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Serious Topics. :/

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. “I have the spare.” Lyra pull out a ribbon from her pocket, at the end of the ribbon was the key.
  2. "Cute ribbon." He took tge key and unlocked the door.
  3. “Thank you, mommy got it for me.”
  4. Lucius watched Anya tend to the plants.
  5. So...how you be?
  6. Liddo | Bartering Hall | Mid-Afternoon

    Interactions: Abel @Tealous & Lysander @JJ

    Liddo was entirely focused on Lysander, awaiting a (hopefully) positive response.

    However, he jolted in surprise when something rammed into him from behind. Whatever hit him wasn't heavy at all, but Liddo was beyond unprepared and, as a result, he fell over too. He sat up, curious eyes scouring Abel with a hint of worry. Liddo shot to his feet and almost--almost--held his hands out to offer her help.

    Oh goodness, oh Idneus--this was no good. Nothing nice ever came out of physical contact with Humans. Anxiety welled up in his gut as he remembered the sneers and uncomfortable stares. Interacting with two Humans at once...this day was indeed a trying one for the flustered Amalgy.

    "I-I circle corners and edges of your cosmos with utmost requiem," he stuttered before glancing frantically at Lysander. His eyes clearly screamed 'help', though he doubt the nice Human would do anything now after witnessing his tomfoolery. 'Practice grace and composure like a self-respecting Zealot', his mother always said. If she saw him now, she would either faint or explode. Or both. In whichever order.

    Liddo noticed that Abel's bag had fallen as well, the contents of it spilled all over the ground. He quickly kneeled down and started picking up as much as he could. Eyes wide with a weird combination of fear, hope, and confusion, he held out a few fruits to her, still crouching like a Guiserchima. His head bowed, afraid to lock eyes with Abel.

    "Apologies," he said.

    Image of Guiserchima:


  7. Alexander
    I am honestly surprised at what Jackie does next acting like a mom. She helped me up and then begins dusting off my shirt.
    "Yeah I am thanks Watson." I say with a smile. I cross my arms as I looked at Sakamoto..it was almost ironic as he had been talking about him.
    "Yeah just a little tired." I then say with a nod then added jokingly," although that fall did a good job of waking me up."
    I noticed Sakamoto seemed nervous as he stood there but then seemed to relax as he looked around at my stuff. I could tell he was going to try and touch my stuff...I glared at him little cranky that he just barged into my room like this when I was about to get some rest. He begins to asked questions and I sighed. Although wait...Sakamoto's power is teleportation? We could use that. I go over and put my hand on his shoulder.

    I hear them...Sherlock...Watson? What did I miss? When did they become close friends last time I check Alexander was pretty much a loner. I looked over at the girl and nod. It was understandable after today he would be tired. I remembered Winnie seemed very tired before I left her.
    "Oh I see. I am sorry." I say again feeling bad for suddenly doing that.
    Stupid powers, I think I looked around the room again very interested in all the cool gadget. I was tempted to look around and touch something..until I felt Alexander cold glare and I go back to being nervous moving away from his stuff.
    "So you guys were just talking? About what?" I asked curious as I see the board with all kind of notes. Seems cool.
    "It's really none of your business." Alexander said as I picked up his chair. I see him looking at me then seems to get an idea he comes over and puts a hand on my shoulder. I freeze...
    "If you are really curious. We could use your power to help us later." he then says
    "W-what? Do I get a choice?" I say not knowing what I was getting myself into.
    "Nope." He says with an evil smirk.
    Just great. Just my luck...guess I can't stay out of trouble. Sorry Winnie, I think

    (haha glad you think so)
    I listen to him and raised an eyebrow...I could tell something was off. He then says how he liked the main character of the book
    "Oh alright." I say with a nod then looking into his eyes," You know though if something is bothering you, you know you can tell me right?"
    I grabbed the book again opening it back to the page we were at.
    He had been acting weird, I then think wondering what was bothering him but I leave it.

    He kissed my forehead and I blushed. I liked the affection I just had to get use to it. I smiled happily when he says he seems to have the happiest emotions around me.
    "I see that's good to hear." I say with a bright smile. He then admits that he didn't think he would be this much of a tease and I couldn't help but laugh a little as he went from being flustered to teasing again.
    "That was very smooth." I say
  8. "You don't have my number?" Lucius asked.

    Astaroth smiled. "Sariel did by coming to visit. I just want to check on her."
  9. “It’s like a soft cuddly toy that reminds her of daddy, of course she likes the crow.” Harmony carried them to the kitchen.
  10. I think I can make that happen. I'll add it when I get home
  11. Dae'liska deLouve


    "Oh heeeeyyy yourself, darling," said a voice from high above them, "The door was still unllocked when Dae left last night. She did not have key but it's okay, no? For breakfast was thinking-- oh wait--"

    A figure dove down from the trees high above, dropping in before them, with exceptionally quiet and grace; the ground swelled up and then softened neath her boots, effectively cushioning her landing. A customary smirk graced the sunkissed blonde's face as she lifter her chin and regarded the brunette hugging the lone male here. Slowly, the blonde rose, stretching out the muscles of her tall, imposing form.

    "--Etsy was not speaking of Dae just now...? She was referring to 'That Man' as 'sweetie...?' Tch-tch-tch... But oh is fine, just fiiiiine. For my darling Etsy, she call to Dae as something more last night, no?"

    Half lidded smoldering blue eyes slid up and down Etsy's lithe form before a long arm reached out and two finger's stroked the cheek of the sniper. "Is okay, darling... our secret only... shhhhhh. Oh, and worry you not: when elementals attack, my Etsy should just stay by 'That Man...' let him hide behind you and he will be okay, okay?" Of course a slow-coy wink ended her interaction with the brunette.

    Her icy blue eyed gaze fell upon Anton, "And a grand morning to you too, 'Sweetie,'" an overexagerrated theatrical bow she presented the soldier, a soft rumbling giggle trailing after her as she slinked her way on over to Reia.

    "And a grand, grand, grand one to you, beautiful red," a shoulder of Reia she gently yet firmly caressed with her own shoulder, followed with a cheek nuzzling up against the redhead's cheek; a very affectionate cat-like greeting to be sure. Upon her haunches she rested now, icy blues gazing into soft hazels, "did you miss me last night? Is okay, my other darling, is always more musical nights for us. Worry you not. Beautiful red will not sing to the nights alone tonight, no? Worth the wait..." Of course, another coy wink for a lady.

    One long, muscular leg stretched out, both hands reaching past her toes, then she did the same with the other leg. A few more stretches she did as she spoke, "And so then? What is the plan? All of us eat yet? Or we just now go? Wait..."

    Dae'Liska peered about, a lone light brown eyebrow raised. "Wait. Is still another with desire for Dae'liska to greet, no?"

  12. Well, I actually had ...3 or so ideas.........

    But 1 is kind of a repeat of a past rp (the death/life girls rp we have yet to do)

    The 2nd I forget....

    The 3rd....I will go post it in the rp-list.
  13. Cause I understand your point, but at the same I did not want that power to be special in that no one else had it. So I figure 'similar' is the middle ground where they made 100 or however many 'core' powers, and just took the 'core' code from it, and made some small changes to create a few different versions of each power.
  14. Hmm.... I like talking about all kinds of serious topics xD but it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I don't feel like debating or coming off strong about something and other times I'm rearing for some action xD