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  1. Before I get too detaily about the roleplay prompts I have a few things that I would like to have.

    1. At least 2 or more paragraphs (I at least want something to go off of so I can get ideas. One sentence replies are just asking me to get ticked and let the roleplay die without warning)
    2. Please tell me if you are going to be away for some time. (I understand if something has happened to where you can't roleplay. If you tell me I will either have the roleplay deleted or hold onto it for you. I will have times where I cannot be there to roleplay and I will let you know)
    3. Feel free to ask me questions on anything! (really it makes me feel special when you do. Even if it's on the most stupid of topics. Makes me feel smart and brightens my mood)
    4. Feel free to ask me questions about the roleplays. Any of them
    5. If you have an idea you want to use don't be scared to tell me. I am open to all ideas.
    6. Have fun. (don't take my characters seriously. They joke and mess around much like me in real life. It's perfectly welcomed if you joke around. I won't get mad and it makes the roleplay funnier)
    7. Don't go overboard on the OOCs in the roleplay (It bugs me and anything you have to say can go through PM or visitors message)

    Here are the roleplays

    1. [*=center]Remember when the world was filled with humans? At least someone does. This world where I come from is now a lush green wasteland, the vampires destroyed it. A war went down between the Fairies, Lycans, Vampires and humans. This war went on for a full century before the species were wiped out completely. Only my mother and father survived. My father a vampire and my mother the last fairy to live on earth. The world died down with the missing, however the earth was able to recuperate and animals and the trees flourished with the spilt blood. This is my parents story, what led them to creating my existance and what has led me to continue in their footsteps. But as usual, they go first.

    This roleplay is a MxF. A fairy and vampire are the last two humanoid creatures left alive in earth. One is compelled by the urge to control the lust he has never been able to quench. While the other is trying to recollect and recreate the glory of her people. But it is time for a new race to come into the light. A Dragonfly as it is called. Half Fairy and Half vampire hybrid. There are angels in heaven, but they have never been humanoid but mere animals. Once a new creature is born of born Vampire/fairy bloodlines. An angel will be sent down as a second copy of different DNA to create a new colony of Dragonflies. As usual shadows are to blame. Shadows are the darkness that escapes into minds and thrives in the darkness, unable to be killed without light they are deadly. Even vampires fear them. They appear as the shadows of humans and sometimes animals and seep into your mind. They can lead you to do stupid things and even kill yourself. BEWARE
    I am looking for someone to play the vampire. He is lust filled and this roleplay will involve rape, sex and at least a paragraph in description. How they meet is up to you. Other factors can bring them together or push them apart. Any other questions post here of PM me.

    ​2. A angel and demon from hell team up to track and destroy a new entity in 2050 America. They have taken human forms and hate each other. One used to be a Mobster in the twenties while the other lost memory of where they were. The mobster and the other search but are unable to find the monster. But while they search they seem to have fallen in love. A demon who knew nothing of love and an angel who was brought into it. (This plot is up to you)

    Asylum Love

    Based on Batman's Mad Love comic. Basically the plot is simple. A psychiatrist falls in love with a criminal, murderer, D.I.D patient, etc. This love goes far beyond listening to their story but trying to break them out of jail and failing the first time. Until the patient come up with a plan that involves his best talent, killing. They end up escaping and running away together while he continues to finish his tasks. But they fall in love.

    Fandoms(Can be with Gender Bend versions)

    Sherlock Holmes X Watson
    Joker X Batman
    Joker X Harley Quinn
    Iron Man X Captain America
    Iron Man X Loki
    Iron Man X Hawkeye
    Pepper X Tony

    Random(these can be both maleXmale and FxM)

    Vampire X Human (no twilight)
    Vampire X Demon
    Master X Slave
    Demon X Human
    Student X Student
    Princess X Assassin
    Mafia member X Target

    If none of these interest you we can come up with whatever you would like to do.
  2. I'd be interested in one of the random pairings. My character base is a little slim having only rp'd human females so I guess a MxF would be better for me. I don't really have any plots ready to go so if you have one that's just dying to be pulled off the shelf, let me know. As I get into an rp, that's usually when my ideas start flowing.
  3. Vampire X Human (no twilight)
    Vampire X Demon
    Master X Slave
    Demon X Human

    I'd be open to any of these. I have a pretty wide character base...both male and female side but preferred female for now if that is alright. I do not have a plot for any of them...sorry. I could look at a picture or something and maybe come up with a plot...maybe. Plots are not my strong suit...
  4. [MENTION=3592]Aislin[/MENTION]. We could come up with one that would be creative for the both of us to work with
    [MENTION=2091]leviathandances[/MENTION]. I'm sure i can come up with more plots for each of those ideas you like and we can choose which is best.
  5. Sounds good to me. PM me some ideas whenever you're ready. My rp's except for 1 or 2 of them have slowed way down so I'm available.
  6. That sounds good to me also. However you want to go about communicating plots I'm game. PMing seems to work out well for most people if you'd like to do it there... :)
  7. ok, want to PM a few ideas? :)
  8. I could even PM a few of my characters to you if that would help any...
  9. No, I'm good. Just work is killing my free time. But I will figure out something
  10. :) No big, life comes first right? :) If I come up with something in the mean time I'll let you know.