Serious Topics. :/


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I am a person who HATES chit-chatting about serious topics. I had a very bad life growing up, and thus when I went hang out with people the LAST thing I wanted to discuss was something serious. SO if you ever wonder why I always post pointless fluffy topics, there you go. >:D

But, I realize some people LIKE to talk about serious things. Such as politics, religion, dead babies, world affairs, science, etc.

So tell me, What sort of serious topics do you enjoy getting in to a discussion or debate about?

And don't tell me it's not a serious topic! can go either way!

I also do like to discuss politics or religion at times...but only in the broader sense of those words...I've lost all hope and interest in local politics so I rarely keep a tab on it.
I'm in the same boat as Diana.

So yeah, you guys know i troll because I had an awful childhood.

I'd discuss politics, but I'm jaded since there's not one good politician remaining in this country, and as far as I know, most of the world, religion's a useless topic to discuss about besides the history without making someone mad or biased, and the only thing we've got left where I'm from is work, football and if you've got cash, college.

But I like to discuss current events and say it's the fault of the jews sometimes.

Like I said, I troll to keep the bad thoughts away D:
I like talking about such a vague thing as life. The point of it all? Where do we go? What does religion say? What does science say? Is there such thing as destiny? Is there a God? Is there more than one? Who's to say God and Zeus aren't best pals? ECT. ECT. ECT.
I also hate serious topics. Life is too serious as it is, the last thing i want to do is talk about real stuff on my RP site.

If i had to pick right now I'd go with America's economic situation and how its effecting the area where I live.

That killed my buzz just saying it.
I only like serious topics with certain people!
My best friends and people I really connect with, I'll talk about politics and my views against religion, as well as other darker topics that I have strong views on.
But for most people, I like to be happy and teasing, like Dii.
I tend to go all philosophical about death and the right to choose it, also, sex and vague philosophical topics such as the meaning of life... but I don't really go all fired up and debate about them. Just sharing a few points or two and hearing some other points from others. These topics are heavy as they are already are so what's the use of being all serious about it.
I'll talk about almost anything.

It's always fun making Diana get all serious, though >;D
I don't trust too many people enough to talk about serious things.

because when i talk about serious things... it gets philosophical and deeply personal.

I am rarely one for SERIOUS BUSINESS, but I like trolling religion/atheism debates.
There are some topics that I am very reserved about discussing. Otherwise, I'm rather open and willing to submit my thoughts on just about anything.
Not to be unoriginal, but yeah the Recession in America would be mine. I don't enjoy it but it personally has wrecked my life to an extent. Not having a house of your own, having to move from place to place sucks. I don't say I like to talk about it though. I mean being cheated out of a house isn't enjoyable to talk about.

So yeah, I do feel strongly about the subject, the government really has failed to do anything that actually works or helps. Still is neigh impossible to find a job in the southwest part of America.
Serious subject are how we, as a people, a race move forward. Hiding from then brings nothing, the one subject I will not talk about is religion, when people to i always pretend its about philosophy.
Hmm.... I like talking about all kinds of serious topics xD but it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I don't feel like debating or coming off strong about something and other times I'm rearing for some action xD