Seran, Land of Wonder

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  1. A plague has hit the land. People are dying left and right, their flesh rotting until it overcomes them. No cure can be found as of yet, though the Rangers and Alchemist’s Guild are poring over records, searching every inch of the forest, and trying mixture after mixture in an attempt to prevent and cure this horrible disease. The Dragonriders of Gelvrentael are losing their riders to the disease, and are trying bravely to run supplies to those who need them, even as dragon and rider fall from the sky. Northrealm is immune, due to the bitter cold of the land, but Fell Meinslykð is overworked trying to heal and comfort the sick and dying. The Kingmage has ordered that any with knowledge of healing plants, potions, or magic report at once to aid those around them. Can we stem the tide? Or will Seran become an empty continent, echoing with forgotten stories? ( Check out seran for information!)

    Warning- Adult Themes (Violence, Blood, Gore, Alcohol and Tobacco use) present.

    The Rangers of Seran
    The Dragonriders of Gelvrentael
    The Merchant Guild
    The Empire of Seran (Kingmage, Council)
    Knights of Seran
    Bandit tribes (most well known being the Raiders of Talagon)
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  2. I'm really interested in this.
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  3. Awesome! Would you like to know more? As a warning, the site is a huge WIP as of right now.
  4. Besides the disease, what/who would be the antagonist? Would it be Northrealm who are trying to take over the lands or are they simply prevent emigration to their immune land?
  5. Northrealm, due to being immune by and large is trying to develop a cure as fast as they can.

    The main threat comes from bandit tribes, who due to the city guards being decimated by the sickness, become much more brazen. In addition, there is the Scala'dun of Nevian, who have declared themselves the supreme power in the land and are planning to use this to their advantage, bring their war against a weakened empire, and take over.
  6. Is the kingmage the watcher/healer of all the lands? Like basically the overwatch who is destined to keep everyone at peace?

    And is he a single person or is it a council?
  7. The Kingmage (more technically emperor) is the leader of the unified lands. He is backed up/kept in check by the Council, made up of 2 mages from each of the Kingdoms, being Northrealm, Westerspring, Dragonmoor, Nevian, Khataar, The Farlands, and The Indeka Islands. They answer both to him, and to the kings of their particular lands.
  8. Saying and hoping you get more interest, where would our characters begin their journey?
  9. If they are a Ranger, such as Karos here, they would begin their travels from the Mootturp in Northrealm's Eversnow Forest. As a Mage, probably the Mage's College in Dragonmoor. Bards would begin in Westerspring. Knights would hail from Cúledan in Dragonmoor, which was the city first and worst hit by the disease, and Dragonriders most likely from Ormere Keep, in the Wyrmspine mountains of Dragonmoor. (Lotta stuff goes on in Dragonmoor, lol)
  10. 'Canon' Character Slots:

    Kingmage of Seran, the Most Noble Harthos Alvor Harrolsen (Special Conditions Apply, name fixed. Age variable. Powerful as hell both magic and politically.)
    Council of Mages (Names currently fluid. Old. Wise. Powerful as hell both magic and politically. Reports to Kingmage and Kings of their associated kingdoms)

    Kings of Countries: (Names semi-fixed.)
    Northrealm (High King): Arthus Parkil
    Westerspring (Grand Mayor): Potak the Rotund (Name is flexible as this one sounds like crap)
    Dragonmoor: Michael Dalviin
    Nevian (Leader of the Scala'dun): Yngol dev'vas'ten the Conqueror
    The Farlands (Chief of The Clans): Suo zet'tel'Van (Suo of Clan tel'Van
    Khataar (Grand Ironhelm, Pi'taar (Two roles, two people)): Drango Ironhelm, Vaard Sketh (Flexible)
    Lady\Lord of The Isles (Queen\King of the Indeka Islands): Taethril the Fair

    Additional Royalty:
    • Jarl Eric the Proud (The Frystlands)
    • Jarl Cuyler Byquist (Woodhold)
    • Jarl Sigurd Dahl (Snowkeep)
    • Jarl Eigil Ingstrom (Middenburgt)
    • Jarl Einarr Hall (Farhearth)
    • Head Healer Lars Deft-hands
    • (Wives/Husbands of the named are open roles as well)
    Rangers (Specifically, the Moot. (Names flexible)

    Moot Explanation: The Rangers are led by the Warden Ranger (myself), who executes the requests of the Kingmage and local kings, as well as the suggestions of the Moot. They (the Moot) answer to him, and he to them. He has initial say in new Tenderfeet (Ranger candidates), as well as tactical decisions for larger operations. By and large, though, the Rangers operate independently or in small teams, and have the majority of tactical planning authority for their own tasks. The Moot are selected from the most skilled and wise rangers, and the Warden Ranger from the most skilled (Note: Variances are allowed as long as they are made up in other ways: For instance, Karos is a kick-ass alchemist and surgeon, but lacks the skills to do traditional magic (without drastic side effects crit fails.)and possessing the highest degree of leadership. Each member of the Moot is selected from the people they represent.

