Shade's MxF Idea Thread!

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  1. Hello and welcome! This is my first time making one of these checks, so please bear with me.

    My name's Shade or Kay or whatever you end up calling me. I'm fine with any pronoun you wanna give me and I'm in my early 20s. I've been roleplaying for around 10 years, so I do have some experience.

    I'm a pretty easy person to work with! All I ask is that you:

    • Are patient. I've been better about my posting speed lately, but there will be days when I might only manage one every couple days.
    • Are nice. I'm a friendly person, and prefer playing with other friendly people.
    • Are literate. I'm not going to want to roleplay with you if you're constantly throwing in run-on sentences. I'm probably also not going to want to if you can't handle basic grammar. I want to cry whenever people mess up you're/your and their/there/they're. Pls don't. Aside from that, spelling and other grammatical errors are understandable and alright so long as they're not constant.
    • Are alright with playing a dominant male. I might consider doubling, and will certainly do so for the fandoms.
    • Are cool with dark themes. I'm a sucker for grim and dysfunctional relationships, so it'd be great to add that in. Things can turn out bad and get better, however.
    • Can post at least 2 paragraphs per post. I can do 2-6 pretty comfortably.
    • Are alright with keeping it in PMs. That's how I'm most comfortable roleplaying.
    Please tell me what your favorite color is in your PM so I know ya read my rules. Lots of people seem to like skipping 'em and it's getting annoying.

    Now that that's over, we can get to the good stuff!

    Key: + means I have a plot idea, * means I'm craving it, and the role I'd like to play is in parentheses. Anything in pink can be nice and fluffy and vanilla.

    General Note: Before getting to the pairings, I figured I might as well give an idea of what I really like or would like to try. I'm into bondage (light, preferably), and I like the idea of a forced dom/sub relationship. Noncon and dubcon would be fun to play with, and I've recently gotten interested in monsters/non-humans with a human. Anything with tentacles is a plus.


    • Incubus x (Human)+*
    • Demon/Ghost x (Medium)+*
    • Werewolf x (Human)
    • (Magical Girl) x Villain*
    • Villain x (Heroine)
    • Criminal x (New Detective)
    • Vampire x (Slave)
    • Alien x (Human)*


    • (Princess) x Invading King /Prince+*
    • Monster* x (Human)
    • Demon x (Tribute)+
    • (Fae) x Collector
    • Master x (Slave)+*
    • (Mage) x Royal
    • Bandit x (Noblewoman)
    • (Rebel) x Corrupt Prince+*
    • Demon x (Slayer)
    • (Selkie) x Fisherman*


    • (Pirate) x English Soldier*
    • Pirate x (Captive)
    • Highwayman x (Female carriage guard)*
    • Viking x (Captive)
    • Roman x (Briton Captive)*
    • Enemy Soldier x Enemy Soldier
    • Axis Soldier x (Allied Rebel)


    • Fate/Zero <Gilgamesh x (Saber), Gilgamesh x (OC)>
    • Magi <Ja'far x (OC)>
    • Marvel <Loki x (OC)>
    (OC x OC is always an option)

    Ookay, so that's all I can think of for now. So, shoot me a PM if you're interested! :)
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Could take some more.
  4. Can I pick the Sinbad X OC idea? I was thinking of an RP idea based out of that with a 'unique' genie that he acquires...
  5. Still looking!
  6. Hey, I am really interested in your Fae and Collector one, and your Demon and Tribute~
    If you are still looking^^​
  7. Still looking.
  8. Still looking. c:
  9. You never responded to my message about the idea
  10. I like the vampire x slave idea and when the to is going at a good pace I can usually do 2-3 paragraphs.
  11. Alrighty. Wanna send me a PM so we can talk it over?
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