Servant's Secret

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  1. •Servant's Secret•

    In the city of New York, a family, obviously wealthy considering they reside in a Penthouse, are living the life. The mother is a dance teacher with her own studio, whilst the father is hardly ever home, running a large business that rakes in millions. Two sons, one eighteen and one twenty, are having fun with what they have. The eighteen year old is enrolled in an online college course and has a job, and the twenty year old, well, he's his brother's polar opposite. Parties all the time and takes life for granted, drinking away his problems.

    Little does he know his life will be turned upside down when their maid comes into his journey. Will he become a better person because of her? Will they fall in love? If they do, there are many problems ahead of them. His parents scowl upon a woman who cleans after them, buys their groceries, and does the smaller things.

    It'll have to be the Servant's little Secret.


    Alexander Jay Mercer|Servant's Lover

    Minor Or Major?
    Major-Main Character

    Aiden Edmund Mercer|Alex's Brother

    Minor Or Major?
    Major-Provides Help

    Damon Mercer|Father
    Minor Or Major?
    Major-Against The Couple

    Jane Mercer|Mother
    Minor Or Major?
    Minor-Against The Couple

    Hey there! So, I really love the idea of this plot, and I hope someone else does too! Of course, you'll be playing the maid and I'll be playing the other characters, more specifically, Alexander.

    Here are some things I expect from you, though.
    • You must be an advanced writer. Know what you're doing and at least have over a year's experience in role-playing. I'm a Grammar Nazi, so no text talk. Please have correct punctuation and spelling!​
    • Be descriptive and detailed. I hate one-liners, with a burning passion. I like paragraphs, and good emotion.​
    • Notice that one of the content ratings is Sexual Themes. No, there is no sex in this. Perhaps fade to black, but I just meant that the pair can get intimate, though, no actual sex scenes. The boundary is taking off clothes, their undergarments must remain on.
    • Alexander will have nothing to do with your character at first. When you start, it will actually be your first day so they won't know eachother.
    • Alex's parents will be gone for the most part, but at some point, they will find out.
    • Aiden will find out earlier on, and rant about the trouble it could cause, but out of sympathy, helps to keep the secret. Caution: he's a nerd. Prepare for awkward flirting from him.
    • We can do the role-play here or over a private conversation message.
    • To prove you've read all this, add the word 'lovely' somewhere in your message.​
    • While asking to be my partner for this one on one role-play, provide a filled out bio sheet using my form below.​


    Name: (Full Name )
    Age: ( 18-20 )
    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, body, clothes, etc. )
    Personality: ( How your character acts. )
    Backstory: ( What's her story? )
    Other: ( Anything else you feel should be added or something I need to know? )​
  2. [​IMG]
    Mackenzie Lynn Hamilton



    Because of her son, Mackenzie is quite the nurturer and extremely protective of those she cares about. She has a tendency to fix messy hair or straighten clothes, even on people other than her son. After her breakup with her long-term boyfriend and father of Spencer she became closed off, especially to males. The only person she has made a strong connection with other than her son is Maureen. Her son will always be the only man in her life, and she's just fine with that. At work Mackenzie is polite and curteous. Despite her habit of speaking her mind when she's with people she's familiar with, she is a pro at fake smiles and nice words--though it's rare that she ever gets angry. Being mean and aggressive isn't in her nature. She's a problem solver, does so in a timely manner, and, due to her experience as a mother, is a pro at taking things in stride even when they aren't in her plans. She enjoys the simple things in life and prefers a quiet night with her son over drinking and partying.

    Growing up, Mackenzie was starved for attention. Her father left just before she was born and her mother bounced from job to job in order to provide for her daught, and as a result Mack practically lived in the daycare center, sometimes even spending the night with the woman who owned the place upon special request of her mother. It was rare for her to even see and spend time with her mother; once the woman returned hom from her many jobs she locked herself in her room, most of the time she would cry herself to sleep. Mackenzie never understood why her mother was so sad; she eventually came to think she was the problem; what else could she believe when she never saw her mother. As a result, Mackenzie took to her school, asking the daycare woman, Carol, to teach her about the things she was most curious about.

    Due to her early aged help, Mackenzie excelled in school. She skipped a grade and graduated at the age of 16, moving into the house of her high school sweetheart the second she got permission from her mother.

    What looked like a good idea turned sour. A year later Mackenzie was pregnant and her boyfriend kicked her out. She moved back in with her mother. Nine months later she gave birth to a little boy; Spencer Hamilton. A year after that, at the age of 18, Mackenzie moved out into her own apartment with her son, and just three months after she moved out her mom went to jail; after getting involved with the wrong people her mom was busted on a drug deal and sent to jail. Because they never had a stable relationship to begin with, Mackenzie found herself growing further and further away from her mother.

    It's been two years since she moved out of her mother's house and into an apartment of her own. It's been one year and nine months since her mother has been in jail. Mack managed to snag a job at a luxurious hotel as a maid, cleaning the rooms. The manager of the hotel, a woman nearing her fiftieth birthday, grew close with Mackenzie, often times watching Spencer. Maureen, the manager, developed a strong relationship with Mackenzie; she was never able to have children and Mackenzie was a hardworking, honest, and trustworthy girl; and she just adored Spencer.

    Knowing that Mackenzie was having financial troubles supporting the two, Maureen put in a good word for the girl and managed to get her a job as a maid for a wealthy family in the city next over, promising to watch over Spencer whenever it's needed. Mackenzie thanked Maureen for the lovely job opportunity. ((See what I did there?))

    Spencer Michael Hamilton, her son, is three years old. He's a curious little boy who loves spaceships, trucks, and chocolate anything--contrasting to his mother who prefers plain vanilla. ((Will find a picture for him eventually.))

    I'd love to do this RP with you! :]​
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  3. Okay, this seriously blew me away! That is the most wonderful character I've seen in a while! Such a well developed back story that is original and not cliche, and just, wow. I'm nearly speechless! I'm even more excited than I was, and that's saying something because I was pretty excited. x3

    Would you like me to type up Alexander's form or would you prefer to learn more about him as we role-play? I don't mind either! Also, I did see what you do there with the lovely, well played, my friend.

    One more thing, would you care for me to make a second thread for the role-play so we don't have it cluttered with this OOC chat and the forms and info and such?
  4. You should probably make a new thread and see if this one can get moved to the One x One plot discussions and sign up, because it was essentially a sign up kind of thread.
    I can't wait to start the RP. c:
  5. Oh right; that was a bit stupid on my part. I'm still learning how to maneuver about this site.
  6. How would I go about putting this form in the plot discussions?
  7. It's all good.
    And I have no idea. Contact an admin? xD
  8. *Shrugs*
    Will do, but for now, I'll just post a second thread. Or just delete this one, since we know the plot.
  9. Sounds like a plan. I posted Mack's CS in my blog and added a picture for Spencer too, if you wanna take a look. :]
  10. I just did actually! :) Spencer is adorable. :3

    Alright, I'll go make the second thread!
  11. I know, right? n_n
    Okie dokie. c:
  12. Okay, I'll post the thread, but would you mind starting out? I'm a bit confused on how to start it out because I'm have a slight Writer's Block with that situation.
  13. Sure thing. :]
  14. Thanks! I delete this thread now so the other one will be easier to see.
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