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We all know about the seven deadly sins. Of course they're famous in their own ways for being lustful towards certain genders; lazy around others and doing things they're supposed to be doing. Indulging in things they shouldn't be, prideful about stuff that could really get them in trouble, angry with anyone that comes close to them, or does something to them; and last but not lease greedy. Everyone loves being greedy. More of this, more of that, more of everything that they could possibly have in which they don't have now.


But what if all the sins were against each other and finally made one big energy ball to blow up the city and creatures in it? What if after everything all that was left were the sins; and the sins had to re-create their living arrangements, as well as to make other sins to help them. But in order to create the other sins; there would have to be people right?

That's the kicker.

They have to travel to the next town, find someone exactly like them and make babies! To create the population and make it grow and flourish again. Though they only have a certain amount of time to do it. They need everything to do it, before they disappeared for good.

Where do the sins go? No one knows. What happens to the families they create? Who knows. This is all up to you guys. You're the one making this.
Sounds really good and interesting Idy! Count me in! ;D