Seven sins hunters ~ Gluttony and Harley

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    Harley Jane Grehe

    A gasp had immediately caught the attention of the nearby priests who began to worry that it would be the end, not only of this attempt but at the life it was costing. It was harsh, one could hear the pain behind it as it was choked out from broken lips. Grey eyes snapped open with that tensed moment as limbs convulsed for a second or two as they were bolted with the pain of the trial. It took minutes before hands were finally able to press against the chalk clad ground to push the red head up, eyes blurred with the psychological pain originating only from her mind at this point.

    With trembling limbs and the occasional whisper in the background the Grehe had sat up with rigid movements, far to out of her senses at the current point to notice either the formation of her newly contracted sin or the shocked glances she received as the circle around her was broken. Not that she could of blamed them, in normal circumstances she would be dead within moments of her first moments.

    Even though the Grehe hunter was still in her actions, it appeared by even the first glance that it was not a definite state. Her arms shook feebly and her head refused to stay up despite her might to keep it there. She had said nothing since she awoke until a silent murmur of "Help" formed from her lips, a volume that would pass the attention of many. Though it seemed to catch some of the nearby priests attention as they were focused upon her anyway, causing them to tumble closer, both wary and cautious to Harley.

    Instantly, two of the priests previously holding the circle around her had gripped her upper arms and hauled her up as to lean against their sides. "Are you okay?" The one at her right asked, even in her dazed state she could make out the worry. She could just about nod for this, before the other interrupted. "What happened, did you pass or fail?" He paused. "How are you alive?" Even they assumed she failed.

    It was just barely at this point that her mind began to twist and turn and she remembered. She remembered the demon and so she hurriedly changed her attention.


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    How could this have happened?...

    That single thought was a constant in Sammael's mind as the orange hellfire slowly consumed both him and his new mistress...How foolish he had been...Had all of this time crammed into his miniature prison left him soft and careless, to lose to the likes of a girl who did not even have powers of her own...She had been lucky and that was all, but she would have no more luck, the Hellhound would make sure of that. His single crimson eye fell on the flames, watching himself slowly be consumed, bone and all. The pain of it was no more than an irritation, watching the orange light crawl over his entire form...consuming bring him anew outside of his blackened prison; however, his mind was corrupted, his rage being forcible subdued by the powers that the contract held over him...He would not be able to hate her...He would not be able to disobey her...He would never be the same.

    She better remember to feed me...

    The very fires that had consumed him would be the ones to bring Sammael back to the other side, all the priests and onlookers far too busy monitoring the health of the little mistress...and to be honest, Sammael could not help but feel the claw of artificial worry in his chest, only implanted by the very contract that had bound him to his prison in the first it was true that even here...on the outside, he would never find freedom. The seal that held him still held great power, as if now knowing the monster that would be released the moment it was broken, to the point where Sammael felt quite a bit of effort being used on his part...quite a bit of energy being exhausted on his part, for breaking the seal was something he had not been able to accomplish the entire he had been a captor.

    However...That all seemed to change, the moment the Grehe...his mistress...spoke his new name. It carried in the air, like a tiny echo caught up by a gust of nonexistent wind, floating over the crowd who seemed to pause in their movements, for with the circle now broken, the very spell they had used to force Grehe inside, who be the very thing to drag the vicious hellhound from its depths. The entire pressure of the room seemed to change then, heavy with the utter power and cold that every demon had to offer; however, this was far stronger...far more encompassing, for this was the aura of one of the 7 aura of the Hellhound himself...the aura of Gluttony.

    Like that of a gas-lamp, Gluttony's seal lit up with an orange glow, the vibrant color swirling with utter instability. The bottle suddenly shook, causing it to force the pillow that held it atop that raised pedestal. The orange glow pulsed with power, the priest that had held the circle slowly moving back away from it, pulling the weakened Grehe with them.


    "Yes...It can be no other...she has passed..."

    A low hiss echoed from the seal, the shaking increasing further and further, rattling the entire pedestal as the Hellhound tried to make himself known, tried to free himself from the prison that had held him for all of these years, forced to answer his mistress's call...He could not fight it...nothing would hold him back...nothing could stop him.

    In a suddenly flash, the glass bottle cracked, the orange glow exploding from the tiny prison and shattering the bottle to pieces. The hellfire swirled, an angry, ferocious mass forcing itself up to the ceiling, the screams of the damned echoing through the platform. The utter violence and power radiating like the fire's heat, causing the others to spread in fear, giving the beast a wide birth as the fire sought to consume those in its way, years of backlash suddenly released in a single moment. The flames twisted, shaping itself into the head of the Hellhound, its ghastly howl ripping through the air before the flames turned and crashed to the very floor, continuing their violent display as their owner slowly started to form....

    "What sort of monstrosity is this?..."

    It started with nothing more than bone, a single skeleton, charred and black shaping itself into a standing position, followed by the muscles sinues reshaping themselves and forming to shield the stranger's form. Lastly came the skin, the utter paleness a drastic contrast to the orange light that sought to consume all of the darkness that had flooded around them. Locks of pure white sprouted from the covered skull, massive scars scoring themselves over that porcelain skin, reddened with irritation. His lips, a least the part of them that was not consumed by the massive pink and red scar that ripped through the right side of his face, was pressed into a thin line, the massive fang visible from the ripped side of his once elegant face. The right eye socket was covered by the thin layer of flesh of his eyelid, the massive scarring having sealed it shut. His other eye, his left eye, remained closed, his snow white locks dancing about his head as his form fully manifested in the human realm, the flames of hellfire scorching the very ground that his bare feet came to rest.

    He landed with a small thud, the hissing flames slowly dying off until they were nothing more that small ambers, still trying to burn around his feet. His body was strong, lined with lean muscle, bones cracking as he sought to readjust himself...For manifestation was always a troubling thing. His head slowly lulled back, body shivering as his nerves seemed to full attach themselves, single crimson orb falling open to stare up at the ceiling. He released a slightly shaky breath, the very air leaving his lips colored white by his aura of his spiritual presence.

    "...This smell..."

    His voice was barely audible as the realizations of the reality slowly flowed in. His vision adjusting, his nose picking up the scents in the air, to the point where he could almost taste it on his black tongue...The scent of all of his possible meals...The scent of the bastards that had captured him and kept him captive for all of those years...The scent of the weak creatures he had thought of eradicating for so many years; however, had not the means to...Now they were before him, staring at him in a mixture of fear and awe...He would make them all pay...He would make them all-

    "...My little mistress..." His eye immediately fell upon the priests that held his mistress, lip rolling back into a small snarl as he looked down upon them all. They were no match for him...He could kill them all...He could be done with all of this right now, for his little mistress was no more than an incoherent heap of flesh and broken bone, mind crippled by their meeting...Her scent was the most powerful over the others, mouth falling open to taste her in the air for a moment or two. Sammael's body turned, falling forward as the gravity of this world seemed to have a minor affect on his capabilities...He was not use to this...he felt so...heavy. His hand came up to slowly cover the right side of his face, expression dismal as minor confusion took hold..His eyes glanced up, swirling with the power and fire, Sammael oddly giddy despite his terrifying appearance. "How long has it been since I have felt this...since...since I have smelt so many delicious creatures at once...since my mouth watered so..." He released an emotionless chuckle, body slinging to the side as she stumbled back slightly, nearly naked form shaking with the utter realization that he was free...His had a current objective...a clawing need that was replacing anything else he may have felt.

