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  1. It was a Saturday night and instead of being all cuddled up beneath her bed sheets in her way to dreamland, Yin could be glimpsed, running around aimlessly, inside of her apartment. She was frantically searching for her job uniform, so she could change rapidly and head over to Hirashi Restaurant.

    The owner had called her a couple of minutes back, and she could have sworn that she could hear desperation leaking from the man’s tone, though, she would never say something like that to her boss. One of the evening shift’s waitresses had called in due to illness, and they were short on staff at the moment. If it weren’t for the fact that she really needed to keep the job, she would have stayed at home and sleep contently.

    ‘Where the heck is it?... Aha! Found it.’ Finding the uniform, which consisted of a traditional knee length kimono and some low, black heels, she quickly ran to the small bathroom to change. After finishing the task, she quickly grabbed her small bag, a black coat too big for her size, and ran out of her apartment in the direction of the establishment.

    She had never worked the night shift before because according to her boss, it was dangerous for a woman her age to be outside so late in the evening. The way he would always put emphasis on the word dangerous made her a bit suspicious of what kind of place the restaurant became at night. She knew she shouldn’t assume things about the owner but she was fairly new to the place, so she wouldn’t be able to tell if something was happening. Though, she would always express gratitude to the owner for being concerned about her wellbeing. Let’s face it; if she -a 20 year old woman- were to walk along at night in the isolated streets of Shibuya, something was bound to happen to her. Particularly, now a days, since crime has been increasing, lately.

    The stars could be seen glowing on the night sky and the moon shined over the tall buildings of the city, giving it a mysterious, dark look. Her black locks of hair swayed with the breeze, some of them getting in the way of her vision. Her brown eyes were always attentive on her surroundings. Yin, carefully avoided any alleys or roads that were deserted, just to be safe.

    Arriving at the famous Hirashi Restaurant, she quickly made her way inside and over to the employees lounge in the back room. Placing her small bag and coat on her locker, she proceeded to make her way over to her boss. “Mr. Hirashi, I’ve arrived. What is it that you wanted me here for?” Quickly giving her a tray with food, he told her to bring it to the VIP room.

    “The VIP room? But, I never handled that room. You said I didn’t have enough experience to handle such important people.”

    “I know, what I said. But today, Mizuko called in sick and the others have been here less time than you, so I’m counting on you. Don’t let me down!” he said that, with a serious expression on his face, which made her more nervous than she already was. Nodding her head, she made her way into the VIP section with the tray in her hands, her mind focused on one question. ‘I wonder what kind of people I'll be serving today?’
  2. Duke Harlod, or more commonly known as Mr.Harlod, strode into the room. He had a fancy suit on, some jewels, and even a cane. To most, he may even be an average rich man. Seeing the two guns he carried dispelled that illusion. He was far from your average rich man, "gentlemen, I call our meeting to order."
  3. Seeing the room for the first time, left her amazed. It surely looked lika a VIP room; it was decorated with traditional Japanese vases and decor. Mini cherry blossom trees and bonsais were placed in different parts of the room. The room felt peaceful and relaxing, unlike the men occupying the room. Though, they all wore fancy suits, an aura of malice and danger surrounded them. Looking at who she assumed was the leader, she couldn't help but stare a bit. His fancy suit, jewels and cane, told her that he must be a very important man but his stern face and tough appareance, let her know that he wasn't someone she should anger. 'Clealy, something I was not expecting.' Dismissing her thoughts, she quickly made her way to the table and clear her throat to alert them of her presence. "Excuse me, gentlemen. I'm Fukushima, Yin b-but Yin is fine and I'll be your s-server for the n-night." Her nerves made her stuttered words a bit, but quickly recovering she made her way around the table while placing the glasses of wine in front of the men and filling them with the expensive red wine, finishing with the leader. " From Mr. Hirashi, a bottle of the most e-exquisite wine. Please enjoy." Holding the empty tray vertically, she hold it close to her and gave a respectful bow before leaving to get their food.
  4. Duke turned to the young serever and instantly frowned. The girl was not their normal waitress, and for that, she earned his suspision. The fact she also knew his favorite wine and drink was both incredible and driving him mad with suspicion. He looked her up and down and was about to reply to her when the girl bowed and left them to their buisness. In his eyes, it was a good ridance.
    The man turned and eyed his fellow men. He was the only american in the group, but he had the cold and calculating heart of a criminal. His gang here were all wealthy buinsness man, all driven by greed to resort to crime. Most of their operations were all swindiling and stealing buisness, mainly through causing other compaines strife. They were a small group at best, but all had experince in this field, and they were all willing to kill or be killed if it meant getting more money in their pockets. Duke wasn't raised rich like them, but he did have the sweet tooth for green paper.
    Their latest operation was one that sickened him, but had to be done. One small company ran trade lines across the pacific, which was highly coveted for trade. The main issue with this was that this company had control over large ships and were prohibiting influx of money for them through tarrifs. Angered at this, they planned to assassinate the man, kill his wife and family, then send one of their operatives in to take over hte company by killing the next in line and replacing him. IT was sickening and wrong, but they all were in consent.
  5. Shaking her nerves away, she made her way to her boss. "Mr. Hirashi? Should bring the food for the VIP room now, or should I wait a few minutes?" Hearing the words 'wait a few minutes' coming out of Yin's mouth, Mr. Hirashi turned around rapidly, a terrified look on his face. "Are you crazy!? You can never make Mr. Harlord wait! He would have my hea--I mean, he would be seriously upset and you can never upset such important people, Fukushima. You understand?" A small frown could be seen on her face, she was becoming more suspicious by the minute. 'He was about to say something else...' Nonetheless, she nodded at his words, and she quickly called some co-workers to help her bring the trays of food into the VIP room. Turning around, she asked Mr. Hirashi, one last question. "By the way, Mr. hirashi? Do you know which food ordered the leader?"

