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  1. For those who have lived in the old days of Iwaku, I do hope you all remember the era where Roleplays were seperated in more orderly manners - with Scifi Roleplays in the Scifi section, Fantasy roleplays in the Fantasy section, Fandom roleplays in the Fandom section, so on.

    Now, I feel that Iwaku's Roleplay zones are a little cluttered and I find difficulty grasping the ideal roleplay in a pool of mixed genres.

    I believe that it'll return eventually, but in case it doesn't, I have posted this thread.
  2. The current set up is to not only make modding easier since having to craw through several forums was kind of a tedious task, but to train everyone to use the tags to find what they're looking. Now, getting people to tag their roleplay is another thing entirely, but that only hurts the GM if people can't find their roleplay. Another problem with the past set up was roleplays continuously being placed in the wrong forum and moderaters moving roleplays to different forums often to the confusion of the GM (I'm speaking from personal experience here; it was especially confusing having one moderater tell you you were in the right forum just to have another move you to a different forum you didn't find fitting). Diana hasn't mentioned reverting the forums back so I don't think there is any intention of separating the group forums at this time.
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  3. Understandable.

    I, for one, didn't really find the old system hard or confusing to use, though I can see how this one is easier for moderators.

    It does feel a bit cluttered at times though, as Crow mentioned.
  4. Honestly, the current system is both generally less confusing and more user friendly (as in there's been a decline in people accidentally posting their roleplay in the wrong place - at least in the groups there is), and easier to navigate. Literally, all you have to do is search sci-fi and sci-fi roleplays will pop up :) There's also the fact you can just click on the prefix and all roleplays with that prefix will show ^.^
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