    What he had wanted was suddenly being overshadowed by the artificial worry the contract had dared to make him feel. He hated it, a snarl escaping his lips as he spoke to the priests that dared to cling to his object of obsession...That dared to hold onto to his mistress now that he had fully manifested...He would rip them to shreds. "...Remove your hands...before I ripped them off of you..."

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    Harley Jane Grehe

    The moment the huntress had spoken the name she gave her new demon, Harley felt a heavy weight settle upon her chest that drowned out her ability to simply breathe, the simple act that was natural seemed heavy right now. It led to panic and momentary fear. While her mind was slowly crawling back from the depths it fell to when the trial started. Things were instinctual at this point but at the same time, Harley had not energy to combat the unknown. The priests did not register as members of the network, just as unidentifiable people. Though she was neither scared or calm. A state in between.

    The memories of the trial were what snapped her full attention back to reality when she felt the pressure of those flames, the feeling that began to cause a tremor to encompass every spine in the room with a feeling of dread. The feeling of sin in its rawest form. Harley had snapped her gaze up at that, even at the bare minimum of its formation, she was attentive. Blinking, Harley found herself watching despite the fact she was being pulled back by the priests. The flames crawled and the skeleton began the formation of the sin Gluttony, it created the base of Sammael.

    She had been so absorbed in the moment as she watched the physical form of Sammael appear in the real world for the first time in many years. From bone to muscle to flesh, Harley did not even try and think of anything else but that process. It seemed quite startling to most of the priests around her who began to step even further away from the corrupt being, though Harley didn't let her gaze stray. Not after seeing this same humanoid as a giant demon hound. Specially one that called her short.

    One of her arms began to tug against the priests grip in an attempt to get the other to release her. Harley was not going to test the sins patients around so many people, specially while other trials were still in process so despite her exhaustion she tugged harder till he, in shock, released one of her sides. A tired huff was dragged from her lips before she swung her head around to face the others. "Hah....Just let go...Please." She breathed out with a quick close of her eyes. She really wanted to sleep.

    The second the last priest released her she found herself collapsing onto the ground, resting on her legs for a moment as she grit her teeth.. She blamed Sammael. The priests stepped away and Harley used the last miniscule amount of energy to drag herself back up once more so she stood, arms limp at her side as her eyes remained the bare minimum open. Pools of grey were mere slits as she sent a small, frail smile at Sammael.

    "S-Sammael...Do not harm anyone in here"

    With that softly murmured request, despite the finality of her tone, Harley turned around on her spot with a little grumble. Even her steps were staggers. "Time for a nap...Ill report later." Harley told the bosses before she headed to the door. She really just wanted to sit and let the pain, that dreadful pain, fade.

    "Lets go, Sammael..."
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    To hear his mistress speak immediately set about a minor change in the demon, who had indeed taken pleasure in watching the horrified stares of the Priests and onlookers who had the pleasure of gazing upon him. How many years had it been since he had been around this many people at once, not having to wait for the random idiot to test their luck and be ripped apart between his teeth...These were not subconscious manifestations of humans...No...These were flesh and blood beings...Warm bodies...Reality before him...Something he had craved for years, for it had been so long since he had actually had a decent mean, and fabrications of humans were nothing like the actual thing.

    However, that was all momentarily forgotten as that single, glowing eye landed on his mistress, Samuel's snarl lessening slightly as he visibly relaxed. It was a complete turn around, for moments before he would have ripped her to shreds along with the others...He would have already drained the fluids of at least half of the humans staring at him now...He would have already killed the Grehe; however, he could not now...He would not now, for it seemed that she indeed had an influence on him...Sammael suddenly face with an inability to disobey whatever she wished of him. He watched as the priests released his little mistress, crimson stare remaining oddly on their jugulars rather than their faces...He cared little for what they looked like, for he could distinguish their smells rather easily...What he wanted was their blood...their flesh and bone, and his mouth was practically watering at the possibly of a taste; however, his attention was pulled to his mistress, who suddenly collapsed before him. His body visibly tensed, the want to assist her only caused by the contract; however, his true wants and desires easily died out in that aspect. Helping her was no necessity, and he would do no more than what was necessary to ensure whatever commands she gave were carried out. His expression slowly faded in its violence, returning once again to a calm, practically emotionless state; however, his eye remained intense as ever, jaw visibly clenched as he waited for Harley to regain her composure. He had nothing better to do, and now that he had looked at her, she now had his full attention.

    She stood and stumbled, Samuel's expression remained virtually uncaring as his eyes flicked defensively to the priests that surrounded them...To the situation that was happening around them. It looked to be some sort of ritual from the looks of it, his eye falling to stare at the now broken summoning circle that had enraptured him. There were others nearby, the current area they were standing in far larger than he had initially thought. He cared little for what was happening around him, though, for the moment Harley rose once more, his gaze flicked back to her, crimson orb ever encompassing the weak smile that spread across her face. He could hear her heart beat...her breathing...all were slightly labored, and for a sadistic reason, Sammael took pleasure in that, watching her physical form suffer for what he had caused to her subconscious manifestation. He could have done more...He could have ripped her to pieces, just to enjoy her suffering on the outside...even though he would not be able to see it...With this new knowledge that what he did to people's subconscious caused such misfortune to their actual bodies, sent a shiver of excitement through the beast; however, his expression refrained from displaying said emotion, jaw clenching once more as he was greeted with his mistress's first order.

    Do not harm anyone in here...

    The demon could not stop the expression of pure rage that slowly flooded over his face, left eye twitching as the normal side of his mouth slowly curled into a sneer of pure hatred. How dare she command Sammael to remain stagnant and ignore the carnal need that had been clawing at his gut since he had arrive into had been eating away at him since his capture. Who the fuck did this Grehe think he was? He was GLUTTONY...the sin of sins...The true Hellhound...wild and feral and unable to be tamed! He would not dare listen...He would not dare let himself fall in line and comply to her ridiculous commands. He would rip her apart along with everyone in this fucking plac-

    "As you command, my little mistress."

    The words left him before he would think otherwise, the pressure of the contract's powers forcing him into complacency and obedience. His expression was like that of the truest demon, face darkening drastically as he stared hungrily at all of the puny humans surrounding him, but so suddenly out of his reach. He barely registered Harley turning, his own rage and humiliation almost too much to comply with...So easily she had been able to get control over him and keep him from doing what only came to fucking naturally. His eyes was wide, a look of mild shock washing over him as his hand came to angrily hold the side of his head, black nails digging into his scalp as he cringed at the aftermath of the command, mind momentarily fogging. This was hell...oh Satan...Sammael knew now that he would lose himself in this process...That he would not be able to deny her...It did not mean that he would not try.

    It was Harley's voice that pried Sammael out of this state of realization, the Hellhound's eye landing on her as he watched her slowly make her way to the door. He would not help her walk...He did not care if he could not resist following her, but he would not fall completely in line and allow for himself to become some midget bitch's lap dog. Hesitantly, giving a longing look to the priests and onlookers as he passed, Sammael followed, expression still one of minor disbelieve, his anger and utter hatred for the being before him clear in his unmoving gaze. She had won the trials; however, she would have hell to pay...Sammael could promise that.
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    Harley Jane Grehe

    Harley had not dared to say another word because it seemed even her ability to do so was exhausted. She questioned the fact that she had screamed, a lot, at the demon hound in the trial and wondered if it carried over to the physical plane. Though, she had none of the broken ribs and bones so it was doubtful. Honestly, she didn't want to know exactly why she felt the residing pain in her spine and ribs, why her arm pulse with each sway that accompanied her step. Harley did not even turn back to see if Sammael followed, she knew he would. The contract and his canine instincts, as she had observed, wouldn't let him stray.

