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what is yoru favorite color and Why? Do you like the symbolism that goes with your favorite color. Do you think it had ANYTHING to do with when you were younger?
I like Blues of all hues. I enjoy them because they are cool and easy on the eyes.
hmm i like dark blues and puprles, for the same reasosn.. i don't like screaming white hot blues that are like tarquiese and stuff.
I love purples. Purple is the color of good judgment. It is also the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It also encourages fantasy, mystery and imagination. I also love blacks. Though Black is not a color, strictly speaking. In a positive state, black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. It is also mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility.
Green is my favourite colour by far. I prefer darker greens but emerald green is pretty sexy too. I like green mostly because I lived in Libya for so long when I was growing up, and it was pretty much sand everywhere and lots of beige everywhere that drew me to green when we visited family in Russia and Latvia. We would go looking for mushrooms in forests and I was just in awe of the beauty around me. And every time we took the train from Moscow to Riga I would just stare out the window looking at all the trees and fields and stuff.
There are three colors I really like, red blue and green. I always felt that red was a color of strength and of sacrifice. blue I always see as loyalty, friendship, and compasion. As for green I just really like it, it is easy on the eye, and it actually helps calm me down.
My favorite color bounces back and forth from a cerulean/teal blue to do deep or warm crimson red.

I've always love teal because it's a happy calming color with a little zest of green in it. It's almost always the first color I'm drawn to when I pick out new clothes or items. It feels natural and happy. Reflects me. :D

And then my love of CRIMSON! I went through a whole phase of claiming to be a red person, but in the long term it never quite suites me. I can only use red in moderation. XD It's a really strong, passionate, dominant color. It pops and is super powerful. It's my sexy color when I want to feel like I can kick some ass.

As for the true meanings of my colors, I like this site and this site.

For the reasons Diana says, actually. It's dominant, it's romantic and it's sexy. >:3 It goes great with my other favourite colour, black. [Well, it's a shade, but... Whatever.] It's very strong, too, for representing anger. I'm unhealthy in that sense; I bottle up my anger and then have a rage. So I turn red, so to speak.

It's been my best colour for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a very little girl. My favoured markers, crayons, stickers, etc. were red. When we took family photos, I'd always wanna wear red.

Also, it is the colour of blood and Sith lightsabers. Muahaha. <3
It is my honest opinion that Fluffu lives too close to Canada. :D

I actually don't have a taste for colors; I like them all the same! As an artist it changes with the mood of the piece I'm working on (don't beat me up Rory... I just haven't drawn in a while). As a person it's because I have so many varying emotions that change so often that I can associate and enjoy any particular color at any time.
I don't really have a favourite colour; but there are some that are harsh on the eyes, like red.
Green (nothing yellow-ish, though), blue, and all colors in-between those two. I guess I associate them with the sea, which I've always liked.
Blue and it links to me somewhat, Having those random walls of depression. It didn't really have anything to connect to me when I was younger just that I liked the color. I could say I more or less foresaw being 'sad' when I was a kid
My favorite color is and always has been orange. It just brightens up everything and is awesome.