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  1. Hello there Madame.

    I'm here to make connections or bonds with others that hopefully will last. I'm hoping to exchange the innards of the deepest darkest space's of our minds with each other. Mostly anything goes just ask if you think it is iffy. I am an open book my skin are my pages and my blood the ink, my scars are the errors of the author. All you need to do is read and hopefully help me right more chapters in this thing we call life or we could do some sick roleplay's that would be awesome too.

    Thanks for your time consider th'yne offer.

    Your's Truly,
  2. snickers.

    I do love how you put this. I'd love to brain storm with ya on some good role-play ideas and such. Is there anything you'd prefer writing at the current moment?
  3. Go ahead and message me madame.
  4. I would be interested in RPing with you~ ^^
  5. Just message me and we can get brain storming Madame
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.