    She thanked whatever divine beings existed right then and there.

    Having left the large, looming red steel doors, Harley stood a few steps before she felt the undeniable sway of her consciousness before her arm hit the stone walls. A violent hiss parted through clenched teeth as she felt her muscles scream in protest at the sudden contact. The hunter wanted so badly to let sleep consume her then and there but not in front of him. Not in front of the demon. Harley wanted so desperately to remain strong to not give this demon a chance at seeing her weak. That and she wasn't going to let that demon find a reason to mention her height. So she would stand tall.

    Pulling herself back up, Harley turned her head to stare at the demon with an exhausted gaze. "Right" She huffed. "I guess I need to take you to see the rest of the Grehe and then get you a room in our portion of the grounds.." Harley seemed slowly to be slipping from reality, her words just a long drawl by this point. He head cocked as she watched the other with curiosity, sight dwindling se pushed herself from the wall. "Y'know you... Can call me Harley..Rig-"

    Within those final seconds, those frail spoken syllables, her form crumpled. There was little to it. Her head fell forwards as her sentence faded into obscurity, her knees buckled under her weight for a second as her consciousness slipped.​
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    The soft thud of the pads of Samuel's bare feet was the only noise that sounded down the hall as the Hellhound followed his mistress from the ceremony chamber. His eye had moved about, oddly elegant form stepping aside as the door fell shut with little a loud echo. He was indeed curious to see where he had ended up after all of these years, the scent of familiar beings wafting around him; however, they were only lingering smells, faded by years of absence. The owners of these scents were long gone...Having either joined the ranks of hell, or somehow managed to weasel their way into the heavens. Sammael could not say for sure, being that he had been absent from his place in hell since his capture...who knew what sort of chaos his legion had fallen into...

    He heard a loud thud in front of him, Samuel's attention returning to his mistress as she fell against the wall. Her labored breathing had increased its struggles, her body seeming to tremble with some sort of invisible force imposing an unknown pain upon her. It was quite an interesting site to behold, being that her body was reacting to all of the injuries her subconscious self had faced. It was almost...comical...Sammael unable to hide the small amount of pleasure he received from seeing her suffer...It was as if he was getting some sort of revenge, being that he could no longer directly harm the little human himself. His eyes remained on her, expression unmoving as he remained silent, not wishing to break the odd amount of tension that remained between them...He wanted to keep it as long as possible, wishing to despise this weak creature who had dared to best him in his own game...Who had somehow managed to weasel her way between he and his wants...and force him into this ridiculously humiliating contract. He was a Hellhound, not some stupid world mutt that could be taught tricks...He wanted to hate her for as long as possible...and as long as he remained stagnant in his responses, only giving as little as possibly to satisfied the girl's need, that would be enough.

    With the amount of pain she was going through, Sammael was rather surprised to see the girl suddenly lift herself from the wall, his eye narrowing for a moment as he stayed put his distance away, simply observing her actions and movements. She was swaying, legs shaking as she seemed barely capable of holding herself up...She would fall over at any moment, that much was certain...Her words were slurred, eyes dilated and unfocused...Was she even looking at him...Who was she speaking too, for her head was turning, body seeming to move with it as she stayed against the wall, her entire form shaking with effort.

    Stubborn little human...It only makes you look weaker...How did I managed to find myself stuck in the servitude of someone she...humiliating...

    She wished to put him on display to the rest of her bloodline? Sammael was not some toy to be paraded around and shown off to the likes of those beneath him, and his expression visibly soured at that thought, jaw clenching as he bit back any sort of vocal response. He would torment her with his utter silence...His ultimate indifference, for he was completely settling of the idea that she would never gain his loyalty...He would never willingly listen to her or accept any of her commands...Even if his body obeyed; however, something was changing within odd carnal need he had not felt before...a strange clawing in his chest for her to not leave his side, but he refused to even think about it, his rage only building at the realization of this utter perplexity.

    When she spoke again, her words seemed to trail off, her shaking having almost consumed her entire form. She was leaning dangerously to the side, grey orbs suddenly glazed over with utter exhaustion and agony. Sammael had seen that expression before, so he seemed rather prepared for what would happen next; however, he had not expected himself to act the way he had. Without another thought, his body sprung forward, the world seeming to move in slow motion as his arms extended towards the falling Grehe. His body was acting on its own, mind fighting the contract's changes as he felt his own hand press to the small girl's back, arms moving around her and locking her in place as her weight fell against his chest. She was indeed shorter than him, so his grasp caused the girl to be slightly lifted onto her tip toes, body leaning forward as her limp legs refused to hold her form. Sammael could not shake the momentary feeling of relief that washed over him, having kept the girl from slamming against the floor; however, it did little to settle the overbearing rage that wash building to its climax...He had just caught the person that had dared to humiliate him in such a way...that had dared to force him into utter submission; however, now he was holding this girl in his arms...a warm embrace that immediately settled the clawing feeling in his gut..that somehow washed a small amount of that anger away.

    He did not dwell on it as his eye momentarily closed, sighing to himself as he thought aloud. "Is this what I am to face in the servitude of a human?...Pathetic..." He shifted his weight then, one arm remained around the girl's shoulders as the other scooped under her knees, Sammael lifting her effortlessly from the ground as he glanced around once more. He felt her head settle into the crook of his neck, the demon's expression void of anything, eye half-lidded as he took another look at the door they had just left. ...You should have killed the Grehe when you had the chance, idiot...You never play with your food... His eye narrowed for a moment before falling upon the unconscious face of his new mistress. His anger was still there; however, the clawing sensation was all but gone...He felt oddly calm with her in his arms, the worry he had felt for her leaving him. His true self still hated her..still wished to rip her to shreds...and in all actuality he could easily picture himself holding her like this, burying his face into her warm entrails...breaking through that porcelain skin and ripping her apart, leaving her body unnoticeable to all of those who knew her...He could so easily stamp out that out her heart and drain the very blood that pulsed through it...How horribly he wished to, more than anything else at this moment; however, the contract would keep him at bay...It did little to stop him from leaning down slightly, expression remaining subdued as he moved in on her heart, nose momentarily brushing over the soft surface of her shirt as he smelt her sweet aroma...How he would have enjoyed eating this one...How much her scent now teased him...making his mouth water...making him crave it more than any other...How he hated her for this torment she had forced upon him...but he would get his revenge...He would make her regret this day...

    "Until then...sleep my little mistress...Harley Grehe...for I shall be here when you wake...and this moment shall be the last fragments of peace you shall face..."

    He gave her the smallest squeeze then before straightening, eyes wandering over the lonely hallway before he decided to continue their set path...For he could smell the others nearby...
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    Harley Jane Grehe

    Harley had been asleep for three days without waking. Due to it, Harley had not seen or informed her family of her passing the trial and her new contract. Out of fear of her room being empty no one had entered Harley's room to check if she had returned. Trials were reported to take various times to finish. So the red head had not needed to awaken. Which was evident by the fact she was still in her clothes from days ago and the fact the demon slept by her side, head on her abdomen.

    So as the day bore a deep orange glow through the thin windows, the light hit the hunters eyelids, causing them to twitch in retaliation at the new sensation. Her arms soon shifted with the beginning to her waking, movement following its path till it reached her neck, her head leaning back for a moment into her pillows before the red head yawned. Harley had yet to open her eyes or stretch her awareness. The fact she had been asleep for days was not even comprehended in her functioning mind.

