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  1. I'm just going to put random stuff that I've worked on here. Mainly for fun. Visual stuff, one post stories (So that I don't get side tracked and stop 1/5 of the way through. *Cough*Osca's Journal*Cough*)
    (I may finally rescue it from hiatus hell btw)

    Maybe there'll be audio if I can get the hang of it...

    I don't have a printer with copy machinery on it, so for a good long while this thread will just feature sprites instead of hand drawings. =_= Sorry if that's what you were looking for.

    Unless I use the ones at school, which I hate doing, because then I'll have to send stuff from the printer CPU to my school laptop and then email myself so that my home laptop or phone can get it...

    Which is alot of work...

    I mean I could take pictures of my stuff but I use thin "lead" to draw which makes seeing stuff a bit of a problem on pictures when it's bright.

    I don't mind posts here as long as they're sensible comments.

    Be nice, for whatever reason I was extremely hesitant to post this.

    I can easily make a sprite for you if you want one, but I'd rather limit these to idles, because I am a very busy man.​
    Here's a few.

    My first batch here were supposed to be used for my game design club's 2nd project, until that ended up being canceled.

    I'm only posting the Idle animations because I don't want to add a whole bunch of clutter.

    And do note that I'm not posting everything pertaining to everything because I may actually work on some of this stuff later on and wouldn't want to spoil.

    (TBH the group's not making much progress at all and I'd probably be better off making something solo since I already know enough and could always go on the internet if I have a problem.)

    Piskel Knight (IDLE).gif
    Aura Knight (IDLE).gif
    Piskel Knight (IDLE).gif Aura Knight (IDLE).gif
    "Pixel Knight" and "Aura knight"
    Pixel Knight would have been the PC and nameable. He/she carries their push pin of a sword that way because I wanted there to be a sort of development system and would have talked about it if I were given a chance. The form you see there is "Inexperienced" The player would go through "Decent" and "Average" and later "Experienced" which is similar to Aura Knight's pose.

    Aura Knight would have been "The Dragon" to the Big Bad of the game and more or less a mirror boss if we ended up getting that far.
    Grass sprite (1).gif
    Here's some dancing grass...

    Knight Dalken (IDLE).gif
    "Essence Knight"
    This guy is sort of an allusion to me and a character I made for one of my solo projects.
    He was supposed to be some sort of bad ass that held the Big Bad off until the Player finished Aura Knight off and progressed to the darker side of the story...

    I ended up wanting to scrap him because looked slightly out of place, but it didn't matter anyways because winter break came and a whole bunch of the team was kicked for not taking things seriously leading to only like one other member actually knowing who the heck he was supposed to be afterwards.

    We scrapped the project.
    We made another project similar to Galaga.
    Scrapped that before I even finished spriting.

    Since then we moved on to a Battleblock theater clone that I haven't worked on because we don't even have a plot yet...

    Yeah, It's a mess.
    That's what you get when you're working with a bunch of immature underclassmen that don't know what they want to do the majority of the time I guess.
    Not like it really matters to me, I'm just a concept artist/spriter that dabbles around in the actual work.

    I may recycle these and make the game on my own, since it ended up being my plot and my sprites that even caused progress. It'll just take a few years of checking for abnormalities and glitches probably.
    Knowing Unity.

    Some non-club related stuff will come at a later date.

    Like this guy that I made into a sprite today actually. For fun at that.
    Ven (Idle) (3).gif
    Ventice (Un-Armed)
    (Has nothing to do with being enticing.)
    (Pronounced Ven-tiss)

    I may have used him in an Rp, briefly but I don't really remember.

    He's the main character of one of the arcs from that series I made that Osca is from.
    The more... Actiony Shonen-Seinen mixture bit... Of that specific Age Osca lives in.
    I'm most likely going to work on this series because I've been working on the story for years, and pretty much devoting my main drawing style to this series.

    Oh, and I don't think I actually brought it up...
    Osca's female.
    She wears glasses too...
    *Looks through billions of folders filled with drawings and story culture notes.*
    Oh, she's a bit of a cutie patoodie actually, I may sprite her...

    Now do note, this particular sprite is flawed because I accidentally left his torso unfinished and the very center pretty much transparent.

    I fixed it yeah, but I'm too lazy to make another GIF right now to post the fix instead.

    So yeah, more later.
    Hopefully I'll actually remember to post periodically.
    (*Cough*Osca's Journal*Cough.)
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  2. And here are some more...
    New Piskel.gif
    I'm not entirely sure what this one was supposed to be...
    Jack frost maybe?

    Not So Average Joe (NPC).gif
    Totally not a robot or anything...

    Vito Wilcox (Unarmed) (Idle).gif
    A character I named Vito.

    I don't suggest looking at the next one for too long. Especially if you have had epilepsy issues.
    Don't say I didn't warn you. (open)
    GIT GUD.gif

    I actually had to slow it down. My dumb self made a hundred frames.

    I began going back to my original spriting style... Because everything I do now may not look right if placed together...

    More will come When I feel like turning all these sheets into GIFs.

    Soo... Have a Project Heir Character while you wait. (May be done by 204X may not, depending on if I actually live long enough to start. I swear I'll be an old man when I can finally do the things I want to... Not to say that old men can't be Badass... But still.)



    Ikasviann (1).gif
    Yeah, something I've noticed is that the darker areas of sprites may be a little difficult to see on some of the Iwaku themes. I'll combat this by adding color to the background as all for the posts, since that's an easy thing to do. I'll just have two different versions of the same sprite as all.

    Anyway Ikasvian... Ika for short. ~<3
    She's supposed to be from a race of dragon-ish humanoids, and act as a companion to Kascarde (Post Calamity) for a while. (I think I've only Roleplayed using him during his Pre-Calamity era. obviously with some editing to keep his back story from going into obvious other-universe foreigner and A/O territory during Rps.)
    Spoiler Here, Spoiler There, everybody dies in the pre-story, main story, post-story, and the Kascarde Spinoff.

    Later date.
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