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  1. Seven Kingdoms, Seven Wars, Seven shards, One Chance.

    Our story begins long, long ago in the world of Azilianair, a world comprised of seven kingdoms. In the year 600 of the imperial calender, a great war raged between all seven of the lands. Brother fought brother, sister maimed sister and slowly all seven of the kingdoms began to burn. It was the year 630 of the imperial calender before the war came to a halt. A young witch by the name of Brana and an engineer called Derin, were the reason for the bloodshed stopping. Using her magic, Brana enchanted a large glass chamber into acting as a sort of life-source. This glass chamber became a heart, a heart for a dragon of black steel, a mechanical creature, terrifying in stature, pure with intent. Imbued with the magic of Brana and the genius of Derin, the machine became a being. While remaining a machine, it was in every meaning of the word, alive.

    At the close of the Second Age, as the most influential battle of the war was taking place, Brana rode the mechanical beast into the battlefield. Man, Elf, Dwarf, Ork and Wizard stopped fighting and instead turned their attention to the beast. United now under one banner, the warriors took up arms against the dragon. Defeated and destroyed, the heart was taken and shattered, Brana and Derin were executed, their martyrism never being known to the World. The Seven Shards that remained of the heart were scattered, one for each kingdom. The now heartless, lifeless machine was buried, deep underground, deeper than any Dwarf mine.

    As the years went by the tale of Brana, Derin and Yafnag (as the machine chose to name itself), fell from popular story to legend.

    The year is now 1000 of the imperial calender, the first Millennium is coming to a close and a dark power rises in the North. The seven kingdoms are once again taking up arms after almost 400 years, they prepare to take on the force mustering in the North, although some know that there will be no hope. The great wizards, known to the common folk as "Old Wise Ones" are calling a council meeting of the order before the seven kings of Azilianair.

    Seven Wizards, Seven Kings, Seven Opinions, One Quest.

    After much discussion and argumentation, it was decided that the only chance to stand against the force in the North was to reunite the seven shards, their magic was strong but lost to the ages.

    Seven heroes, one from each of the seven kingdoms, they will be the ones to take the quest for the Seven Shards.


    So hopefully the back-story given above is enough to explain to you the general idea. Anyway, if it sounds like something that may interest you, put a post here. There are SIX slots available so putting a CS here will secure a position if you are accepted.


    Appearance: (Picture)
    Weapon: (Sword, spear, crossbow, staff, wand, scimitar, musket, flintlock pistol, rapier, nun-chucks etc.)

    Personal trinkets:
    Short History:
  2. Hmm. Sounds like it has potential, but I think you need to go into a little more detail. Currently all I know is that A: Bad is going to happen at some point. B: There's 7 small pieces of glass that need retrieving. Is each piece going to be protected by some sort of dungeon or trial?

    Either way though i'm in. The reason I said it has potential is this: What if the political leaders of the nations were all being fed false information so they all think that another nation is to blame for the evil north-thing? That way, characters could be rather in-depth and relations between team members could be interesting. Also, perhaps each player should have both a questing character and a nation leader character so theres 2 intertwined storylines? And if each person had to be the leader of a nation that isn't the nation their quester originates from, then there's going to be interesting biasing effects.

    Also, nice avatar.
  3. Well, I am interested in this plot and would love to play out this story but before I submit a character sheet to the roleplay, I wanted to ask. The nations our Heroes hail from, Will we be in charge developing what type of nation it will be? I would like to see the idea Raitoningu suggested furthered. It would provide interesting twists to see the baising idea put to play along with each nation conspiring against one another.
  4. I would love to join! But I completely agree with the guys above and does need more details. My ears are open~
  5. I don't have too much to say, that hasn't been said, that is. But!i would love to have a slot reserved here. I could totally dig this <3 Let me know how soon you need a character.

    ... I just realize this threads been dead...
  6. Definitely something that'd be worth reviving if my ideas are put in place, wouldn't you say? Two overlapping, contrasting storylines could be awesome. Might do something like that when I do a GoT rp actually.
  7. Yeah. Of course, overloading people could kill an RP... But then, Rick hasn't been on since April...
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