    With sleep slowly fading, Harley began to take note of things around her, facts about her current state. Her limbs no longer shuddered with an unimaginable weight and her legs not longer felt like with each twitch a magnitude of flames would flicker at her limbs. Her chest even felt lighter and no longer frozen with the rigid pain of what she mentally believed was broken ribs. All the pain that once plagued her and had her contemplating death was gone, simply vanished without even a mark to remember it by.

    Slowly, grey pools drifted open with a rapid blink as she cursed away the daze that remained in her mercury gaze. Lashes remained in place, hiding them for a moment before they peered open fully at the ceiling above, her expression stoic. Temptation to fall immediately into her usual routine remained strong but something kept her in place. Harley shifted once more with a small grumble, pulling herself up into a mid sitting position so her tired gaze could find what was leaning upon her abdomen.

    "That's right...I passed the trial..."

    Harley stared at the mop of silvery white hair that obscured her vision of the known scarred face, her expression baring no detail to the sudden realisation Harley felt as her mind finally put all the facts together. Second later her lips had parted into a small 'o', eyes abnormally wide before they narrowed, a hand reaching sneakily over to the nearby bedside table to pick up the diary that rested there, bound in a dark burnt orange cover. With a malicious glint to her gaze, Harley raised it up a small distance before slamming the object down upon the head resting upon her stomach.


    The hunter looked absolutely livid as she scrambled to the head of her bed, pointing at the other rudely before throwing her arm to the door to point there. "Damnit! Sammael! Why are you in here?! You are not supposed to sleep in my bed..." She lowly hissed as she glared daggers, seeming as if wanting the demon to combust some how before realisation seemed to dawn on her as she looked to her clothes and then her room. "Wait, Wait, Wait...Why am I in here? How am I here?"
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    Sleep was a luxury that many demons were rarely ever afforded, being that life in hell was usually teaming with unknown danger...No one, not even your own comrades could be trusted, so it was very common for demons, especially the beast sort, to go days without a night's rest, that rest usually lasting for only an hour or so. It was usually used as a sort of replenishment mechanism, to refuel any sort of lost energy and power during any sort of exhersion...It was never done for enjoyment, and it only lasted as long as necessary...

    During the past 3 days, Sammael had found himself without a direct order from his mistress, so he had taken it upon himself to direct her back to her place of residency. He had not bothered to inform the girl's family, mainly because he knew he lacked most control when it came to dealing with humans...She had not given him any more orders to not harm her family; however, he did not wish to end back up in that fucking seal after only a few moments of freedom. So, out of the artificial kindness in his little black heart, Sammael had managed to return Harley to her her home; however, he had not left her chambers. He required little to nothing in this human realm, other than food; however, going a few days without was indeed a common occurrence for him. He would have to wait years at a time on occasion...It did little to settle the ever present hunger in his gut, but Sammael could easily survive in such a state.

    The Hellhound had taken it upon himself to fully understand his mistress while she was in comatose. He analyzed her belongings, read her little orange book where she felt the need to record all of her emotions and feelings...It had offered quite a lot of insight; however, it did little to change his opinion of her. The contract kept him bound to her; however, it seemed that she had little to no knowledge of what she was getting herself into. Accepting blindly to own a demon, a SIN for that matter, was indeed a foolish endeavor..and it seemed that this little experiment was still in the fetus stage of its development. She knew nothing of what she had done, and in all honesty, that did not settle well with the powerful beast. He had taken it upon himself on night to try and escape; however, the moment he had scaled the wall and was making his way across the grounds, the Hellhound fell into a momentary panic...Physically felt pain from being that far away from his "little mistress". So it seemed that the contract had affected more than his personality...It made him physically incapable of separating himself from this wretch.

    That realization had a profound affect on the demon, who had returned to Harley's chamber...drastically changed from before. He leapt back through the window and immediately settled upon ripping her throat out in her sleep; however, the moment he felt his claws gracing her skin, a bolt of electricity rushed through him, his nerves exploding from the immense heat as he was immediately forced back, overturning the reading chair and crashing into the large bookshelf, scattering her many collection of stories about the floor. So...He definitely could not kill her either...There was little to nothing that Sammael could do to her in his current state...She was indeed protected by their contract...

    That thought brought about a minor fit in the demon, who sought about trying to break the closet thing near him, which just so happened to be the chair and the coffee table...It did little to satisfy his blood lust; however, it had tired him out enough to calm his fit, body slumped as he simple flopped down upon the bed near his mistress.

    He had rested his head upon her stomach, unsure why other than just to calm the annoying clawing in his gut. Her presence sought to satisfy that craving, which was valuable knowledge to him. He had laid there upon her, blankly staring at the wall for quite sometime...He did not know when he had fallen asleep; however, it was the mild shifting of the girl under him that caused his attention to return, face twitching slightly as his expression remained that of a resounding frown. He did not wish for her to move, so extended his hand, feeling his claws easily tear into the fabric of her shirt as he sought to hold her in place; however, it did not stop her from sitting up, Sammael's head moving downward slightly towards her waist. His frown only deepened, eye shutting a little more drastically as his grip on her shirt tightened.

    What he had not expected was to be so cruelly smacked atop the head; however, the strength of a human was by far inferior to his...It did little to stop the sudden irritation that rose up inside of his, a pouty huff escaping him as he felt her move back even further, Sammael's claws further ripping free of the fabric of her shirt as he felt her body slide from underneath him, until his head was rest against the soft fabric of her sheets and mattress.

    It was only then that the demon let his eye slide open slightly, face remaining hidden by that mop of unruly, white curls as he released a small growl, hand coming up to softly rub where she had struck him. His body remained slightly hunched forward, the frustration of being awakened evident in his voices as the deep bass vibrated in his throat. "Your voice is annoying...I preferred you better as a comatose carrot-topped midget...It was much more suitable..." He was clearly grouchy, half-lidded stare raising slightly to gaze at her with an almost bored expression. He did not yawn, nor stretch, for he had little need to, but he did brushed his fingers slowly through his hair, the disheveled locks falling back into their chaotic place as he further ignored her angry glare. "Why I am here is rather self-explandatory...You completed the trials and forced me into your servitude...Why I am in your room is also obvious...I brought you here, little mistress, after you were too weak to carry yourself. I would have at least thought the likes of you to show some gratitude...simple-minded, short, and also ungrateful..." His expression did not show the dismay present in his voice...If anything, it would seem as though he were slightly amused by her antics, even if he was irritated by her choice of timing.

    "And why I am on your bed should be self explanatory as well, even for the likes of you. You scent pleases me, so I wish to be near it."
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  9. [​IMG]
    Harley Jane Grehe

    Harley had completely ignored the grip on her shirt, her attention far more distracted by the others expressions. They were amusing to say the least, though she would not verbally confirm her amusement at the fact. Though she listened, Grehe was also multi tasking, subtly scanning her room to note the damage. Furniture was broken and books were scattered aimlessly around the area, Harley just concluded that the hellhound through a fit, childish was the only word that came to mind.

    When she finally looked back to the demon, the red head was left to glare at him with all her mustered might at his comment of "midget", calling her a carrot top was just the icing on the cake of her currently boiling anger. The flesh of her cheeks bore a bright shade of red in the midst of her anger. "Who the hell are you calling midget, puppy?" Was her intelligent reply, teeth bore at the other as she folded her arms against her chest. Harley found her height a sensitive issue and often left her in days of sulking and rage.

    The hunter was left shocked by the fact he had brought her here. There was no order, the demon could of simply abandoned her wherever she collapsed and did whatever he wanted till she awoke to find him. Carefully the red head had settled her stance a little, if one could called her previous position one. "I see..." It was true, she was being ungrateful. Demon or not. "Fine. Thank you for carrying me here Sammael." She thanked him.