    At her question, Mr. Hirashi's eyes opened wide. "Shit! I don't know! Mizuko is the only one that would know what he would order. He is a very private man and doesn't like people knowing what he likes and dislikes; at least that's what Mizuko would tell me....Damn it, I would call her but she said she was going to the hospital." Pacing back and forward for a few minutes, he gave up and a small, frightend sigh escape his lips. Looking back at Yin, Mr. Hirashi gave her a very serious look. "Okay, there is no other way. Just bring him what you think he would like. I've seen you suggest some of our items to the regulars and they would always love it. So, do the same with him. What's the worst that could happen?" 'If he gets mad, I'll just blame it on you, silly girl.' A small smirk appeared on his face at the thoughts of saving himself, if anything went wrong.

    Seeing the small smirk on Mr. Hirashi's face, she felt the hairs on her neck rise in goosebumps. 'Something doesn't seem right...' She was about to protest about the terrible idea but refrained from doing so. She didn't want to get fired, so with a look of determination she grabbed the tray of food and walked into the VIP room. Thinking about the leader, she remembers that he looked foreign. 'Hm? He looked american to me, but I could be wrong. Agh! I hate my boss.'

    Entering the room, her gaze went straight to the leader's face, quickly noticing that he indeed looked foreign. Making sure that she was holding the tray of California Rolls, she put on a serious look and with strong, determined steps, she made her way towards the leader. She could see the other men, already had their meals in front of them and that made her grateful to the helping waitresses. Already at the leaders side, she placed the plate in front of him, miraculously delivering a warm smile at him. "Here, sir. I hope you enjoy your California Rolls." With bravery and hope showing in her glowing eyes, she awaited the leader's opinion on her choice of food, though, she was hoping that what she brought him on a purely instinctive guess, was instead, what he actually ordered.
  6. Duke turned and viewed her with disgust. He then saw what she brought and he smirked, "good, thank you." He turned back to the group. They were discussing more and more about the assassination. If she heard anything, she would have to die. And. while none of them wanted that, she couldn't hear anything, "You may leave you," He blinked.
  7. Noticing the look of disgust in his eyes, she narrowed her eyes. She new when she wasn't invited to stay in a room. 'Calm down, Yin. The customer is always right, remember?' Frowning and a bit hesitant, she gave him a respectful bow and proceeded to make her way out of the room. "Enjoy your food, jerk." she whispered to herself as soon as she was outside. Shaking her head, she made her way to the employee's lounge. Her mind was having many suspicious thoughts about that man but in the end, she couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation as to why she felt on edge every time she was in that room with that man. Releasing an exasperated sigh, she walked back to the front and waited for Mr. Hirashi to send her back to get the plates. Passing by two of the new trainees, she overheard one of them saying they had forgotten one of the trays at the VIP room, but neither was brave enough to go back for it alone. Rolling her eyes, Yin approached them and told them that she would go to retrieve it. "I'll go bring it back, but next time be more attentive of what you are doing. Mr. Hirashi, hates mistakes."

