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    Welcome to my strange world! I do various things from fandoms to originals, I'm pretty flexible. I'll do anything from realistic to fantasy.. I also do anything from plots to just winging it, so yeah I'm open to a lotta stuff! If you wanna read more, please feel free to read my resume :]

    my expectations:
    posting length: I really don't care, write how you like :]
    Posting times: I'm more then happy if you post once every week or two, but if you wanna post more then that.. that would BE EPIC!

    my thoughts on smut and violence (open)

    in terms of smut, I'm open to doing it, but only if you're 18+ (in which case I'll ask if you'd prefer to PM or move to the mature forums.. but if you're under age, all smutty moments will be faded to black :]

    I also do violent RPGs with torture and other aspects, however if you're not okay with stuff like that.. please tell me and I'll leave the violence out :]

    Fandoms I'd like to do:
    Howl's moving castle
    Alice Madness
    Spirited Away
    A clock work orange
    Animal farm (but with neko's and things as opposed to farm animals)
    Cassern's Sins
    Silent Hill
    The Thin executioner by Darren Shan
    Dragon Age

    paring ideas
    Fallen Angel/Angel- taken by York, credit also goes to York for the awesome plot!
    Demon/Angel - taken by Ruby Waters, thanks Ruby Waters! :]
    Prince/ Servant (Dragon age verson taken by Tatine! thanks, Tatine :] )
    Wizard/ normal person
    Warlock/ mage

    ~specific plot ideas~ will be added when I can thing of some :]
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  2. Hmm... I've had this of a sort of "fallen angel" type RP we could try together or something o.o not too many details are decided so maybe we could brainstorm some together? I'm up for most roles :3 (except smut of course o-o)
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  3. that would be awesome, York! :] I'd like to brain storm with you, and thanks for your interest! :]
  4. Heh, I'm a little excited (if not nervous) to bring about this idea again, you wanna start the PM or should I shoot you one (I'm fine with either :3)
  5. don't be nervous, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome! :] could you shoot the PM, please? :]
  6. Done! :3 *is about to explode with anticipation/nervousness*
  7. IT IS AWESOME! I've replied :] *jumps up and down* I'm excited!
  8. Hi there! Would you be up for a Dragon Age or a Prince/Servant roleplay? :)
  9. If your still looking I'm interested in your Demon/angle rp, or anything involving a demon lol I dont have an rp like that yet and i'm looking for something new to do
  10. hi!

    *beams* I would love to do a dragon age prince/servant roleplay with you, @Tatine! :]

    and hi @Ruby Waters! I'd be very happy to do the Demon/Angel rp with you! :]

    thank you both for being interested :]
  11. Warlock/Mage in a Howl's Moving Castle rp sounds amazing.
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  12. Hi! thanks for your interest oli-boy :] I'm more then happy to rp the warlock/mage with a Howl setting with you if you like :]
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