    Swinging her legs over the side of the bed so she could stand, Harley headed over to her closet to drag out a pair of blue jeans and an oversized baggy grey t-shirt out. With a quick flick of her wrist, Harley had pulled her beloved scarf from her neck and let it fall over the broken chair and the dressing table. Of course, any weather, she was going to wear it. Turning to walk over to the connected bathroom, heading inside to change and avoid him seeing the blush she adorned when he spoke about her scent.

    After five minutes, Harley re-emerged with her hair done up in a high ponytail, that revealed the dark orange mark engraved into pale flesh on the back of her neck, two bangs framing her face as she headed back to the closet to get a new pair of boots out. "I'm hungry and I doubt my family know if I am alive or not yet so I need to report to grandfather and then to the big boss." She muttered, sitting on the floor to lace up the combat boots. "Plus, they owe me cake for passing." She added, gathering herself to her feat before she faced the other, grabbing her scarf to let it hang around her shoulders. "I'm guessing as gluttony you need food as well, right?"

    Harley approached her bed for a moment to pull out the twin daggers from under the mattress, strapping them to her left thigh via their sheathes and the buckle for them. Looking to Sammael she grinned. "Then we can go shopping to get you clothes and whatever you need!"

  10. [​IMG]



    He would have figured that the human capable of besting him in is own game, would have found out a means to at least come up with better insults other than 'puppy'; however, to Sammael's mild shock, the Hellhound found himself taking more offense to that then he usually would, maybe because his dignity and pride were indeed in the toilet after the installment of this fucking contract. He did little to react to it though, instead raising his arm and lightly scratching between his naked shoulder blades, muscles tensing as his gaze wandered around the room. It the morning light, the world did have a drastically different look, causing Sammael's eye to squint slightly before he let his arms fall, releasing an exasperated sigh of sorts. He already hated it here, freedom or not...At least in the bottle he was himself...Now...He was a shell, forced into compliance by the fucking contract...He could not even trust his own words most likely, or his emotions for that matter.

    He did not react to his mistress's thanks, eye casting itself downward to stare at the patterns along the comforter. It seemed that his claws had accidentally ripped themselves into it, casing a few streak marks leaking cotton to form of the mattress surface; however, he was unapologetic...He also lacked any sort of remorse for sleeping on her bed, or on her for that matter, being that these were the terms of the contract she would have to get use to. She wanted the Hellhound, and now she had she would have to deal with the reprecusions of that. "..." He watched her rise from his peripheral, picking up a few random articles of clothing and disappearing into the bathroom. Sammael released another sigh, his expression rather sour...almost bored as he retrieved the orange leather book...diary if Sammael remembered correct, and held it in his hands. He shifted into a cross-legged position, elbow resting on his strong thigh as he flipped the book open and passed the time by reading her writing...It was about the third time he had done so, and as usually he skipped over any useless information and went directly to the pages he had remembered, taking in the knowledge once more...

    It still surprised him how little she seemed to understand about her current situation, for even though Sammael had never actually executed this sort of relationship in quite some time, he still knew everything in theory. Harley was completely brainless when it came to the contract much so that it infuriated Sammael...Not only at Harley, but at the being that had taken it upon themselves to "train" her in preparation for this day. Their knowledge was minimal at best, not even fully understanding how the sealing of his demonic essence took place. It was comical...borderline sad to see how novice and amateur they were when it came to this...Did they not even think to try and figure out what happened afterwards?...

    They are the guinea pigs, that's why...a simple test...They probably did not even think anyone would make it as far as they had...

    The question of "they" was gnawing at the back of Sammael's mind. Had the other sins managed to find themselves in the same predicament he had. Usually he was able to sense their demonic presence once they were all out in the open; however, he could barely feel anything...It seemed that they were all being suppressed, if they had been freed that is. The Hellhound would have to find out more; however, with such lacking information, he felt as though he would be more teacher than anything else.

    He had rested Harley's diary on his lap, still opened on the same page when she appeared from the bathroom. Sammael's crimson orb was trained on her, narrowing with irritation and interest as she set to put on her shoes, talking about her hunger and her family...In actuality, Sammael was starving as well...well...that was not much of a difference than he usually felt; however, he felt the need to eat rather insistent than usual. He did not answer any of her questions, eyes falling back onto the book as the lightly tugged on the page of her diary.

    "...What do you know about the arrangements of our contracts?" He interrupted her suddenly, hand once again ranking itself through his slightly matted locks to free them of any tangles. His eyes rose from the page of her journal, training on her with an almost bored expression. He was naturally curious to see what Harley knew of demonic contracts, slightly confused with her utter nonchalance. "...It seems that, well a least from your entries, that your knowledge is minimal...amateur at the most...You're young, but you would willingly give up everything - your life, you happiness, your salvation, your soul- so that you can have what I can give..." His voice trailed off slightly as he waited, hard moving up to slightly scratch the massive scarring on the right side of his face...When he found silence, he continued once more. "You don't even understand what is happening here, or at least refuse to address it...little mistress."
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  11. [​IMG]
    Harley Jane Grehe

    Harley did not take long to notice that the demon had went through her diary, reading the words of her past. Most likely, her experience through the training she received in the past years. For a moment, Harley was angry but it soon dissipated when she thought about it. In technicality, it was to do with him and she had hit him with it. Even his insults seemed to do little to rile her up, instead she faced her door momentarily before sighing, shaking her head before turning back to him.

    "Nope, your completely right. We don't know anything."

    There was no point denying the obvious. No one in records had ever contracted a Sin, minor demons yes but not a Sin. Harley just mumbled a few words before she shrugged. "No one has contracted one of you guys so we don't know anything. All we know is through trial and lots of error. Which is why the priests even prepare funerals before the tests because no one has come back." The red head confirmed, shoving her hands into her pockets. "We try just to improve of technics we used when contracting weaker levelled demons. It took our network to create the trials but we did eventually."

    Harley looked to her broken chair before groaning, walking over to the bed so she could flop down, throwing herself upon the torn sheets that would be undoubtable fixed before she went to bed tonight. "Whenever one of us is born with one of your marks on us our families basically know they wont know their child for long. I mean no one has survived before. So just in case, they train us to accept whatever conditions, whatever situation for the good of the network." Harley was raised on this, which is why she explained it so easily. "That and loyalty~" She cooed. "What would happen if we went rogue with a powerful demon behind us? I guess we are mostly tools."

    Harley really didn't care.

    Sitting herself back up, the hunter stretched her arms tiredly above her head before grinning. "No that I care." Shifting around so she faced the white haired sin of Gluttony, Harley stared at him, gaze narrowed curiously. "So, what do you mean Soul, happiness and all that?" There had to be questions, this was a topic that had remained quite thin from the start of the trials. "What does happen with this?" She paused, tilting her head. "Why are some of us born with the symbol of sins?" Harley questioned, reaching up subtly to press her hand against the orange mark of gluttony that resided on the back of her neck.​
  12. [​IMG]



    Sammael had always had a general assumption that humans were indeed lacking of intelligence, even with all of the scientific success they have had to undergo in order to counteract all of the shit that was up against them. That was not the sort of knowledge Sammael was talking about, for their species was young...drastically so compared to the demons that had been roaming the earth's undercarriage since before man ever took its first piss; however, what Sammael was talking about had to deal with their utter lack of recognition of utter demise and danger. He would have thought it had been perfectly obvious what would become of a human if they underwent a contract with he, or any of the other sins for that matter; however, these beings were completely absent minded in that wisdom, or in this case common sense.