    Walking away, she made her way to the VIP room. In all honesty, she didn't want to go in there at all, she couldn't stand that man. To her, 'Mr. Harlord' was a dick and she didn't get along well with people like him. 'Agh! Mizuko! Why did you have to call in sick today of all days?' She knew they weren't even finished with their food, but she had to do her job right or she could be fired due to the rookies' mistake. Dismissing her thoughts, she took a few calming breaths to prepare herself for entering the VIP room. Besides, she didn't know how Mr. Harlord would react at seeing her again in the room, when he clearly didn't want to be interrupted.
  8. As Duke began to further get into the case, the issue of another rival faction came up and he sighed to them. The other group wasn't as large or as powerful, but they were blocking out their most valuable underground shipping line for the drugs they processed, and the issue was becoming that they had set up a small blockade on the entrance. While it mean nothing to them, it was an annoyance that had slowly grown into a problem. Now that group was trying to wait them out by closing off every line they owned, and that was going to become an issue as their profits dropped. With no drugs, the sellers were starting to cut loose and even defect completely to the other side. When that happened, it cost them money and business. He knew there was some way that they knew where to block them off, for it was always at one specific point and time. Thinking about where it all happened sent him into a frenzy, and he had a knife already drawn and on the table, about ready to torture someone in the room in order to find out why, "Do any of you know the ignorant little pests have started to actually cause us a bit of harm these days?" He snarled, coming off as threatening and staring at all of them, "For I wish to know right now before someone...gets hurt."

    One man, a coward who was only in the room for his skills at duplicity, looked at him. His name was Regan, "S-sir, I may have an idea."

    Duke turned, the knife in his hand, "Yes Regan, what do you know about this group?" He held the blade up so it caught the light, showing off how mad and ready to kill he was.

    "W-well, they may have been operating under the head of the new man who recently left the group. He was always ranting on about how great he was, and now he is going for revenge. It makes perfect sense sir! He was last seen at the docks too, and that would make sense as to how he was doing all of this!" Regan ended with a smile and sat down.

    Duke immediately sensed something about the way he said this, and turned. There was something he knew, and he realized it instantly, "Yes, that is true. But how did you know about the dock if I wasn't going over that until later on in the meeting. Our agendas are always hidden Regan." Realizing this, he lunged and gripped his neck, "You know more than you should."

    Duke stabbed his arm, meriting his scream. Then he turned to all of them, "He has betrayed us!" He yelled, then was about to stab his neck when the door opened and the annoying little server walked in with a platter of something.
  9. With her gaze on the floor, she slowly, entered the room. “I’m very sorry for interrupting your meal. I just need to----“, she chocked on her words as she settled her eyes on the scene unfolding in front of her. A shocked gasp could be heard escaping her lips at the horrible sight. Her eye widen in terror as they settled on the blood running down the man’s arm. She quickly placed a hand over her mouth, to keep herself from screaming at the terrifying scene. ‘W-What is h-happening? W-Who are these men!?’ her thoughts were interrupted as her eyes noticed that Mr. Harlord was about to plunge a knife into the man’s neck. “W-Wait!” the word burst out before she realized what she was doing and the consequences that could bring. She didn’t even know how she was able to utter a word at the time.

