Serenity's Pack - Auran Pack Next generation

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    1. no GM/PP
    2. no Mary/gray sue
    3. no Cussing
    4. Romance allowed keep it PG-13 only
    5. no killing anybody elses characters without Permission
    6. NPC characters can be killed if nobody plays them.
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    This is the tale of the Auran's pack who survived all kinds of dangers and now a brand new danger appeared in the Antarctica which was fully ruled by Valentinia, the mother of Serenity who ruled the lands with an Iron paw. Serenity is the new alpha female of her mother's pack. serenity's parents went on their own paths and her mother was killed by this new danger in their homeland and their Auran mountains with new life, since spring has finally appeared in the Antarctica,but now everything is becoming like a winter landscape with everything sleeping even the small prey. The caribou are wondering around grazing on what is left with rich life they can find, but now they feel really uneasy nowadays since the scent of death is floating through the wilderness through these years. This also revolves around the Nightmare pack( Shadow Pack), Sun pack(Soul Pack), and Mortem Pack( the grim reaper wolf pack.) is back, but with a new alpha male taking control of his pack. and the new Generation of human hunters of the Antarctica Terrains and the grim reapers are also a threat, but they are also tricksters as well.

    Character Skelly:

    Bio: (optional)

    My character(s):

    Name: Enkidu Reaper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4 weeks
    Rank: Alpha Male
    appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: (optional)
    mate: open
    Personality: tricky, Sly, Mysterious, Devilish, and easy Going
    Pack: Mortem Pack

    Name: Riana( Merab )
    Gender: female
    Age: 4 weeks
    Rank: Alpha Female
    appearance: [​IMG]
    Family: her cousin is Renee, Mother Solist(decaesed), Father Ziar(deceased), and brother Enkidu ( kicked out for supporting the devil).
    Bio: (optional)
    mate: open
    Personality: Sweet, active, hyper, adventurous, and very serious.
    Pack: Soul Pack

    Name: Renee
    Gender: female
    Age: 9 weeks old
    Rank: unknown nowadays
    human: [​IMG]
    Family: Cousins ( Riana and Enkidu)
    Bio: (optional)
    Mate: open
    Personality: gentle, sweet, loving, playful, alert, and really obvious nowadays.
    Pack: Unknown
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