    At least the girl was honest in her idiocy; however, what upset Sammael was that they would dare to compare him to one of the lower life demons, the scum of the underworld who sought their livelihood up here, where the pickings were easy and the humans were stupid. It was almost comical to think they would believe he and them were practically the same creatures with the same contract sortings. It was utterly ridiculous, and Sammael was unable to hide that sudden laugh that rumbled deep in his throat, head falling back as his hands gripped his knees. "HAHAHAHA!...Hehehe...are you humans really that stupid? Do you actually know so little about the demon hierarchy and power setup?...Lower level demons...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They only accept your little invitations because it gives them a rush of power before they are thrown back to the likes of me and my kin! How dare you even try to compare the two of us! They don't do contracts, for they lack the capability to withstand a physical manifestation for that long on the human surface...They would shrivel up and die within days..."

    It took him a moment or two to compose himself, Sammael consumed in a fit of deep throated, husky giggles. He could not believe how little they actually understood....They would dare call that acceptance an actual contract? They knew nothing at all, just as Harley said... His attention was pulled back, any amusement he had felt before completely leaving his expression. She called herself a tool..."That would make me a tool of a tool then, would it not?..." He moreso pondered that outlaid, hand extending to pull up some of the cotton that had leaked out of the comforter. He squeezed it in his hand for a moment or two, eye falling closed for a minute as his anger about this entire situation seemed to raise itself back up in a matter of seconds.

    Her questions were rather irritating to his current mood, eye sliding open as he focused on her once more...Did she really wish to know, or was she just trying to pass time or make small talk. It mattered little to him, since someone HAD to tell her and being that the very priests that wished to conduct this very "project" knew so little about the situation...none other than a Sin itself could inform her better.

    "You see Grehe..." Sammael started, straightening slightly as his eyes returned to the cotton in his hand. He brought his other hand up and pulled the piece of cotton apart, holding them before Grehe as he continued. "The contract of a sin...or at least of a demon powerful enough to maintain such a connection, is a complicated process, being that a demon essentially gives up part of himself to the holy radiance that ever human holds within them. The contract works as a means for a demon to be able to give up part of their magical ability to the being that wishes to take control of them...but it works as a lending process, for iF it was not...This contract would be practically one sided..." He paused, head tilting slightly to the side as the left side of his face turned upward in a small smirk. "A human has to give something in return to the demon for its servitude, for a demon will not stay captive for so long if there is not some sort of incentive...Just like with the invitation acceptances lower level demons make...They ask for first born children, locks of hair, eye sight, limbs, etc...But there is only one price that will completely settle a contract set between a demon and a human..." His left fist slowly closed around the cotton in his left hand, the heat from his palm suddenly increasing and incinerating the wad of material. "When a human starts a contract with a demon, they renounce Heaven's claim upon them...They renounce God's divinity and turn their back on the radiance within them, letting it move between the human and demon and form a link, or mental connection between the two. It is that radiance that has full control over the demon for the time being; however, when that human dies, they radiance link is broken, thus freeing the demon from the contract..." His palm slowly opened, revealing the small amount of ash in his palm. "But...because the human as renounced the claim to the Heavens, as well as God's divinity, their soul essential belongs to the very demon they contracted with. They forfeit any sort of 'judgement' they would have gone through in Heaven. They forfeit their salvation as a means to attain the raw power that the demon harnesses...So in their death, the demon shall collect their soul and drag them down to hell, where they shall forever be at the mercy of the creature they had forced into servitude."

    He gave a small nod then, head falling to the side as he remembered Harley's last question. "In regards to the markings, only a single being can be born at a time which can harness the designated Sin. Their holy divinity and radiance has to be high enough to make a full connection with the powerful demon, or they will simply be devoured then and there and their soul will forever be bound in servitude. That marking signals who is able to make a contract with that single Sin. It is like a sort of V.I.P designation that one poor son of a bitch is unlucky enough to be blessed with...however, if they fail to create a contract with the demon, the marking will disappear and move on to the next person capable of capturing them."

    With that his hand extended slightly, fingers reaching out until they were only a few inches in front of Harley. His expression seemed to change drastically, one of sadistic pleasure crawling across his face, glowing in his eye. "To put it into simpler terms, little mistress, upon your death...I shall regain my freedom..and your eternity of torment and sorrow shall begin...I will take great pleasure of collecting your much so that, if you make me happy enough, I'll turn let you be my personal plaything...You won't die...but you will be able to feel everything...And I will be merciless...No matter how much you matter how much you scream or beg...I will not stop...No one shall be there to protect you...No one shall help you...You will be mine, and not even God will come to your aid." He expression died then, blanking as his hand dropped back to his side. He sat Harley's diary aside, turning and rising out of the bed before he continued once more. "Until then...the contract completely binds me to you. I can read your thoughts, know your emotions...My power is at your beck and call...I am your personal servant and there is nothing I can do to rebel or go against the orders you have set for me...I am completely at the mercy of your wants, Harley Grehe..." There was a bit of an edge to his voice, his teeth clench for a moment as the last syllable released itself as a small growl.
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    Harley Jane Grehe

    The story he painted was grim and it sent a shudder even down her spine. She had faced him in his true form and that, even now crept haunting images into her mind that reminded her that he was a demon but the description he let fall from his lips stopped her heart in its tracks. Even when the hand settled only centimetres from her eyes, Harley still bore and expression of distraught. Her breathing was still and her chest remained unmoving for a second before his hand dropped and she started once more.

    Had her own family in a way condemned her to an afterlife of this sins presence? The fate she was raised to believe she had, one so glorious and amazing, was eventually going to be her downfall? She protects them and in result, she looses her soul to some overgrown puppy? Her eyes had for moments, become glazed as she tried to conduct her thoughts properly. Harley's breathing had quickened, her hand reaching up to press against the part of her chest where her heart thundered.

    She was scared.

    It took her a while to compose herself, instinctively her other hand had played with the knife on her thigh before she strangely, within seconds, seemed completely fine. A small grin had occupied her features as she quickly hurried off of the bed to stand, stretching her limbs experimentally before sighing. "It doesn't matter my fate. My time will be spent wisely, protecting and strengthening the Network." Se shrugged, heading over to her make up table for a moment, grabbing a small silver bracelet that she hurriedly adorned. "Plus, we don't plan on letting any of you back to hell. Protocol and all that."

    Heading over to the door, Harley looked behind her for a moment before motioning with her hand for him to follow. Spinning around the corner from where her room was placed, Harley hurried down the eerily empty halls as she headed to the Grehe common room. After all, they would all wait there to see if their current 'mark' was alive. Luckily for her it was to early in the morning for the ever nocturnal Grehe to actually be up. Possibly only her parents.

    Wandering down the silent halls, Harley finally stood before two dark purple doors, silver d├ęcor lining them. The royal shade of purple had seemed to accompany the Grehe for years now and even now they used it dedicatedly. Specially since their ancestors were two who sealed and defeated sins. Reaching over to the silver handles, Harley gripped them and quickly slammed them open, allowing her steel grey eyes to study the room. It was fairly large for the small Grehe family, the large communal tables were a dark red. The walls were painted lilac and white. On the other side of the room stood a tall dark haired woman and a raven haired male, the heads of the Grehe.