    She was still paralyzed by the sudden shock of walking in on a situation like that; it was certainly, something she wasn’t expecting at all. It wasn’t that she was frightened by the blood; heck, no. She had experience with more gruesome sights due to living near a dangerous zone in the city. People these days, didn’t care to clean up their crimes like in the old days and she knew that they also didn’t care about idiots like her, who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was just the sudden realization of how dangerous the situation was. The men she was serving that night were not ordinary men and that made goose bumps rise on the back of her neck. ‘What the hell am I doing? I should just walk away while I still can, before I become the next victim. Ugh! This is definitely, the worst job of my life!’

    Shaking her thoughts away, she suddenly became serious and straightened out her posture; she stood still and held her head high. She was trying to regain her composure and act like she wasn’t fazed by the situation. Besides, she didn't the whole story, so why she should interfere with something that was obviously, not her business. “You know what, let’s just forget that I even said a word and continue on, like this never happened. I’ll be on my way, now.” Turning around, she took quick steps towards the exit, praying to whoever was up in the sky, to let her get out of this, alive. ‘Please! Don’t let this be my end…’
  10. Duke saw her enter and two things happened to him. The first was he realized he couldn't kill the traitor right then, for she had seen him stab him; it was hard to miss the hot blood running down the side her his arm. The second thing was he couldn't afford to have her leave and possibly tell someone of this meeting, or anything of the sort. Tossing the man like a leaf, Regan crashed into a flower pot in the corner and moaned as it shattered against his upper back. Then he reached forward and grabbed the girl's arm and drew the pistol with his other hand, but didn't do anything to it yet. Pulling her back as if she were a rag doll, he pulled her so she was pressing her back into him and put the gun up to her head and cocking it at that point. Looking down at her, he hissed into her ear, "You move, you die. You scream, you die. You do anything other than what I ask of you, you die, got that?" He let go of her right arm and forced her up against the wall, still having the gun to her temple, "You are not leaving this room until I figure out what to do with you."

    The leader thought slowly about what he could do and was almost coming up blank. The girl needed to be punished, but that wasn't something one could do on their own without the proper tools. Looking deep into her eyes, he looked straight down into her soul and thought of what he was able to do that would help keep her quiet. She needed to be by his side and needed to be kept on a tight and manageable leash, so that was going to be a problem. He also needed to make her unable to do anything to him as he did so and finally he came to a conclusion, " you little brat will now be my personal servant to be used as I wish for you to be used as." He pushed the gun deeper into her temple, "Are we in ascent about that, or do we need to take this elsewhere?"
  11. A soft squeak escaped her lips, at the rash pull of her body backwards and into the leader's body. Feeling the sudden coldness of a gun against her temple, she gasped while cursing in her mind. 'Dammit! I knew it. This is where I die and not even my dick of a boss would notice. I'm totally screwed!' Closing her eyes, she waited for the sound of a shot being fired into her brain. Not hearing or feeling anything, she quickly opened her eyes and when she was about to turn her head back, she was pushed towards the wall. 'Fuck! That hurts...' She hated the way he could pull and push her around like a rag doll. Listening to his words, she stood still and gave him the most hateful glare she could muster at the moment, but still nodded in affirmation. Besides, she didn't want to die.

    Although she couldn't stand the man, she had to admit that he was quite handsome. Being up close, she could see the dangerous glint in his eye. Soon, she found herself staring at the man in front of her, tuning out his words. 'Why is that all the handsome guys have to be jerks!?...Wow, I'm about to die and all I can think about is that. Stupid.' Dismissing her thoughts, she managed to catch his last phrase. She wasn't paying attention and now, she had missed most of what he was saying and she was scared to ask him to repeat himself. Nodding at his words, she held her breath at the feeling of the gun being pressed harder into her temple. 'Huh? Elsewhere? Oh, forget it! I'm just going to nod from now on; besides, what is the worst that could happen?' She raised one of her hands and placed it on top of the hand he was using to hold her to the wall. She could feel his grasp becoming tighter and it was becoming uncomfortable. "Can you please let go of me, now? You are hurting me." She hated how weak she sounded but if it was safer to just be polite and obey at the moment, then that's what she is going to do.
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