Sexism in the Card and Game store world makes me want to scream

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  1. so I'm glad this exists because I would like to go one record and say "Girls play Magic and other games too!"
    I cannot even begin to say how much sexism I have faced at my shop.
    Not only from customers but from my own employees. Now I know you may say "fire the employees" but believe it's out of my control. But let me say how incredibly hard it is to smile at a customer who is asking advice on how to build a black/white modern deck (mind you that's the colors I mainly play in Magic so I know a lot about those cards) and he said "I'm not asking you sweetie. I'm asking the man, you know, the owner"
    I had to smile at man who basically called my employee the owner when I'm actually the co-owner and manager. I had to listen to this man as he told my employee "well the little lady over there tried to give me advice. But this is Magic"
    I wanted to shove his face in the Planeswalker tattoo I have on my arm. I wanted to show him my bomb ass Daxos the Returned commander deck that is black/white. But I could not. I had watch him laugh when my employee said I own the store and that I'm a magic player. He shook his head when my employee said to ask me for advice on black white decks.
    It's sad and it wasn't even the worse. Customers will ask if they need to get my male employees when something goes wrong so they can fix it. I have been mocked and objectified by customers. I have overheard at the grocery store guys trying to see if I am single via my face book page because they want to date me for "the perks of dating a store owner"

    I want to scream at these people! I want to scream at my employee who want treat me like his boss becaus I'm younger than him and female.
    I am so tired of the this "boy's club" and it hurts becaus I love magic, I love board games. But I have to wait on customers who stare at my boobs while talking to me. I mean lately I have not been working events with the biggest offenders for boob starting (I'm sorry but it's the yugioh players who stare the most.) and it hurts as co-owner, as a manager to hide because I get creeped out by customers. It's just so painful and I'm tired of it!
    but I'll keep powering on.....I just needed to rant about it -_-
  2. Geez, I usually have a pleasant enough experience as a customer in places like that, but I never expected other customers to be that bad unless you work in a different sort of shop that attracts a different sort of creeps. Then again, I've had enough conversations about "You're not supposed to roll your stats in order because you'll make a bad character" vs "I know the game well enough to make it work; if you wanna play on easy mode that's your deal, but don't tell me I need to play on your wussy level" to know that gamer nerds in general have serious internalized sexism and inferiority complexes.

    It's a pain. Being nice to these people is the one approach I simply cannot comprehend, because I would take the loss of a customer over being talked down to like that every time. A lot of the biggest MtG / tabletop dorks I know are women, and they're good at what they do. I used to work with this chick in her late fifties who was the biggest WoW player I knew, back when Wrath of the Lich King was a big deal. She was awesome, and she still got crap from customers about supposedly not knowing how to build a gaming tower.

    People suck. I'm sorry you've gotta deal with that every day.
  3. I know the feeling as a nerd and a Cosplay model, guys try and get me to do naughty photography because I'm a model. There is no respect for woman in gaming of any kind.
  4. I don't know that I agree with that statement

    Part of the problem is on the whole a lot of gamers are pretty immature emotionally and in other ways, but to say there's no respect for women in gaming at all seems more then a bit much.
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  5. there is some respect but, sadly its the immature dipshits that make the whole thing miserable and uncomfortable. Like the players that just stare at my boobs or disregard my opinions because "Women do not know magic". I am sorry....I have a magic tattoo and I am legit excited that my vacation is going to a GP in Dallas......I am saving up for it! I cannot wait!
    I have awesome customers who make me happy and make me love magic even more....It is just those few people that just make life hell.....Luckily as of late I have good customers get on the bad customers case when they do something that is out of line,
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