    Harley within those seconds had shot over the span of the room and wrapped her arms around her father, causing him to grumble at the sudden collision. Though once the two had realised who it was, their reaction was quite the opposite. "Harley!" Harley and her father hugged for a moment before she changed her embrace to her mother. "Your alive...?" The older woman asked, her expression one of disbelief. "Yup!" Harley cooed quite happily, leaning back to give a peace sign with her fingers. "And I passed!~"

    Her father blinked as he finally found sight of Sammael, expression darkening at the demonic aura before he had drawn his weapon, a gun, while her mother pulled out two short swords, Harley herself shoved behind them. The shock of Harley's return had caused them to forget that she passed the trial and so would be followed by her new partner. Both were seconds away from attacked before Harley had slid between them and ran over to Sammael's side, her head tilted curiously. "Urm...Guys, this is Sammael, Better known as Gluttony." She introduced before turning to look up at the demon. "These two are my parents, Yvonne and Liam. You cannot hurt them."
  14. [​IMG]



    The moment Sammael saw that look in his Mistress' eyes,that glimmer that glazed over those otherwise dull grey orbs, causing them to glisten with that familiar comforting emotion...Sammael knew he would crave it. He fed off of that fear that rattled her heart, sent shivers up her spine...that rocked her to her very core. He could taste it in the air, that metallic sweetness that, like blood, would satisfy him beyond Harley's recognition... It was delicious, her fear, so much so that Sammael's mouth remained open just slightly, breathing slipping between his lips just so he could taste just a delicacy; however, it only lasted for a moment...Just a single moment before it was gone, leave Sammael wishing for more.

    His eye narrowed as that small smile crossed her lips, annoying voice returning as she spoke words that were more likely there to convince herself, for they were rather empty to Sammael, who watched her closely with an expression of cold indifference. She could believe what she wished to, but she was now forever bound to him...and it was almost silly for her to think that a simple seal would keep the apart...She would forever be his now, whether she wished to or not, for now...she was living on borrowed time. His mind wandered as he watched her put on that silver braclet, rather curious to get a closer look at it, being that silver was rather harmful to demons...

    She bid for him to follow her, which he did with no complaint, raising himself from the bed and following her out into the main hallway. Everything looked the same to him; however, he took in every nook and crany, not knowing when he would be made to wander these halls along. He came to a halt as Harley did, before those teo large purple doors. His expression did not show it; however, he was mildly curious, being thay he could smell being within...The doors were swung open quickly, Sammael being greeted with a room of lilac and white. There were two large red tables before him, centered in this room that he quessed was a gathering hall of sorts; however, his eye immediately zeroed in on the two persons on the other side of the room, being that his little mistressed resembled them slightly.

    Her parents quaint.

    Sammael had stayed majoritally silent as he watched tue affections from Harley to her less willing family patrons, but he was immediately brought on the edge as he was suddenly faced with weapons. His eyebrow only raised, finding mild humor in the two elder Grehe's reaction, so much so that he could not halt the chuckle that left his lips. "Is that a present for me? How did you know!?" Sammael was immediately in a fighting stance, mood instantly returning to that crazed, sadistic monster he had been only days before, mouth hanging open as that black tongue lapped up the fear and tension in the air. His arms extended, body hunching slightly as his blackened claws seemed to literally cut into the air, demonic aura already increasing the pressure in the room. "How long has it been since I have had good fights back to back? Bring it on Grehe, I won't lose agai-"

    He was cut off as Harley stepped between them, Sammael's expression on of utter annoyance as he snarled between clenched teeth. He cared little for her explanations, eye remaining locked on the two Grehe with sadistic intent; however, it was Harley's command that stopped him. His expression softened, returning to utter indifference, except for his eye, which remained locked on the couple. He growled lowly, head jerking to the side as his annoyance became apparent; however, he obeyed, speaking with a bit of an edge in his voice. "This arrangement is getting duller by the second..." He turned then, walking towards one of the tables before settling into one of the chairs, resting his feet on the table edge...Clearly he was done with this entire affair if he couldn't have a little fun...
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  15. [​IMG]
    Harley Jane Grehe

    Harley stared irritably between the two parties, her parents and her new partner before she pouted childishly, attention on her parents. "Mum, Dad?" She called out, causing their gaze to stray cautiously to red headed child before they settled. If their daughter was seemingly calm then it did them no good to rile themselves up more than necessary. "Yes, Harley?" Her dad, Liam, called out as he approached with some caution to his steps. This was a sin he was in proximity of after all. "You guys do know that in passing the trial, I would be stuck with a demon, right?" Harley pointed out the obvious, causing them both to pause in recognition before sighing, mostly from her father.

    Yvonne on the other hand simply paused in her thoughts, recognizing the fact her daughter was correct but instead chose to not display the fact she was wrong and instead walked over to her child, dropping a fist onto her skull. A sudden grumble had tumbled from the teens throat before she glared at the other red head, both now staring hell at one another. "Respect your parents! We knew that, we just wanted to protect our child!" The elder hissed, the shorter just snorted before folding her arms. Both of the Grehe were stubborn, an trait Harley had definitely gained from her mothers side. "Oh beh! Don't blame me for the fact that you two didn't think logically, demon or not~" She cooed, though it only intensified the anger between the two.

    Liam on the opposing hand stared at the mother daughter combo before sighing, running a hand through raven locks as he watched them both. The two had often erupted into duels, though both held back, and both often were left wounded. It was their own personal way of making sure the other could take care of themselves. Grey orbs of Harley stared back and the brown ones of her mother, the father just grumbling before he cleared his throat. "Harley, there is cake in the cupboard...It was just in case you...well, for if you survived." Even they were not sure.

    Harley paused for a moment before her eyes widened happily, excitement brushing a hue of pink to her pale tone before she had disregarded her mother and bolted at a speed she had not shown before to find the delicious treat that had secretly been her motivation to passing her trial. She could not go to an afterlife without cake, enough said. As she rumbled through the cupboards, more appropriately being deemed as flinging them unnecessarily open, Harley left the adults in the presence of the demon just to fuel her gluttonous obsession.

    Liam and Yvonne stared at the white haired demon who seemed moments before their daughter stopped them, ready to decapitate them simply for amusement and out of their years of being hunters, neither doubted that he could and would, given the chance. The two held a small look between each other before Liam called out to the hungry teenager, a small but calm smile on his features. "Harley, we will go report your success to your grandfather and inform the family." He told her, only getting the quick reveal of her arm from behind the cupboards, a thumbs up. "We will also go inform Cohen about your current state and...that..." The mother hissed, glaring at the demon for a moment before spinning on her heels, already half out of the hall. "C'mon Liam!" The raven male just rolled his eyes. "Top cupboard sweetie" He informed Harley before vanishing with the red head.

    Harley had taken seconds to climb up partially on the island's surface, throwing upon the wooden door as she pulled out the platter with the large cake, a demonic grin upon her features. "Mine~" She cooed possessively before climbing down, reaching into the drawers to grab a knife and few forks before practically skipping over towards the bench with Sammael, sitting next to him. She was not stupid, she could tell the other was now bored, or was it irritated? Frowning as she set the cake down along with the utensils, Harley cocked her head. "I get that you want to fight, kill, whatever it is...But I cant let you hurt them or anyone in this network. It's betrayal..." She pointed out as she took the cover off the cake, taking the knife as she pulled out a large portion for herself, only about a quarter of the two layered cake before she pushed the rest to him. Without any words, she took her fork and began to eat, a happily goofy grin on her face.