    • Zekhriir Arkenth (Dark Elf)
    • Daugion Gaear (Morian)
    • Ellroz Woodstrider (Gnoll, Woodlands)
    • Argin Nettle (Halfling)
    • Calan ces'Coran (tal-Edröhel/gah'Driin)
    • Cael del'Vorn (Khataan (cat-person)
    • Celedorn of the Wilds (Northman, druid-clan)
    Within the Rangers, there is also a unique role to be filled; that of Eldest. He is a treant of massive stature and incredible age, and was literally one of the first beings created by the Gods. From fallen branches given by him are the bows of the Rangers made, with enough power to punch an obsyd (obsidian steel)-tipped arrow clean through plate armor. It takes many years to master these bows. He can connect, like other treants, to trees around him, 'seeing' and feeling through them. Where Treants can only do so for the nearest league, Eldest can throughout entire forests.

    Did I mention he was freaking huge? Estimates are anywhere from 300-1500 feet in total height, where normal Treants don't often breach above 150-200. He is considered the Landmaster of the Rangers, and is a direct conduit to the goddess Nylea (wilderness/hunters/Rangers) and her husband Ybril (Forests, plants, travelers). With his permission are deer taken, and only from fallen branches is firewood allowed to be made. Hacking down one of his trees without express permission (which is very hard for a non-Ranger to secure) results most often in the forest becoming quite... hostile.

    The Dragonriders of Gelvrentael

    (As the Co-Author and primary authority on these folk is currently out at sea for the foreseeable future, information on this group is sparse. Will rectify when I can get in contact with him next.)

    Bandit Tribes

    While people are free to live out their character, I request that most (if not all) enemies remain NPCs. However, more information will be available if requested.

    Further Roles TBA.
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  11. Now that you've brought it to this place, I think I'll express my interest. Don't fill your plate up too much though, Karos. I know this isn't the first place you've laid out this idea.

    If it gets more interest, I think I'll really join this time. Though, it may be better suited to focus on a particular group and its exploits rather than the full scope of Seran.
  12. Regarding that, I was planning (as I find more people who grasp the lore and universe readily) to split into separate 'chapters', each focusing on different groups and locations. The common goal will be the same, and each of the 'mods' will communicate with each other and myself to keep things straight. That way we can have as vast an RP as Seran demands, without one person trying to coordinate everything.
  13. Will there be an opening for original characters or is this fully cannon?
  14. OCs are definitely accepted, though it is asked that they be made/altered based on the following 'guide' (which I am still working on).
    Character Creation (Seran)

    Creatures from the Bestiary are accepted as well, but are on a case-by-case approval basis.
  15. This interests me.
  16. Awesome! Would you like to know more?
  17. I think I understand enough from the earlier post about the story but what's the rp level.
  18. Advanced/Adaptable.
  19. Additional character slot:

    Delgorn, sage Ebalow.

    On Ebalow:
    They are a small, strange, grub-like creature. Oddly enough, they have an understanding of clothing and some even of language. While this means that some no doubt just spout random words, basically talking complete gibberish, others have learned what the words mean, and can string them into actual sentences. Often, they use this ability for good or ill, helping travelers find safety, or leading them into mischief. Most often seen around Ogres, they enjoy each other's company immensely, with the more learned ebalow swapping stories with ogres.

    Delgorn is an impressively old ebalow at 55, whose skin is tougher than most leather. He has traveled quite a lot, through an unknown means, and has collected many stories. He is almost never seen outside the company of Ul'Dokog, his closest friend (who happens to be an ogre). The two offer themselves as guides and escorts to caravans, and as eyes and ears to the Rangers, with whom they share a deep reciprocal friendship. Over his years, Delgorn picked up the habit of smoking Tyngfir, a blue five-petaled flower. It produces a significant calm, and offsets his gruff and oft grumpy nature, making him a bit more personable (as in, he cusses about 60-75% less when he's high). This habit runs so deeply in him that he has since had made a small device through which he can comfortably partake of his habit. Out of deference to others (and after a few stern warnings from Rangers), he does not attempt to get others to smoke with him.


    (Note: Artwork is not mine. I f*cking wish it was, because if I could do art like that, holydamn.)

    Approximation of voice: (Fergus, from Brave)

    As another note, most of the voices are up to the player, although I would be very interested in an approximation clip for the canon characters.
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  20. If anyone is still interested, please PM me with a basic character bio.