Seven Sins

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  1. There have been many rumors about beings with powers. There have been many who seek power. But power is a dangerous thing. And what happens when one man acquires too much power? Well that is exactly what happened....
    His name was Lucifer, and at one time he was the most powerful man in the world. He was a man of much power, a God upon men. With his power he took over country after country, enslaving all. He had only one enemy that could stop him. Love. Love was a young girl, but a fierce fighter. She was not human per say, but a creation. Created from what? who knew. Some said she was created at the same instant Lucifer was. And Lucifer could never defeat her. Even with all his power, he could not do it. Every time he took over a people, she would free them, it was a never ending struggle. But Finally Lucifer had or eternity. Hate was just as powerful as Love and when they fought the skies shook. Man was afraid, and that's what Lucifer wanted. He collected their combined fears and created Despair. Another being that crept among the humans. The humans had no knowledge of Love and Hate, they fought in secret. Love did this to protect the humans from knowing of their existence. But with Love preoccupied with Hate Lucifer was winning Earth. No one could stop him.
    But then a new being was born, and her name was Hope. On the summit of a nameless mountain Lucifer was about to declare Earth his own, when Hope stabbed him in the back. He had know knowledge of her. And Despair was too far away to help. When Lucifer was on his dying breath he split his soul in to seven parts. They became known as the Sins. Ageless beings, that could never grow old. Each representing a part of him. Wrath, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth and finally Greed. These beings all had powers, and were all dangerous. Hope and Love had an answer. Together the captured Hate and Despair. The four of them then became part of humanity. Doing this corrupted humanity but at the same time stopped Hate and Despair from directly destroying the world. Earth was saved but the Seven walked free. Waiting for something....The chance to reunite? Maybe. Each has their own agendas but if brought together, Lucifer would return...
    As time passed since the day Lucifer split apart they have grown their own individuality and come to like the world and using it for their small misdeeds.Will they ever want to go back to becoming one? With Hate and Despair on the move to peice them back together how will they react? Will they run or will fate force them to reunite?
    ~Character Sheet~
    Beliefs:(What they think about reuniting.}
    History: { It's been 236 years after they had split, give details of their lives and other things you would find necessary.}
    Any questions?
    ~My Sheet!~
    Name: Invidia {It's the word envy}
    Personality:Envy is the saving link between Pride and Greed as it associates well with both. These Sins tend to be shifty though, and are never fully trusted. It is relation to greed is broad in that the person believes they lack what others have and long to have it. The Sin Envy is sneaky and will hoard like Greed. However, unlike greed it will take things it believes others want and toss it out later. Its relation to Pride is a strange one, in that it wants to grandeur but cannot gain it, and will hold pride's spiteful nature more in check. They tend to pair up to cause turmoil.Envy unlike others had a problem with her own jealousy often sticking with someone having what she does not, therefore she will take it away and banish it from their person.
    Beliefs:She does not believe in reuniting and letting go of her freedom, nor will she be forced.She has no desire to even converse on the subject of recreating Lucifer and to prove that she would better yet kill Hate and Despair than give in to their request.
    Abilities: Envy has the ability to shift her appearance into anyone else's. Man or woman. Her clothes also change into what ever she imagines the person wearing. The voice changes as well. While she does take their appearance she also causes them to loose what she envied them of having that she lacked. She is a liar at heart, causing men and women to lie about them self or others to achieve their goal then only to later reveal the truth and take all they worked for away.
    Zealous Darkness: As many in the world envy she can collect the energy and bend it to her will of power.
    History: Envy had been born into this world as a zealous woman.Never taking time to think of the other Sins that had been thrown into the world for if she did she would find another thing about her self she lack and they had, but in reality all things lacked something and that's what made her Sin particularly strong. Everything had envy of something or the other and she fed off of it like a plant does the soil and the sun.Always feeling the urge to have what others did and be the only one above all to have what others lacked fought against one another always.
    Being sent into the world of easily fooled humans has caused her goals to finally become reality though she could never quite gain the satisfaction from them that she pleased.The constant feeling of emptiness, after watching the love she could destroy but never gain only served to anger her, however she has not given up on that one thing she cannot have.
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  2. Automatically excepted! I love him LuLu...Gosh...XD
  3. Name: Gekido [Japanese for Wrath]
    Sin: Wrath
    Dragon Appearance(Keep Reading the Sheet):
    Personality: Like a soldier in battle, he is straight forward, strict-handed, slightly cruel, and enduring. His focus centers mostly around staying alive, and defending himself at all costs. He feels no remorse, no mercy, no pain, and no love. But he does feel guilty for what he has done to the world under Lucifer's control.
    Beliefs: In the days of being one, Wrath could only lay dormant and helpless apart of Lucifer as he abused his power to created chaos and destruction. He believes the outcome of one's power is their responsibility. If you show weakness in front of him, he will leave you to fend for yourself. In time of war, the weak shall perish. Playing Hero is foolish, but righting a wrong has no constellation.
    Gunsmith--Being the maker and Harbinger of his name sake, war can create weapons of massive destruction out of thin air. The one he loves in particular is his fully-automatic blade rifle, Hell-Raiser.
    Flames of War--Fire is a spoil of war, in which he can manipulate and use to forge better weaponry.
    Dragonthropy--In the old book(The Bible) it told of Dragons and Hellfire, all War's doing. When his power is at its peek, he unlocks the ability to become a scarlet devil capable of wiping multiple states off the face of the Earth. However, in this state he becomes a ball of rage and is nearly hopeless to stop without death.
    History: Sine the departure, Wrath has spent his days righting his wrongs. The impact from the splitting sent uncontrolled influence all over the globe, and found refuge in the hearts of empowered people. Governors, Presidents, Emperors, etc. All of them took to the influence and started World War III, which soon ended after a 30 year period of bombings. The battle forgotten, the memories were not lost as some areas of the U.S, and further more, were left in Ground Zero condition. One in particular, New York City, acts as Wrath's refuge as he battles the ongoing slaughter. He does this alone. Recently he's been recognized as a mysterious terrorist among the military and is a high priority target for both communist and anti-communist groups. This being said, it has led him into having to fight a war of his own making, before fighting another he feels is soon to grace him and the others.
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