    After a few bites, Harley paused in thought before humming. "If you are bored...We could go see one of the other sins? Or take a small mission?" She asked. While she was not a fan of him being a demon, they were stuck with each other and she didn't want to make him miserable. Most of the time anyway. ​
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    Sammael stayed silent as he watched the exchange between his mistress and her parent..In all actuality, Sammael had found their relationship rather intriguing, being that demons did have those sorts of family ties...Sammael did not even think he was ever "born" to be exact, since he only remembered coming into being to counteract the amount of goodness and divinity that had been present. The word "family" was a loose term to him, who only used in reference of the rest of the sins who held as much power as he and who seemed to work together to complete a task...sort of like a family of like elements of the periodic table. He did not see it as anymore than that, but had completely forgotten that humans were actually BORN into this world...It was slightly the same for most normal demons; however, the SINS were a completely different breed...So much so that Sammael assumed he could not be considered living either...He did not need rest, food, drink (although he had quite an enjoyment for all three)...He hardly ever felt emotion, other than the basis of what he should believe was rage or anger...These had not been imprinted in his brain, for he had to learn them as he went. He had been a blank maybe that was why he always wore such a blank expression, for he did not know what expression to where to display what emotion he was feeling at the time...Possibly mild interest?...Maybe some hints of boredom...It mattered little, so he simply watched the group out of his peripheral, cracking his knuckles one by one.

    We was well aware of his mistress leaving, eye immediately glancing up to see her disappear into one of the close rooms...She was still in his proximity, so he would let it go for now. There was mild annoyance in his expression though, unable to shake the mild discomfort brought on by the contract...It was like an odd need to have her return to his side rather quickly; however, he did not press, eye falling once more as he returned to cracking his knuckles, the sound of it echoing in the sizable room. He was well aware of the stares his mistress' "parent" were displaying, feeling their unease and discomfort...It brought a slightly smirk to his face, Sammael oddly feeling the need to push this discomfort further. The gnawed portion of his face was the one facing them, so he took it upon himself to shifting his gums, black tongue slowly sliding between his teeth and moving up to lick just below the scars on his eye. He let that empty socket open for a moment, nothing more than a black hole where the eye should have been as the muscles moved and contracted, the phantom of the eye seemingly intact. He only did this for a moment head slowly turning to stare at them fully, now noticing the mild amount of terror that was rising through them both; however, they masked it rather well, calling out to Harley that they were going to take their leave. Sammael watched them, noting the mother's animosity towards him. When she hissed, his lip rolled back into a mild snarls; however, he did not more than that as they left through the door.

    Their discomfort and fear was well placed; however, it had only made Sammael rather hungry, head turning to stare towards the room Harley had disappeared into. His frown deepened, head turning back so that he was now staring up at the ceiling, head craning back to fully expose that strong neck which tensed with slight unease. He did not like the utter silence and serenity of this place...It was annoying...He heard rummaging in the next room, his mistress's voice filling empty space as she proclaimed her victory. She returned rather quickly, Sammael's eye having closed once more as it seemed he had started to drift off; however, he did not open it when she sat down, instead releasing some sort of huff. He did not really care to speak to her at the moment, only finding the entirety of this affair rather taxing...How was he to having any sort of enjoyment when she kept shooting him down?...Not to mention he was starving...He had not had a decent meal in years, yet she wished to constantly deny him his favorite food source, yet waved it in his face with every waking moment...It was annoying to say the least, Sammael's expression remaining hard despite his eye being closed.

    When she spoke, Sammael's head turned slightly to her, those snow white locks splaying carelessly about his gnawed face as he responded with a rather dark retort. "Unless you have forgotten, this network has little to do with me...I could care less if they died by either my hand or some other weak ass demon slithering outside these walls...They are not my concern...Fuck, if you had not commanded me to, I could easily wipe them off the face of this earth...Leave them unrecognizable...You would have no responsibilities either to your family..." He spat the word as he said it, eye slowly sliding open as his pupil shrank into a tiny slit. "I could give you anything you desired...You would no longer be a tool to these weaklings...I could bring the world to your feet, not sit idle beside you as you wordlessly do their bidding..." This was how a demon worked, testing the resolve of their 'masters', seeing where their heads were...There was no judgement, for how could a sin judge a sinner? "...But that is only if you command that of me..." His head turned away from her once more, eye falling closed again as he let his arms hand limp over the side of the chair.

    The scent of the cake had filled his nostrils; however, that was not what Sammael wanted...He was ravenous, but not for the sweets that Harley tried to offer as a peace offering...He wanted flesh and bone and blood; however, he still was denied it...His jaw clenched for a moment when Harley offered an outlet for his boredom...or what she thought was boredom...Sammael was purely irritated, his fist clenching for a moment, yet his breathing remaining calm as that eye slid open once more. "I find it curious how your family was so willing to put you through something like this when they all felt you would die, yet you embrace them as if they have done you no wrong...In Hell, such a betrayal would have been paid with their lives, as well as ten more..." He was merely stating his analysations, somehow trying to figure out how this world worked around him, while still trying to plant that seed of doubt in her mind.

    "How do you even know they care for you, if they so quickly would send you to your death...damn you to an eternity with the likes of me?"

    He let that last question sink in, head turning back to watch her with a calculated smile. His eyes narrowed slightly as he continued. "Whether they knew the repercussions or not, one would think that as parents the need to protect their child would be stronger than their display...They did not even return their affections...quite sad really..."
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    Harley Jane Grehe

    Harley had listened to her demon well and even she, who knew her life was dedicated this self proclaimed 'network', was tempted by the promises of escape. There being no reason to tie her down and dictate her life through obligations and control. A part of her roared with the desire to accept, to make that simple order that would make everything easier. Harley questioned the ease of this all ultimately though. What would happen due to this? Her mind eventually grew tired and she let her head fall into her hands, the cake momentarily discarded.

    A trembling sigh fell from her lips and Harley had looked up from her hands, swallowing. Her expression was similar to the one she had displayed days ago at the trial, determination bringing a light to her eyes. "You are not tempting me, hellhound." She hissed. This was the first hostility she had showed to him since she fully awoke. "I may be a tool but that puts you in a worst position. I don't particularly care for my own position but it Is better than falling prey to a demon." Harley spat out in anger. She did not like being a tool but it was a problem easily solved by ignoring the evident facts.

    With a now sour expression, Harley turned her attention to her slice of cake, quite gluttonously tucking into the food as her expression remained curled into a scowl. The demon was becoming increasingly annoying. Within moments, Harley had practically inhaled her food and was sulking much to her own personal dismay. She knew she was acting childishly but she couldn't help it. Though it when he brought up her parents that it led to a much, much darker mood.

    Her teeth clashed viciously against one another as her hands soon slammed on the table, her expression livid as she had risen to her feet. "Will you stop making unnecessary comments!" She practically screamed. "Do you think it was easy on them? From the god damned day I was born they knew, they knew that they have a high chance of loosing me! That they may grow attached to a child, their child, that would only leave them one day!" The female hunter snarled, leaning forwards. It was no intention to try and intimidate the demon because she knew that would not be possible. "They have no choice. Somehow, I was chosen to bear your mark, Sammael. They had no choice! If they refused this then we would have to deal with the Cohen and every other family because they to are sacrificing their blood."

    Harley got to her feet, sliding out from the bench as she buried her face into her scarf, expression one of irritation, as she headed over to the training grounds of the Grehe lands, though it was really what they considered a hunting ground. Minor demons were released inside the sealed area to provide training but also animals were released. The Grehe believed that hunting should be honed to an art, not just to demons. Heading over to the main doors and threw them open. Harley was irritated with him obviously so she easily stepped through the barrier and into the grounds. Sammael would also be able to freely enter and leave due to the contract.

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