Server Outage No More!

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  1. So, the server was down for a few hours. D: FOR MYSTERIOUS REASONS WE WILL NEVER KNOW. I like to blame the Asmodeus Resistance, myself.

    In anycase, all is back online and nothing was deleted.

    In the event of a server crash:

    DON'T send hate mail to the staff asking why you're banned and calling us all fuckers. We get offended. t_____t

    DO contact your buddies to see if the site is down for them too. Sometimes it's just a local DNS error and will clear up in a few minutes.

    DO send Diana a IM/Email/TXT/ETC if the server is down longer than 3 hours for everybody and Diana is not online to know it happened.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled Iwaku!
  2. OMG. I need names and details!

    *sits on the sofa with Diana and opens the ice cream tub*
  3. Server Outages are scary.
  4. I blame the MoonWings birthday blog for the server outage myself.
  5. It's the revenge of dead bitter moonwings! o______o
  6. *adds that into Dark Reign*
  7. It was because of my sheer will power while I was in the ER on Monday. YEAH, I HAVE THAT SORT OF SKILL.
  8. That's it. I'm buying you weenies thicker skin for Christmas.

    Just as an update we're getting some server-wide lagtime. D: Has nothing to do with the style editing, but rather a little but of post-crash PISSYNESS.

    It should clear up soon and if not hostman will be fixing it. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.