out your own twisted horror story. Being the horror nut, the boyfriend writes up what he wants and sends it in when they sign up. His girlfriend reluctantly agrees, only because he tells her they can't really do anything. However, he's proven wrong once things go from entertaining to possibly life-threatening. //Should be pretty dark.//

    The Fairy Ring: In some parts of the world, children are still brought up with the folklore of the land. That doesn't mean that all of them buy it. People these days are far more likely to believe they're just children's stories, but that isn't always true. A young woman who has spent many years overseas finally returns home, having completely wiped her mind of the foolish tales of her youth. However, as she's exploring the woods one day, she finds herself a fairy ring. Knowing fully well that her mother always warned her against it (and probably would to this day), she steps in. Unfortunately for her, this ring was one of the few active ones in the area. She's spirited away into the faerie realm, where she encounters awe inspiring sights, great danger, and the possibility of romance. Will she stay, or will she try returning to her old life?

    Phobias: Two (or four) teens wake up in a dark, dreary place. They don't know what's happened or where they are, and they don't even know one another. Once they move on from the room, they find this realm is nothing like the one they were in before. After hours of pointless wandering and harrowing experiences, they encounter the Phobetor, the Greek god of nightmares. He tells them that they are playing his little game, and all four must kill the embodiment of their worst fears to leave. If one dies or does not succeed, the rest are all trapped. The teens set off on their quest to find, and hopefully kill, their Phobias. //Will probably be dark.//

    For now that's basically everything I can think of. I will add more as they come to me, though! If you made it this far and you've got something in mind, please shoot me a PM! I'm signed up for email notifications, but I still have a bad habit of neglecting threads. Because of that, I would also like to keep the roleplay over PM!
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  2. I would be happy to do a Sword Art Online inspired roleplay or a Superhumans vs Government type of story.
  3. Im interested in the AngelxDemon. Pm me details?
  4. I'm willing to give any of the Medieval/Fantasy roleplays a shot. Still interested in finding people?
  5. Yep! I'll PM you.
  6. ok, thanks
  7. Figured I'd give it a bump since I added stuff.
  8. Still looking! I also added more stuff.
  9. Actually got around to adding the plots. I could probably take on a couple more partners.
  10. Added some horror plots~ Also a sci-fi one.

    Still looking! I have absolutely no life at the moment.
  11. Still looking~
  12. really good list having a hard time picking between Tokyo Ghoul, Fate/, or Dragon age Mage x templar
  13. Oh man. That's tough, haha. I'd probably have to go with Dragon Age, honestly. PM me?
  14. I'm interested in Fate/, Dragon Age, or a Medieval/Fantasy plot, Maybe even Magi though I haven't finished the second season.
  15. I'd be up for Fate/Zero, L4D(2), LOTR, or the deity/human one if you want?
  16. I'm interested in the Log horizon roleplay or demon x witch .I like any fantasy roleplay . Pm me if you are still searching for a partner .
  17. Super interested in Rich boy x maid/ Deity x Human/ Post apocalyptic superhumans/ annnd Venus' floating cities (:
  18. The (Angel) x Demon: one i'm really interested in.
  19. Could probably take a couple more~
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