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  1. Hello ^^

    I'm fairly new to this site and could use some rp partners. I'm not new at role-playing however. And, for the rping, I prefer thread to pm. I don't mind if we discuss the plot in pm but I don't wish to pm there.

    Things to know about me:
    + I am 17 years old

    + I can do MxF as well as MxM. With the MxF I only do the female part and with MxM my characters are the shy, quiet, gentle characters.

    + I don't do one liners. I'm not asking for five paragraphs but please at least give me something I can work with.

    + Proper grammar is a must. I know everybody makes spelling mistakes but at least attempt to spell all the words right.

    + You must use "" when your character is speaking.

    + I don't do anything that would have to be taken to Pm's. Kissing is fine but nothing past there.

    + If you are going to be absent please tell me. Same goes for if you start to loose interest.

    Here are some pairings I like: the pairing with the * is the one I want to play


    Vampire master X Human/Neko slave*
    Demon X Angel*
    *Hunted X Hunter



    Sesshomaru X OC*
    Inuyasha X OC*

    Ghost Hunt:
    Naru X OC*
    Lin X OC*

    Tokyo Mew Mew:
    Kish X OC*

    Black Butler:
    Sebastian X Teenage Ciel*



    Garry X Teenage Ib*
    Garry X OC*

    Mad Father:
    Dio X Aya*

    Fragile Dreams: Goodbye Ruins of the Moon:
    *Seto X Crow

    More will be added later
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.